Promotion ke liye boss ko apni rasbhari jawani ka bhog lagaya

 My name is Priya Agrawal. I am a 23-year-old single woman working in a multinational software company in Mumbai. I originally belong to Punjab but I am in Mumbai for last 5 years. Talking about looks I ‘m an extremely attractive young woman with 170 cms height and milky fair complexion. Since I am a fitness fanatic my body is in great shape too. I am 34 24 36 and I know most of my clients drool when I wear a tight kamiz or a tight t-shirt to work. My long legs look gorgeous in well fitting denims or suit pants and I know all the tricks to make a man notice me.

I had lost my virginity at the hand of my neighbor at an age of 18 and knew that woman’s body can be used or abused by a man depending upon how a woman wants it. I use my body sparingly and at appropriate moments to make sure I get what I want. This is the incident, which happened few years back this happened before I went with Vikas. I wanted Mr. Raj to enjoy me too since our appraisals were due in February and I wanted to bag a promotion. Mr. Raj was stealing looks at my sexy figure through the mirror now and then. Every time he was shifting gears, he was touching my legs unnecessarily. I also allowed his hand to rest there knowing that he was watching my signals. As our car entered the mountainous road leading to the resort, Mr. Raj made his move. He put his hand on my thigh while talking and squeezed it. I sighed and pressed my legs together. Mr. Raj liked my reaction.

“Does that mean a yes?” he asked. I opened the top two buttons of my top and revealed the sexy red bra I was wearing beneath.

“What do you think Sir?” I asked. Raj went off the main road and stopped the car in the woods nearby. I pushed my chair back until the time it was completely reclining and invited him in my arms. Mr. Raj climbed atop me and kissed my lips. He was fumbling with his clothes. I helped him with the belt and zipper of his trousers and pulled the down.

“Mine is stretching Sir just pulls it down” I said. Soon my own trousers were in my ankles along with my red panties and Mr. Raj’s big hands were between my legs giving a massage to my pussylips. I shivered and sighed and started to touch his tool from his shorts making it erect. Raj continues to stroke my pussy for some time enjoying the way it became moist and then downright sticky wet later on. I too pulled his shorts down and started to massage his dick with my long elegant fingers.

“Priya I don’t have condoms,”

“Don’t worry Sir I ma on pills come on top of me and insert your big prick right in my pussy,” I said and bit his ear lobe. Sir raised my thighs and placed them apart. I pushed against the car windshield with one leg while bending the other one at knee. Sir took some time to be settled and the pushed his now hard dick inside my chut and started to move. I always like to be fucked into his car. There is something downright primitive and sexy about it. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed his head in my milky breasts asking him to remove my bra so that he can touch and kiss my nipples soon he obliged and he was sucking my nipples like a hungry child His lund was now going in and out of my pussy in nice smooth rhythm. I used my fingers for some minor adjustments and started to buck in his rhythm.

“Priya you bitch, come on take me in…”

“Sir oooooooohhhhhhhh dhire se baba,” I was now good at faking excitement. My mind was thinking about one thing that some time before tomorrow morning I was going to be on all fours with Rohit’s huge (he is really big that will come in the next story_) cock right up in my pussylips. That was going to be a big pleasure. Meanwhile Raj took his Lund out of my pussy and demanded that I turn around. I opened the car door and stuck my head out. I sat on the seat on my knees and parted my legs so that Raj could enter me from behind. Raj grabbed my slim waist and inserted his dick in my pussy. He was a good fucker he slid in that difficult position without problem and started fucking me.

I closed my eyes and pushed my ass backwards .Raj pulled my face to him and kissed me hard on lips while stroking my breasts. Out bodies were soaked in sweat. The climax came about 10 minutes alter when Raj took his Lund out and sprayed my ass cheeks with his sperm. After that we got dressed up and went to his farm house I told him I will take a quick shower he told mw ok and went to get a drink for himself down stairs and I went in to take shower when he got back after a couple of drinks I was already inside the sheets, the pile on a chair indicating that I was completely naked inside. I smiled and removed the sheet and let him have a look at my gorgeous naked body. Raj drank in the sight of my high firm breasts with their pink nipples my smooth stomach and the shaven patch between my legs and the on smooth tapering legs in themselves. In a moment he was out of his robe and climbing the bed beside me. This time he pushed me on my back and mounted me. I parted my thighs and pushed his hand there. As the calloused fingers rubbed across my tender [pussy I shivered and pulled him in my arms. Raj cupped my firm breast with his hand and started to knee it. His fingers meanwhile were playing with my pussylips. When we kissed I ensured that the kiss went on for a maddeningly long time.

“You are a bomb Priya,” he said and kissed my nipples. I sighed and pushed his head there.

“Sir I am yours all afternoon, you can use my body whatever way you want.”

Raj slowly went down to kiss my tummy and my navel till he finally reached my thatch. He bit hard on my pussylips and drew blood. I cried in pain and scissor my legs around his head. His hands reached on to cup my breasts and while he started licking my pussylips his hands began to knead y boobs making them harder. My nipples were erect with arousal and I was aching pleasantly all over. After some minute of this Raj demanded that I make him ready again. I pushed him on the bed and slowly started to massage his dick with my slim fingers while continuing his kneading of my breasts. I was rewarded with an instant erection and looking at it I knew this was business and pleasure both. No woman dislikes the feel of a real hard erect rod inside her pussy. I kissed the tip of his dick and slowly took him in my mouth. Raj grabbed my short hair and pushed my head down till I could feel his rod touching the back of my throat. I licked the length of it with my tongue and felt his body getting stiffer and stiffer. Raj was playing with nipples pinching them between his fingers making them ache with pain. I allowed him. I went on with my mouth for almost ten minutes when I felt he was ready to burst I pulled out. Raj tried to push my head there again.

“Sir allow some consideration for my pussy too, she is hungry for your hot rod,” I said and sat astride him parting my thighs I could feel my stomach muscles tightening as Raj’s pole entered my pussy from down. I pushed both his hands on my breasts and started to move with knees giving thrusts and helping him penetrate my deeper.

“Oh oh oh oh oh,” I was crying with pain and pleasure as the hard dick as really penetrating me deeper and deeper. His fingers were twisting my nipples till they were aching so much that I could stand it no more. However I did not make him stop and allowed him to go on. After some time we changes positions and I lay on my back while he at on his knees and started to pump again. I rested my thighs on his shoulders and allowed deep access to my cunt. I was also completely hot now and wanted more of his hard rod. His balls were slapping on my thighs in a rhythm and I could see his dark shaft moving in and out with ferocious speed. Raj rested his elbows and started to move a little slower probably catching his breath but that gave him and opportunity to suck on my nipples, which he rubbed wholeheartedly. The sheets were rustling beneath us as every stroke I was raising my to meet his thrust.” I want to come all over you,” he said,

“All yours Sir,” I said and waited. Raj pulled his dick out and held it in his hand. In a second I was drenched as the first load of hot semen spurted and landed across my stomach and bottom of my breasts. Raj moved up and pointed his dick so that the next load landed on my nipples and my neck and finally a few drop on my face too. Then he collapsed on top of me and caught his breath. We were both sticky with our juices. After some time I went to the bathroom and clean myself once again. After wiping my face and breasts of his cum I was standing in front of the basin when he charged inside again. He grabbed my boobs from my armpits and inserted his dick in my pussy from behind. I was surprise that a middle-aged man can get erection so instantly but did not protest. I grabbed the edges of basin and thrust my buttocks backwards to offer him thrust. Within minute we were back at it fucking like hungry animals.