My lovely sexy mother

In every one’s life some thing strange happens and I want to share that strange incidence with you. I am Rahul from London. I was born and bought up in London as my parents are settled in London. My parents are working in one of the software companies. I was the only one for my parents. My father’s name is Ram, age 40years. But looks like 35years. My mom’s name is Haritha, age 38 years. Her figure is 38-32-36. What a figure you imagine. My parents came to London and are working in the same company. They liked each other and married. They decided to settle in London after their marriage. As I was bought up in London I behave more freely with my parents. I used to hug my parents, kiss them on cheeks casually. They don’t mind. They used to give me what ever I wanted before I asked them. They use to go to office at 9am and return home at 6.30pm. Most of our week-ends end in parties. One week end day my parents thought of giving a party. They asked me to call my friends for that party. I called all my friends including boys and girls. They came eagerly to have Indian sweets. My parents bought new dresses for the party for all of us (family members). Mom was really beautiful with the dress she wore.

Her back is completely bare till her butts and hands are sleeveless. The dress she wore was a tight fit. The size of her breasts is making every one mad. Her butts are moving for every of her step. The color of her dress is golden color and its length is down to her feet. My dad was looking very handsome than before. Most of my friends stared at my mom. They are no taking the eye from her. My girl friends are busy talking about the dress she wore. As the party is over all started to leave. My friends thanked me for nice party and for the Indian sweets. As all the guests left my dad caught hold of my mom from behind and kissed mom on her cheeks and said you are very sexy in this dress. My mom told dad not to talk these words before me. My dad said he is grown up and he is 21. He is grown in London and not in India. I kissed mom on her cheeks and said you are looking beautiful mom. I smiled at my parents and left to my room. They wished me good night before I closed the door of my room. Next morning I woke up at 8am. I got ready for college and came out of the room to have the breakfast. I didn’t find my mom or dad at the kitchen. I went near their room and knocked the door. There was no reply. I thought they might be late while sleeping last night. I wrote a letter stating “I was going to college. I will have my breakfast at the college. I knocked your door but there was no reply. See you in the evening. Bye” and kept it on the kitchen table.

I went to college. My friends started to talk about the party. They said your mom is really beautiful. We never thought your mom will be this much beautiful. It was very eye feast to see your family. They kept talking about my mom most of the time. I felt proud of having such as beautiful mom and handsome dad. In the evening I went home and opened the door with the key I have. I was watching TV till my parents returned. At 7pm my parents came from office. Mom said sorry for not waking up in the morning and dad went to his room to fresh up. I said it’s ok. I said mom my friends praised you and your beauty like any thing. They kept talking about you whole day. She smiled and gave the burger which she bought for me.

She prepared all the items I liked for dinner. I thanked mom for the items she prepared and went to my room to sleep. I was not getting sleep. The words of my friends started to disturb me. One of my friends told “your mom is very beautiful. She has every thing in perfect places”. I remembered all the words of my friends. Even my girl friends said your mom is beautiful and sexy. I thought of my mom whole night. Next day morning I went to college but couldn’t concentrate on classes going on. I thought only of my mom.
I went home in the evening and waiting for mom to see her. She came along with dad. I started to see her. For one second I felt bad for seeing her like that. But I couldn’t help myself. I was watching her when she was preparing dinner. We watched TV for sometime. While I was leaving for my room I turned towards my dad and said “you have a beautiful wife dad”. He said thanks. I asked to say thanks to my friends as they said this. He asked what you feel. I went near my mom and said “I have a beautiful mom and kissed her on cheeks and went to my room”. My mom laughed for the conversation taken between me and dad.

Days passed and I was attracted towards mom. I used to spend most of the time with her on holidays with out going out with friends. The man in me wanted the woman in her. One day when we are talking dad suddenly asked mom “what you would do if I die and will you keep the sindoor”. Mom got angry for this and shouted at dad what are you talking. If you don’t have anything to talk please don’t talk and started to cry. Dad consoled her and hugged mom and she was feeling comfort in dad’s arms. After consoling her for 5 minutes he asked her again. This time mom didn’t talk. I asked dad what you want her to do. Dad said to dress her and keep sindoor even if I die. I can’t imagine your mom with out sindoor and embraced her tightly. I felt happy for the love of my dad on my mom. Next day morning mom was little angry on my dad. I asked her the reason. She asked me to say my dad not to talk to her for 2 days as she was angry on dad for talking nonsense yesterday. I said the same to dad when he came to kitchen. He laughed and said your mom will talk to me in just 1 hour. I know her very well. But mom didn’t talk to dad for that whole day. Dad wanted to tease mom on next dad morning. He left mom and went to office with out taking her. She asked me to drop at the office. I said ok and took her to office on my bike. As she wore a skirt she sat only on one side and kept her right hand around my waist. This made her sit close to me. I dropped her and she asked me to pick her up in the evening also. I said ok and went to college. My college was over at 3 pm. So I thought of going home and coming back at 6.30pm to pick up mom from office.

I was there at 6.30pm waiting for mom. Dad saw me and asked me why I was there? I said the reason. Dad also said your mom has not talked to me in the office also. Mom was coming towards my bike. She wished me with a smile. She came to me and sat on the bike by keeping legs on both sides. She caught hold of me by placing hands around my waist. Now I could feel her breasts towards my back. She asked me to go. She asked me to stop at coffee shop and I did. Till I reached the coffee shop I droved the bike very fast so that she holds me tight. We went in and ordered for one pizza and started to talk. I asked mom why she was not talking to dad. She said to tease him. I asked her to say the truth as she didn’t talk to dad at the office also. I could see the tears in her eyes and she said your dad behavior is not normal these days. I asked what happened. He is behaving very closely to one of his colleagues in his group. I said I don’t believe mom. I don’t have any reason to lie to my son. I asked how you know. Every one in the office talks about them.

I also saw him kissing her in the car parking. She also said he is not spending the week ends with us now-a-days. Then I felt what my mom said is true as he is not being with us on Saturdays and Sundays. I asked her how she could behave normally with him. She said I don’t want to spoil the house atmosphere especially your happiness at home. Your dad thinks I don’t know about him. That’s why he asked me “what would I do if he dies”. It doesn’t mean if he dies it means if he leaves us alone. I asked her can’t we live with out dad. She said yes. With the property I possess and the amount I get as salary is enough for us to live happily. She was wiping her tears. I went and sat beside her and consoled her. We ate the order what we gave. From there we went home. Dad was not in the house by the time we went home. He came after 1 hour. I asked him where he has gone. He said to spend some time with my friends. I said dad I never expected you to behave like this. He asked what? Mom has said your affair with a colleague. He said your mom is angry on me so she said some rumor to you. He went near mom and kept his hand on her shoulder and said I love your mom and never do such a mistake. By hearing these words mom slapped tightly on dad’s face and came towards me. After sometime dad said “I thought of saying you both about this matter and some how you came to know”. I kept hands on my mom shoulders and asked him how he can betray her and marry that bitch. He got angry and came towards me and bet me hard on my face for calling her colleague Mrs. Madison as bitch. She divorced her husband and decided to live with dad.

My mom got angry and pushed him and asked him to leave the house. He said that he will not leave the house till she (mom) gives him divorce. Mom said I am not willing to stay with you any more in my life and I have my son to live with. He said ok and I will leave the house when I get the divorce. Mom and dad got divorce in a month as they are not willingly to live together. Mom thought of selling the house which she lived with dad all these years and wanted to buy a new house with the money she gets and start a new life and she asked me about her idea. I said mom do what ever you want that makes you happy. She said ok and kept the house for sale. Within 15 days she sold the house and bought a new one stored building near the beach. She took me and showed the new building to me. After showing me the house she asked me how is the new house. I said it’s as beautiful as you are mom. When we driving back to home she said you dad is going to marry Madison this week in the church and he invited all the staff including me. I asked her will you go. She said no way. I also said not to remind about him to me. I asked her when we are going to shift to new house. She said on the day of my x-husband’s marriage. I asked her to change the office as she has to see her x-husband daily. She said no problem. After his marriage he is going to leave the company along with his new wife. I said ok and asked her to stay in the same company. We shifted to our new house. She was really happy to be in the new house.

We reached home where we staying now and went inside the house. As soon as I entered the house I asked mom can I ask you one question. You shouldn’t get angry on me after hearing that question. She said I won’t get angry on my son. Mom do you feel bad as dad neglected you and went with some one. She said as soon as I divorced him I left thinking about him and my son is there to take care of me. She came towards me and hugged me and said don’t leave me. I said I am not going to leave you mom. I will be there with you. I kissed her on the head and hugged her tightly. Days passed and mom used to spend most of the time with me. I used to drop her in the office and she used to come home in the evening by the local train as she asks me to go to college on car. One day she asked me to take her to her friend’s house. She was an Indian. I dropped her and asked her to phone me after she finished talking. She asked me to come inside and sit for 10 minutes. I said ok and went in. She introduced me to her friend and went inside and came out in 10 minutes. She called me and asked me how she was. It was amazing to see her. She was wearing a sari. She was really extra-ordinary. I said you are awesome mom.

I stood up from the seat and hugged her and said you are the real beauty mom. She asked to wait me for 5 minutes and went inside to pay the amount for that sari to her friend. After she came out she asked me to take her home. On the way to home I asked her who asked you to wear a sari. She said last Saturday I went to this friend’s house. She showed me some saris and asked me to wear one of the saris. I said I don’t know to wear a sari. She asked me are you an Indian. I said yes. She said I doubt as you don’t know to wear a sari. She thought me how to wear a sari and the uses of saris. I asked my mom what are the uses. Mom said, it makes a woman look attractive. It shows the woman in the sexiest way possible. My friend asked me to tie the sari below the navel if I want to attract a person. I said what your friend said is right mom. You are looking very sexy today mom due to the sari. I also said I saw your navel button as you wear your pants below your navel button. But today it makes you attractive. She said you are talking to your mom. I said I am also talking to my best friend. By this time we reached home. She thought of getting down as soon as I stopped the car. I asked her to wait. I went and opened the car door and lifted her in my arms. Mom asked what you are doing. I said I don’t want my angel to walk. She laughed at my words. We went inside house and closed the door and kept her down. As soon as I dropped her she said I thought you will take me to the bedroom. I thought of again lifting her in my arms. She stopped me and said I want to dance with my son for sometime. I said yes and turned on the music. I kept both my hands around her waist and she placed her hands around my neck.

We started to move to the music and started to talk. I asked mom what you think of me. She smiled and said you are handsome and sexy. I said that’s all. Then she said you are a stupid. I asked what. She said what you heard is right. Then she asked me what you think of me as woman. I said you are beautiful, intelligent and sss... sexy. She said do you want to marry me. I said what. She said what you heard is correct. I said no doubt mom and said in her ears I want to be your hubby and kissed on her ears. She asked me do you ever think of me. I said I think of you each and every minute from the day I saw you in that dress on the party day. She asked me do you want to see me in that dress once again. I said not now mom may be some other day. I asked her the same question do you think of me. She said yes. I think of you when I heard your words in the court when the judge asked you with whom do you want to stay. You said “I Love my mom and I don’t want to leave her alone and stay with this (dad) man”. You said these words and looked at me with your teary eyes. At that instance I felt your love towards me.

We kept on dancing for some time. After some time mom said she has to ready the dinner and left to kitchen. I said ok and left her. She prepared her dinner and called me. We had our dinner and watched TV for sometime and went to sleep. Next day morning I woke up and mom was busy preparing the Tiffin. I went near her and wished her good morning and received the same. She asked me to have the breakfast and went to take bath. I was having the Tiffin by watching the TV. She came back in 5 minutes by tying a white dress which is used to wear after having bath for ladies which absorbs water on their body. It is tied with 2 ropes at the front. She came and took her Tiffin plate and sat next to me and having her Tiffin. She had it completely and asked me to dress up for college. I asked her why she was rushing. She said she has a meeting in the office at 8.45am and she has to go early. I said ok and asked her to dress up quickly. She went to her bedroom and came back in 10 minutes. She was very attractive. She was wearing a dark blue color skirt and coat with blue lining on them and length of the skirt is up to her knees. She was wearing a white shirt inside the coat. I said every one will look after you when you talk some thing in the meeting.

She smiled and asked to come. She dropped at the college. I kissed her on the cheeks before I got down from the car. She said see you in the evening. She kissed her right hand four fingers and placed them on the glass of the door as a kiss for me. I smiled at my mom and said bye mom. I finished my college at 3pm and started to walk towards the local railway station which takes 10 minutes from my college. On the way some body kept hands on my shoulder. I turned my head to see who was it? To my surprise it was my mom. I asked her what she was doing here. She said I finished the meeting by 11 am and was free till evening. So I took the permission and came. I asked her where the car is. She said it was at home and I came to travel along with you to home in the local train. I said ok and kept my hand on her shoulder and started to walk towards the railway station. We got the train as soon as we came to station. We got seats and were talking. In the next stop some college students came and stood at the seat where we are sitting. I thought they are watching mom. But after 5 minutes I came to know that they are trying to watch the breasts of my mom as her button of the white shirt is removed. I stood from the seat as if to adjust something and looked whether they are able to see anything. But they couldn’t see anything.

So I sat down and asked mom to keep the buttons of the coat. She asked me why. I said I will say you when we reach home. So she kept the buttons of the coat and the guys went away from there. We reached our station and went home. As soon as we entered the home mom removed her coat and throwed it on the sofa and asked the reason while sitting in the sofa. As soon as she removed her coat I came to know that the shirt she wears is very transparent. I can see her breasts if she hasn’t wore a white bra. I said is it necessary to know the reason. She said yes. I said as you shirt button is open the guys who are standing next to us are trying to see your … your… Mom asked what your. I said your breasts. She saw at her shirt and said they can’t see anything. I said I know mom. I asked her to prepare some thing as I was feeling hungry. She asked me to change the dress and come and by the time you came I will prepare some thing for you. She said these words and tied her loose hair at the back at one knot. I came back by wearing a shot and she was cutting some thing in the kitchen. So I went to the kitchen. She was looking very sexy from back. So I went and hugged her from behind and kissed her below her hair knot. She said 5 more minutes honey. My mom calls me by my name or honey. I again said mom you are very beautiful in this dress.

Mom said you said these words 4 times from the morning. She turned towards me and handed the juice glass to me. I took 2 sips and asked mom to have some of it. She had some of it and gave the remaining to me. She sat next to the juice maker and ran fingers on my body from chest to navel button and said you are grown up. I asked her why she said you are grown up. She said you are looking very handsome to me. I had my juice and lifted her in my arms and took her to bedroom and dropped her at the mirror table. I asked her to get ready. She asked me where. I said for disco. She asked me to go. I insisted her to come and asked her to wear the dress she wore on the party and came out of the bedroom. I got ready and went to her room and knocked the door. I was wearing a blue jeans and white shirt. She opened the door and came out. I kept my hand around her waist and kissed her next to her lips. She said you are very handsome and patted me on the chest. She asked me whether the disco will be open at 5pm. I said I want to spend some time with you at the beach and then we can go to disco. She started to walk towards the beach when I was locking the door. After walking for some distance she stopped at one point and watching the waves. She moved her hair towards the front. Her back was completely naked up to her butts.

As it was a tight dress every thing was very sexy. Her butts are amazing to see from back. I went behind her and kept one hand around her waist and kissed her on the shoulder. I said every one in the disco will die to dance with you. She smiled for my words. We spend 2 hours at the beach and went to disco at 7.30pm. As mom is coming for the first time it was a strange place for her. Every one in the disco are watching mom as she was looking very sexy. Some of them asked to dance with them but she didn’t. After some time I and mom are dancing. The atmosphere in the disco is very hot as every one are doing some thing with their girl friends. Mom was watching every one of them. After 1 hour mom asked me to take her home. On the way I asked mom how is the disco. She said nice. I said do you want to come again. She said next Sunday. I said ok. We also had our dinner at a restaurant on the way to home. As soon as we reached home we got down of the car. We went inside the house and closed the door. She said good night and went to her room to sleep. While she was going I asked her to spend some time with me as tomorrow is a holiday. She said I have some office work to do tomorrow. I said ok and went to my room. I removed my shirt and kept it in the cupboard and slept on the bed. The light is still on in my room. After 15 minutes mom came to my room and called with my name Rahul. I opened my eyes to see her and asked what mom. She was in the same dress which she wore for disco. She didn’t say anything.

So I stood up from the bed and again asked what mom. She hugged me tightly by keeping her hands around my waist. I too hugged her and said I Love You Mom. She said I love you as a son and also as a man. We parted from our hug and she lifted her head and kissed me on the lips. I responded to her and she continued to kiss me. Our tongues touched and tasted our saliva. Then I started to kiss her neck and came down her beauties. I pushed her on the bed and turned her back. I moved her hair aside and kissed every inch of her back. I moved towards her butts and kissed them. I kissed all over her body including finger nails. She pulled me on her and pushed me on her side and started to kiss me. She started kissing me from my forehead. She kissed me allover my body. She kissed me on navel button and sucked it. She even kissed the below region of my navel button. What a pleasure to say when she kisses her below my navel button. She moved her hand on my pennis which is trying hard to come out of the jeans pant. She removed my belt and removed my jeans pant and throwed them on the floor. I was in my white underwear before my beautiful mom. She was standing in front of me. I stood up to remove her dress. There a mirror in front of her. There was only one hook at her back near the butt which will hold her dress. I removed the hook and kissed her above her butts. I pulled the cloth that was wrapped around her shoulders. I was looking at her when I was removing her dress. I removed her dress completely and was in her underwear before me. I removed her underwear and kissed on the cunt region. She too removed my underwear and smiled at me for its size. I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her. She widened her legs and asked to fuck her. I said I want to suck it first and then fuck it. I started to suck her from her breasts. First I felt her 38 sized breasts in my hands and sucked them as a child sucking a mango fruit. I was going hard at it. Mom said to go slow and I said ok and went down to her cunt to suck it and she started to moan. After some time I guided my penis towards her cunt. I inserted it into her cunt and moved in rhythm. After 15 minutes I cum in her and fell on top of her. I opened my eyes after 30 minutes and mom smiled looking at me. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her on lips. She said I love you and want to make love to you. I too said the same and slept together.

Next morning when I woke up at 9am I could hear the water sound from the bathroom. I thought mom was taking bath. So I went to other bathroom to brush my teeth. By the time I came back she was drying her hair with a hair dryer. She was wearing a dress which absorbs all the wet on her body and which will be ties with 2 ropes at the front. I went near and hugged her from behind. Mom turned her head and kissed me on the lips. My hands moved towards her breasts and started to press them. Mom kept her hair dryer down and kept her hands on my hands which are pressing her breasts. I pressed them for some time and placed one hand on her cunt and started to rub it. I moved my hands towards the knot of the dress to remove it. I removed the knot and the dress fell down from her beautiful body. She turned towards me and I lifted her and placed her on the bed and made love with her for 1 hour. I woke up at 1pm in the afternoon. I searched for mom and she was not there in the house and I found a letter on the dinning table. This is the matter that was written in the letter “Hi honey. I have some office work to do and I was leaving to office. I prepared every thing for your lunch. Have it and take rest. I will be returning at 6 or 7 pm. Last but not the least I Love You”.

After reading the letter I immediately called her to the office. She lifted her cell phone and said hi honey. I said hi mom. I want to see you now. She said it is not possible as I have work to do. But I want to see you. I will come to your office. She said I have colleagues to work with me. She also said if we get a phone call from our client we clarify his doubts and our work will be completed and every one will go. Then I will phone you and you can come. I said I can’t wait till that time mom. She laughed and said ok then come to office and call me when you come. She also said to come with out having lunch so we can have it together. I said ok and kept the phone. I got ready immediately and went to office. I phoned her as soon as I arrived at the office. She asked me to come in as every one knew I am her son. Her colleagues and I greeted each other as we know. I asked her whether she finished the work. She said as soon as your phone is over we received the client phone and finished the work 15 minutes before you came. I asked mom shall we go. Then one of her colleague said your mom has to work for one more hour. He said it is her work to do and we all are leaving. I was happy as no one will be there except a security guard outside. As soon as every one are left mom came towards me and said you are crazy about me. I said no mom I am mad about you. She asked me shall we go for a lunch. I said ok. We came to the lift to go to the ground floor. As soon as we entered the lift I pulled mom closer to me and kissed her on the lips and continued till we reached ground floor. Mom informed the security guard that she will be returning again as she has works to do and drove the car to the restaurant. We sat side by side and started to talk. Mom asked can’t you wait at home till I return from the office. I said mom I came here to see you. So I didn’t do anything more than kissing you. I want to see you and I came here. We received the order and we had it. Mom asked me will you wait till I finish my work. I said yes. We reached to the office and she was working on her computer and I was seeing the office. After some time she stood up from the seat and removed her coat and called honey. I turned towards her.

She hasn’t worn a bra and the shirt she wears was very transparent. I went near her and pressed her breasts. She asked me to fuck her. I asked in the office. She said yes. I thought of fucking each other in the office when I was coming to office in the afternoon. So I removed my bra and panty as soon as I entered in the office. I thought of calling you when ever body left the office. But you phoned me before I called you. After hearing her words I removed her shirt and skirt with in seconds. She removed my pant and underwear. She went and sat on the edge of the table and invited me by spreading her legs. As soon as I reached the table she took my tool and guided it towards her cunt. She pulled me on to her and I was fucking her. While I was fucking her she said I never thought I will have sex with you in the office. I smiled at her hearing those words. We fucked for15 minutes. We didn’t take much time to relax as it was not a safe place. I wore my underwear and pant and she wore her panty and skirt and asked me to keep the hooks of her bra. I went and kept the hooks of her bra and pressed her breasts once and left her. Then she wore her shirt and coat and we left the office. From there we went for shopping. There she buy some saris and new under garments and went home.

From then on we had regular sex and there was no one to disturb. Mom use to wear saris when she was at home. We used to fuck at least once in a day. We behaved like husband and wife but to rest of the world we are mom and son. I loved the way she ties the saris. She wears all transparent saris and tied them 2 to 3 inches below her navel and at the back, she had only a thin line like a bra and the rest of the back was exposed. I couldn’t control myself when I see her in saris. We use to sleep together mostly naked most of the nights.