Meri suhagraat ki masti bhari kahani

My name is Joy. I am 30, Bengali and a Central Govt. Employee from Kolkata. My marriage is an arranged one and the name of my spouse is Mitul. She is 2 and she is for me the most beautiful lady in the world. She had a nice pair of breasts (34), great ass (3), pussy and wonderful pair of buttocks and her face cuts are just beautiful and every man dream to have her.

Tough we married 8 months back we are still enjoying our sex for 4 to 5 times a day. I want to share with you the greatest first night encounter we both had. It is the first night of our marriage. Mitul and I never talked with each other up to now. I entered into the bedroom at 12:30 at night the bedroom was well decorated with flowers. She too sited onto the bed into the room with nice saree and after a bath. She is looking gorgeous in her green silk saree. The view of her heaving breasts through her saree and her nipples pointing sharply towards me is just fantastic. My cock is saluting straightly at her beauty. I entered the room and close the door and sit on the bed. She feels shy and I am too. Then I started to talk and I said as this was our first night and we will be together throughout our life.

I moved closer to her. I said I want to share many things with you about life on this night but your beauty is killing and then the show started. I took her hand into my hands. This is the first time I touched a lady in my life so I felt very much excited. I said we are not only just wife and husband, we will also be good friends and we have to share everything in our lives especially sex, it is just a symbol of love between us and we cannot find more enjoyment anywhere as in sex and kissed her on her forehead softly and slowly started to press Mitul’s soft buttocks and I pressed her stomach and moved hands all over her back and I again kissed on her forehead and I said I love you, she felt shy more at first, as this was the first time because this is the first time she spending with a man. She returned back the kiss and said I too love you too. Slowly the shyness in her is gone and her face started glowing as I talked very friendly with her. I asked her to be cooperative in sex and she said that she will and I will be yours and you can use me in whatever way you want. We stood up and hugged each other and I started kissing all around head and I kissed the neck portion and bit on her shoulders smoothly. a small moan of ooooooooo…. Aaaaaaa… ki korchoooooooooo….. amar lojaya korche and closed her eyes. She then hugged me tightly and planted kisses on my lips.

I put my hands on her shoulders and I moved my body close to her so that my chest will touch her boobs. she understood what I wanted she started to rub her breasts against my chest and soon I locked her lips with my lips and we started kissing her lips and she just hugged me and taken my kisses. Amra slow french kiss korte thaklam for some time and after some time I increased the pressure on her lips and she also started to kiss fastly. Now we are kissing in such a way that we are chewing bubble gum. While sucking each other lips Mitul moaned ae ami r parche na………. buk ta tapoooooooooo…… (Please press my milk ball). I removed the anchal of her saree from her breast and I started to press her huge boobs slowly through her blouse and bra and then I pressed and kissed on them. she started moaning heavily like such tapoooooooo joreeeeeee Jooooooreeeeeeeee tapoooooooo ami r parche naaaaaaa. and she is feeling the pressure to the extreme. the site of her milk ball through her skin color transparent blouse and red bra is clearly visible. by seeing that site the sexual desires in me started to raise high and I started to press her ball harder and harder and she is moaning pleaaaaaaasssse joore tapoooooo ……….continue don’t stop please……she said please choooooooosooooooooo chodooooo amake ami r parche na…….. I am also happy and my sexcitement was also picked up to heard these words from her and I removed the saree from her body now she is only blouse and saya and inner garments and pressed her stomach and she is rising high and moaned ahahahahahaaaaaa…. ooooooooooo… uhuhuhuhuuuuummmmmmmmt…… ooooooo…. I started to unhook the buttons of my shirt and she said tumi amar saree khulacho ami tomat ta khulbo and she slowly unhook the buttons and remove my shirt from my body.

she then started to move her boobs over my chest and she moved like a snake rubbing her big milk melons over my chest. she even knelt down and knows her boobs are touching my cock. She knowingly started to rub her boobs against my cock and by kneeling down she started to press my buttocks simultaneously. I looked down at her and my cock is simply saluting her and I did not want to interrupt her because this is the kind of wife I just wanted and I always wanted a wife who will be full filling my sexual desires to the extreme.

Then she stood up and we kissed each other on lips 10 minutes nonstop. I become fully erect now and suddenly pushed her towards me and taken off her blouse and that was the first time I saw the beautiful boobs under red bra in my life. I pushed her on to the bed. I am not able to control my self and I started to press her boobs very hardly. And I open her bra from back side and I have seen beautiful naked breast first time in my life and then I tasted all the breast part with my mouth and sucked and bit her nipples. now she is moaning like anything. she is moaning aaaaaaaaa……. uuuuuuuummmmmmmm… ki sukhhhhhhhhh ……. chosooooooo……. jooooreeeeee chhhhhooooossssssooooooo……. ami r thakte parcheeeeeeee na tapooooooooo… uuummmmmmmmm…………aro. After that Mitul lay behind me and took of my pant. I have only brief now.

My bulge stood straight and the head of my bulge is visible to her through my brief. I then remove of her saya and her skin color panty has been visible, she touched my bulge from my brief and I said to her Mitul bolo to eta ki? She said janina, then I said eta holo bara (lund) and she started to rub my lund from my brief by her hand and I said to her eta ki tomar pochondo? She just press heard and then I also kiss her and I touched her pussy over her panty and I feel her hairy pussy for first time and due to first time she is also shivering like anything, then I entered my hand under her panty anf feel wet hairy cunt and then I took off her panty from her body and she is in birth day suit and then she as soon as removed my brief off we are both naked before each other for the first time in our lifes. Then she close her eyes in shy and also trying to cover her chut by her hand but I hold her hand and put it on my lund and started to fingering her chut by one finger. She also rubbing the fore skin of my lund by to and fro motion.

Then I started to suck her chut and she is moan like uuuummm chooooossssssssoooooooo aaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuummmmmm and press my head on her chut and I suck pussy lip and her pre cum for the first time and the test was so good this is the first time feeling like that. Then I inserted two fingers into her pussy hard suddenly. she screamed loudly aaaaaaaa lagche asteeeeeeee this is the first time I am getting something into my love hole.i said to her ektu lagbe 1st time tarpor dakhbe koto sukh. She begged me for the first time be slow then u can do it in whatever way u want. I hugged her tightly and she too did so and we locked each others lips and started kissing then she stop me tomar ota dokhao na ami r parche na. I asked her konta dhokabo? She said to touch my lund that tomar bara ta amar gude dhukia chodo and she felt very shy and hide her face under my chest. Then I pull her leg on my shoulder and I inserted 3 fingers into her pussy. she moaned aaaaaaaa……lagcheeeeeeee and she said holding my 7.5 inch lund that ami eta chai tumi eta amar gude dhokao. Then I sat on her legs while she is lying on the bed and slowly inserted the head of the cock into her. the head of the cock went into her without paining her as she was very wet inside, I pushed the cock further inside and she moaned loudly. aaaaaaaa…..oooooooo please astteeeeeeeee eta 1st time please is slow……. plllllleeaaaaassse oooo. aste chooooooodooooooooo on the hearing this word from her I am very much sexcited and press the lund more near about half of the cock entered into her. it is very painful for her and I asked ami ki barata bar kore nabo but when I asking her this at that time I also entering my lund more and more and I feel the hymen and I press more so that the hymen would be tired and she crying loudly like aaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu its too much and simultaneously I am sucking and kissing her lips and pressing her boobs within a few second my lund totally entered to her cunt some tear also comes out from her eyes and she fell on the bed totally motion less then I started to and from motion after a few minutes she would cooperative with me by motioning her started to move my cock to and fro and she is shouting in pain oooooooo amiiiiii r parcheeeeeeee na khub lagche ooooo aste koro na asteeeeee chooooodddddooooooe, chodoooooooo kintu aste I continue making to and fro moves. Suddenly her voice change and she said lagcheeeeee to aste koro cccccccchhhhhhhhhoooooooodddddddoooooooo after a few minutes her pain has been gone out and she also moves her body slowly. I continued fucking by making to and fro movements and she now seems to be enjoying this and she is also moving her body up and down in order to take the whole cock into her. My cock completely entered into her and we both are moaning with pleasure like any thing. She is very nearer to her orgasm and I too am going to cum very soon. we both started to make fast movements of our body.

We hug and kiss at that time and I also press her boobs very hard and this time is wanted her to be on me and she made faster and faster movements lying on the top of me. As we are very nearer to our climax the pace of our desires and love for each other keep on increasing. She responded to me by moving her body rhythmically. The pace increased and she is moving her body very fast and said jooorreeeeeeeeee aaaaarrrrrrrrroooooo ooooooooooooo aaaaaaarrrroooooooo joooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeeee choooooddddddoooooo ami r parche naaaaaaaaa tomar r koooooooooootoooooooooo bakiiiiiiiii smsr hoa aloooooooooo and moves her body more up, I am also going to climax and move faster after about 10 minutes we both hugged us tight and I pushed my lund tight into her chut I then cummed into her and as soon as I come she had her orgasm and both our love juices are being exchanged for the 1st time and that moment is just wonderful and we exchanged our juices for the first time with sweet kisses. We both are happy to lose our virginity by a wonderful pleasant able love making.

We fucked another two times on this night and we slept at 4:30 am and we have seen at the morning that some blood spot and love juice on our bed sheet………….