Pati ke sath unke doston ne bhi mere mastane jism ka ras loota

my name is Shalini age 25 years with a hot slim looks with perfect boobs & butt. I got married before 2 years. Here my true incident goes as below. After my honeymoon, my husband Hemant planned to go tracking with his four friends. When I came to know he is going to tracking living me alone, I got upset and told him that I also want to come with him. He explains me that its boy’s out so he can not carry me. But I was very upset and he doesn’t want to cancel his trip so he finally agreed that other can also meet me. Finally we ready to go on Sunday.

As planned we all meet near a small mountain so that we can go to tracking on it. I wore a track bikini and a short jean. I was looking very sexy. My boobs and butt looking great and navel area was nude. We reached on time. Hemant introduced me with his friends Jonny, Vivek, Lucky and Arman.

His friends don’t know that I am coming. As it was boys out, they got little uncomfortable. I also little shy and never went with boys group. Lucky cracks joke that now we won’t reach our destination as a Shalini with us and they all laugh. They are very friendly. We had breakfast and taken food. Boys have taken beer also. After taking beer they looks me in different eyes, I can feel that but I ignored.

Than we started; my husband leading them; and followed by me, Lucky, Arman, Jonny. Then Vivek. I saw they are purposely after me to see my round ass. As we reach half way no one is there. Its complete silent and we tired little so we sited on a big stone there. All are cracking jokes there and I am laughing on that. They are drinking beer and talking. It was good fun with them.

Again we started to climb. Suddenly I slipped and started fell down but Arman hold me. His one hand on my waist and my big boobs touches his chest, but I fell down. My hubby came fast & asked a me how are you?, I told I am fine. All are laughing on me. I feel something in my bikini. It starts etching. I shouted to see lot of ants roaming inside my bikini and jeans. Vivek said these ants are very dangerous. Hearing this hubby striped my bikini and started to removes ants. Now I am only in jeans in front of all guys and they all looking eagerly. My hubby saw ants are roaming on my jeans also. While I am removing ants from my big boobs, he sat down and starts to remove my jeans. I can’t resist because I am in fear of ants.

I was not wear panty that day. And in a minute Hemant removes my jeans also and kept a side. We both removing ants. Suddenly I saw all guys looking at my big round butt and I come to know I am full naked in front of them. After all ants removed I feel shy to stand there. We are on a sliding area, so firstly Hemant hold my hand and took on a flat big stone. I am searching my cloths but I saw my cloths fall down with air.
I feel very shy and looking down with hiding my big boobs and pussy, which is cleaned shaved. To make me feel good Luck said don’t worry Shalini, It happed after all we are friends so don’t be shy. Arman said but Shalini you have very hot figure, you should not have to uncomfortable and I think you have 36.28.36 figure perfectly like bottle. Jonny said not only Hemant lucky to see you like this, we also become lucky. All guys laughing. Hemant said don’t worry baby its ok be comfortable. But I told how a lady can feel comfortable Hemu, when she stands naked in between guys. Hemant laugh and said ok than we all also going to naked. Suddenly when I heard this I got excited internally but shy also. Luck said that’s great idea Hemu….and all laugh. But lucky got serious also and he removed his T-shirt in a minute. I saw he has great muscles. And in second he removed his half pant. All are laughing. I am looking at him as all busy in laughing. He had Jocky side cut underwear, in which his cock slipping. He said Now you feel good ….I said nothing. He continue and removed Jocky also and Stand naked in front of me and I am between all of them. Than my husband saw my shy face and he removed his full cloths and said see now I also naked so be relax. But my eye on Lucky clean cock, which is not erect but hot with balls. I never had sex before marriage.
Looking to Hemant and lucky, Arman, Vivek got naked slowly while laugh. I also smiled forcibly and try to hide my eyes from all cocks. They are talking and I am looking there cock one by one. Vivek got thin but long cock, Arman got thick cock, Luck got strong cock, Jonny got sweet cock and Hemant cock also looking good with them. All has fit body. Than we plan to climb and reach on top.

We all started naked tracking, Hemant walking first and others followed me. I become little horny to see these cock. Porously I look back and try to see cock and boll and getting excited. I saw all are looking my big ass and trying to touch as they are walking my back. Four cock behind me and my hubby walking in front of me. I saw Vivek, Lucky, Jonny and Arman all cock starts to erect and the staring my ass crack as I bend between while climbing. I don’t know how I get wet in my pussy. Finally we reached at top.

We all are laid down there, we tired. After we stood up and looking the seen from top. Hemant hold my hand and telling places from top. But I got Hot. Others are laying down but they are looking my boobs, ass and hot pussy. I am also looking there half erected cocks. I forget to shy now and staring all nude boys there. Hemant is talking to me but I am thinking some naughty things. Suddenly I saw a bleeding on Hemant’s cock, I bent down and ask what happen. He told nothing something hurt there. I took my hubby’s cock in hand for cleaning. Someone shouted use the mouth and laugh. I am already looking for same. I started to suck my hobby’s tool. Ohhhh…its amazing…it start to erect and I feel like anything….everyone looking at me but I don’t care and enjoying it. My hubby also starts to moan. I looking other four cock and all erected like solid. I am inviting them by my eyes expression. And all stood up came near us. They stand in a round and in centre I am sitting and sucking my hobby’s cock. I got very excited. I saw my hubby moaning with closed eyes. And in second though I take lucky cock in one hand..ohm it was very hot..Like a rod. I took Vivek cock in other hand and start shaking. First time I saw other men’s erected tool. Jonny came near me and start pressing my boobs. Yaaa…I was very much excited and my pussy liquid came till my thigh. Arman saw my wetness s and he slept in between my legs and start sucking my saved hot pussy. He entered his tongue in my ass also. Hoo..oooo…and I was moaning. My hubby opens his eyes and surprised to see the action going on there. I start speedier suck my hubby cock. My hubby saw that I am enjoying so he hasn’t said anything and closed his eyes again to enjoy. Now I want to get fuck like a slut.

Lucky got very hard, he has very big tool in all. Luck gone back rub my pussy and used my liquid to entre his finger in my big ass crack. Now my ass also got lubricated. He than pushed his cock in my ass while Arman eating my pussy very speedily. When luck entered his cock in my virgin ass crack I shouted ..oooohh…he again took out his cock and pushed deep..and this time I my eyes get wetted..But he won’t stop. He increased his speed and slowly I am enjoying again. Here I came in Arman mouth and he is sucking like dog. Jonny continuously rubbing my boobs.

Now Hemant cock was in my month, Vivek and Jonny cock in my hand, Arman sucking my pussy and lucky cock in my ass. Ohhhh…I am getting fucking like wore. My hubby first came in my month. I licked all his sperm. His cock loses slowly, than he moved and get seated and enjoying to see me with drinking beer. Now I took Vivek cock in my mouth and start sucking.

Now I little stood up so that Arman can moved between my legs. He shifted up and told to seat on his cock.I wanna fuck in my pussy so I obeyed him and slowly his cock entred in my pussy. Oooh..i was in different world.. I took away Vivek cock from my mouth and moaning loudly. My hubby also shouting fuck her.. common my friends..Vivek shooting fuck that all holes ..Make her a big slut..And slapping my boobs and ass. This time my ass and pussy both getting fuck at a same time. Jonny also started rubbing his cock on me and I am stroking Vivek cock. Ohhh…I was in the sky and shouting fuck me ..fuck me..i wanna more. Lucky slapping my ass and increased speed while Arman stroking hardly.

Luck cum in my ass..saying ..ohhh she is very hot hot…than lucky moved Vivek entered his cock in my ass start hard stroking and cum early in my ass. Arman hot bitch.o..fuck you oo…..and he came in my pussy. I feel very hot liquids in my pussy and ass.

Jonny came behind me and start fucking in doggy styles..yoooo .aaaa..we both moaning and when he about to cum, he splash his liquid on my face and I was licking it with my tong…. And in this game I don’t know how much time I cum. All tired and get seated. Now I laid down and my hubby came with his solid cock and entered and start fucking hard and shouting you slut you wanna more..take this..I was moaning loudly…ohhh yaaa ….I wanna become slut…oooyaaa..make me wore..fuck me..fuck…I was enjoying..and we both cum at same time.

His friends are enjoying and clapping. Then I stood and cleaned all cocks by my month. Lucky said Hemant you got such a hot wife and we want wife like this. Vivek said I want to slut like her. Arman starts sucking my boobs and said Shalini you are the best. Vivek & Jonny said thank to me. Than we had taken dinner; naked only and slept together.

Next day morning I gave to all blowjob and they spread their liquid on my face and boobs. They sucked my pussy, boobs, ass together and I cum many times. Then I wear my hobby’s cloth and he went on shots. And we all came down happily.