Meri boss ne mujhse apni choot ka dhakkan khulwaya

 I work in a reputed leading mobile phone company as a part timer in a very good post (Asst. Software Engineer). In my office most of my colleague is jealous to me as being a 19 years old boy i’ve acquired such a good post. But the exception is my boss Sonia.

One day due to a sudden exam I could not go to the office and the rules of the office tells that if you remain absent without informing it to your boss then your salary for that day will be sacked. I thought that there is no problem if I don’t get 1day salary. So, I quietly attended my college for the exam and appeared for that. In the whole day my mobile phone was switched off and my landline phone was kept busy by putting the receiver down. For this only reason my office could not contact me anywhere. The next day when I reached office my boss asked about my absence for the previous day. I told her the truth. She smiled and told me you will not loose one day salary if you help me by going with me to the Park Street our Customer care outlet and then finally following me to my home, spending there a night with me. I could understand her plan and I get ready for the work of my boss Sonia. At once I rang to my home and told them I will not be back to the home for the night, as I have to go to Siliguri.

Now completing our work at Park Street we finally reached at Salt Lake my boss’s house (rather I could tell it a palace). There after getting fresh we started chatting about some important topic. But my mind was telling me that, “Hey, niks don’t let the time go, just ask her to get ready as she is going to be fucked by you.” I’ve forgotten to give a brief description of my boss. She is not much taller than me. She might be 5’2.9” taller with a good figure, with fat which gave her a marvelous look. Her boobs were likely 36D, waist too sexy. Her shape is approximately 37-29-36. This long time she was wearing a light pink with yellow touch salwar. Now she asked me to excuse her for a moment that is she wants to go inside. I told that it’s no problem. But when she returned I was shocked by seeing her. Now she completely changed her dress and came to me. She was wearing a orange look through sari with a sky blue color blouse and orange color petticoat. She asked me that how is she looking? I answered that she is looking marvelous. She asked that if I want to have some lovemaking with her!!! I replied that its my pleasure.

It was almost 12:30pm so we decided to have our lunch first. After having our lunch she told me that if I would like to take a nap. I refused. She started removing her sari in front of me; I stopped her and told that it is my work to make you nude. And your work is to make me nude. She looked at me in such a sight that she had never heard of these things. She asked me, “ Nik how many times did you have sex with other girls”? I said two times, once my student in my home and the other in train while traveling to New Delhi. But within this time I have taken out all her clothes from her body. Now she is standing like a KHAJURAHO model in front of me. I enquired her that will she like to remove her clothes or not. She replied that it is to be her first experience so in this case I’m the boss of her.

Now I directed her to take my clothes off. As she came forward to me I grasped her very close to me and started giving French kisses to her. She replied with it too. Slowly she removed my clothes and she starred at my 7.5” dick. Her nipples were becoming hard now I started to suck her nipples. She was shaking her body slowly. My one hand was caressing her pussy and the other hand was on her waist. Her hands were also pressing me to her tightly against her body. Like this position we had worked for at least 20 minutes. Now I had taken her to the bed and lie there in 69 positions and asked her to blowjab and at the same time i’ll suck her pussy. She feared of that, I assured that it will give her a great pleasure. I was getting such a pleasure that I could not describe by writing, it was such a pleasure that I didn’t have at the time of my first experience. On the other side Sonia was also getting pleasures and she was moaning. Aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhh ooooooo ssssss aaaaa. I asked her, “Are you enjoying?” She replied that veeeeeeee rrrrr yyy Muuuuuuuuu ccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhh. She told to continue, “ ooooohhhhhh eeeeeeeeeedddddddddd jjjjjjjjuuuuuuuussssssssstttttttt carry oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Now at this continued for at least 20 minutes and then Sonia cummed in my mouth. But still it is not the time for me to cum. So I asked Sonia to continue and finally after 35 minutes I ejaculated my tank of sperm in her mouth. She drank it all not allowing even one drop to flow out. By this time she was tired and the watch was telling that it is 4:00 pm. So I decided to do the rest at night. But she was not ready for that as she was in mood of getting fucked. Again within few minutes she started caressing my dick and slowly it regained its own proud by taking its 7.5” size. So it is now ready to fuck my boss. My dick was jumping as if it has got the invitation to fuck Sonia’s cunt and it was too hungry. Without wasting much time I put my dick in the right position and pushed it slightly into Sonia’s cunt, and she moaned in pain. I also discovered that her pussy has got such a small hole that my dick could hardly pass through it. So I asked her to bring some oil so that I could apply it on my dick as well as on her pussy to make the job easier. She had brought some mustard oil but now I asked her to bring Vaseline. She obliged me and brought Vaseline now I applied it on Sonia’s cunt and also on my dick. Now placing the dick on the right position I pushed it slightly to her cunt and the magic stick got inside her about 3”.

She moaned as if she is dying aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooo. After giving another pressure blood came out from her vagina indicating that her seal is broken that is she is no more a virgin and I informed her that I’m feeling lucky that I had fucked three girls yet and among them I had broken the seal of two girls. By this time she cummed and it is easier for me to fuck her more hardly. So I started giving to and fro motion to her. She was giving some cry of pleasure aaaaaahhhhh ffffine mmooooorrrrre ppppplllllleeease I’m yours ggggggggooooo ooooonnnnnn..

She cummed for another time and after some time I’d also cummed but not inside her. She drank the whole of my love juice as if she was very much thirsty for the love juice. Like this way I have fucked her again at evening and at night. The next day we went to office together. She concluded that each time you remain absent you will be penalized by this way.