Rough Rider

We hadn't been together for a year. She'd moved to LA. I'd stayed. We'd broken up, but not really formally or officially, just weren't together. When she came back for a visit, she stayed with me and we were soon in bed. We made love fast, and then rested and made love slow. And we made love in the kitchen, and on the couch.  And then, when I thought I had been completely drained, she straddled me, her butt to my face, and began to stir my limp penis back to hardness. 

All the sex had made my body thicker than usual and my cock large and throbbing. When she held it, she grasped it tightly. The harder she tugged, the better it felt. I wanted it hard. Really hard. She held my balls in her hand and tugged. I bucked my hips up. She knew if she was going to get me to cum again, she'd need to do it hard. So hard. As hard as she could. I didn't hurt, but felt really good. Somehow it was perfect for the mood. She'd never done it this hard before, but it felt exactly right. Her grip was hard and strong. And she talked dirty to me about wanting to squeeze the last load of cum from my balls and how she wanted to watch it. I reached up and tugged on her breast, just before I exploded.