Mere student ne mujhe chudai ka ras pilaya

I was waiting for an auto rickshaw when a tall young man approached me from the other side of the road and started enquiring about me. I was a little blank and could not recognize him at first.

“Ma’am, I’m Harpreet” your ex-student.

I was a bit embarrassed as he was one of the bright boys and stood out. He joined our school only for the last two years and stood out distinctly as he was the only Sikh boy in the school. So he could be easily recognized by his turban.

Now he had cut his hair and shaved his beard besides also growing up a couple of inches. Besides, I remembered him as a rather thin and skinny. Now here he was, tall and athletic.

“You have changed a lot”, I told him.

“You have not changed a bit!” He retorted. I took it as a compliment. I knew that Harpreet was one of the boys who had a crush on me. He would sidle up to me to admire my stomach or cleavage. I have even overheard boys talking about me and letting their imagination run wild in their own adolescent way.

We went to a coffee shop and started to chat. I came to know that he had graduated in Finance and got a job in a bank as a trainee. He had about a week to join and was staying in a hotel. The bank would pay for his hotel for two weeks and he had already spent a week looking for a house. As I had one of my service apartments vacant, I offered to let it out to him. He said he was interested. He said he would drop by sometime next week.

“I will show you the apartment tomorrow. Why don’t you drop by in the afternoon”?

He agreed and said, “I am relieved that I will have some decent place to stay”

We chatted for about an hour about various topics. He always had a sense of humor and also seemed to be pretty well read. Our chat was very lively and interesting and I found that I liked his company. He now had a clear deep manly voice. I could not help admire his strong muscular arms and chest. I knew that I was attracted to this man. When it was time to leave, he offered to drop me home and I immediately consented.

I was looking forward to a lazy Sunday afternoon of lolling around listening to some music. I had an appointment at a beauty parlor in the morning. I got myself a new hairstyle and also had bikini wax done. I returned home feeling good, had my bath and changed to a kurti and denim shorts. As I was not expecting anyone, and was not planning to go out, I had no problems wearing my shorts.

I almost dozed off when I heard the doorbell ring. As I was not expecting anyone, I was a little surprised and a bit annoyed at being disturbed. Nevertheless, I opened the door and to my surprise, it was Harpreet.

“Oh Harpreet, come in” I exclaimed not really hiding my surprise. Quickly, I became self-conscious and was a bit embarrassed. Harpreet was equally surprised to see the way I was dressed and was speechless for a moment.

I invited him in and offered him a seat. He could not take his eyes off me even as he sat down. His mouth was open and he was quite transparent. For a while, I contemplated changing my dress, but decided against it as I overcame my initial embarrassment and was quite enjoying it. I went to the kitchen and returned with some coffee and cookies for the two of us.

I sat next to him on the sofa with my legs crossed back. Harpreet had not recovered from shock. He continued to ogle my legs while lifting his eyes up to admire my boobs. I gave him a nudge with my elbow and said, “Have your tea”.

It was getting awkward and the sexual tension was rising. I was also turned by the thought that this guy has the hots for me. The young man’s face was now flushed. Finally, he spoke up.

“I was hoping you would show me the apartment if you have the time”

“Sure, we can go now”, I said and immediately regretted the offer. I could see that there was a tent in his pants. As I got up and adjusted my kurti, he could clearly see my erect tits. He excused himself to go the bathroom and I too went to the other attached bathroom and cooled myself. Harpreet had not returned by the time I came out.

I suddenly remembered that I had left my panties in the other bathroom. It took a while for him to come out. After he came out, I went in to check my panties and sure enough, it had changed spots. It was also wet. I took it in both my hands and brought them to my face. I closed my eyes and inhaled the panties slowly. I pulled my tongue out and licked the cum filled areas twirling my tongues round and round.

I washed my face and came out. I did not realize that I had inadvertently removed the only button on my kurti and my black bra and my cleavage was now visible. It was a great show for Harpreet and he started to enjoy it for the first time. As I locked the door, he was standing really close to me. As I put the keys into the front shorts pocket, my kurti parted just a bit, exposing my mid riff. This time he was not at all embarrassed to look at it.

As the corporate apartment was in the building next to my house and there was a direct entrance from my house, it was just a minute’s walk. We went to the apartment and showed him around and he was pretty impressed.

“I like it” he said, “They are elegant and beautiful, as beautiful as you are”.

Now he was flirting with me. “Thank you”, I said.

“I can drop in at your place any time now” he winked at me.

I winked back at him.

He became a little bolder and said “Those are some lovely legs, so smooth”

“How do you know they are smooth?” I teased him.

“I can see them”.

I was now flirting equally, “But you won’t know, unless you feel them”.

“Can I?” He asked smiling.

“Do you want to?” I retorted.

In reply, he just made a kissing gesture.

We reached home by then. He said that it was time to leave, but I sensed that it only a formality and he was hoping that I would invite him to stay on. I duly did so. Shamelessly and without any pause, he consented, adding that we should order Pizza for dinner.

“It is just 5:30, we are not going to have dinner until 8:30” and slapped him gently on his ass.

“So what? We can hang around and do stuff” and hit me back on my ass.

We went in and I offered to show him around the house. I showed him the study, kitchen and even my daughter’s room (which she cleared up before leaving for her Residential Medical School). We then went to my bedroom.

“Oh a double bed! Too large for just you.” He exclaimed and put his hands around my waist.

“Darling, teach me the lessons of life” he whispered.

I was a little taken aback at this, but felt helpless to do anything. I too wanted it and I had led him on. He was just taking it to the next level.

He then pushed me on the bed. I was sitting on the bed with my feet on the floor. Harpreet had knelt on the floor.

“Let me feel the thighs now” as he started caressing my legs.

I lifted my left leg and held out the big toe and brought it to his lips. I made circles around his cheeks with my toes.

“Oooh” he cried in pleasure. I then put my big toe in his mouth. He did not need to be told. He started sucking it eagerly and simultaneously rubbing my calf with his palms.

It was my turn to moan. Even as he was sucking my left big toe, I used my right leg to lift his T-Shirt and rub my feet all over his body. I tickled his rib cage no end. He went crazy as I moved my legs up and down his back.

I took my toes out of his mouth and locked my legs around his neck. He drew even closer and started to simultaneously lick and rub my thighs.

“Ooooh darling, Harps more, more”, I cried.

“Sudha darling, will you be my bitch?”

“Yes, I am your cunt whore. My cunt is aching for you”

“What else bitch?”

“Grab my tits, Rodman”

His knees were no longer on the floor and he was almost on top of me. He lifted my kurti exposing my stomach and started licking them. I grabbed him by his hair and lifted him on to the bed. I started to lick him all over his face and then his lips. Soon his lips parted and we were engaged in a passionate French kiss.

Every part of my body was now rubbing his body. Our thighs were brushing each other and my hands were furiously rubbing his back while his were doing the same thing to me. I started to move my tummy and my boobs round and round. The heat was intense. I could now feel his hard dick touching my groin.

I reached for his zipper and unzipped his pants. I reached into his underwear and slowly held his cock.

“Oh fuck, Sudha darling”

“You like that?” I asked him.

“Oohh yeah”

“Will you like it even more in my mouth?”

“God” was all he could muster.

I pulled his pants and his brief down to his ankles. I started to knead his thighs. He gasped as I caressed his balls. He lifted himself up with a start as squeezed his balls.

I brought my face down and let my hair fall on his thighs. I started moving my head up and down; my hair tickled his thighs and also brushed against his groin. He went crazy and all he could say was “Oh fuck bitch, fuck bitch”

I took him by his hands and brought them to my boobs and said “Feel them, press them hard”

He pinched and twirled my tits. I kissed his thighs and slurped noisily driving him totally insane. I slowly reached his balls and started to lick them all around. I thrust myself forward and in the process spread his legs wide apart. His erect penis was standing upright like a howitzer gun as I held his balls in my palms.

His breathing was now heavy and it looked like he would cum any moment. I started off by gently kissing the head of his cock. Starting at the root, I licked my way up to the sensitive underside of his cock, right under the head. I gave that area some licks, and then teased him a bit with some long slow licks up and down the shaft. He was going completely crazy by now. I then gently started taking the cock inside my mouth till it was deep inside.

He had lost all control by now and resting on his hands lifted his ass up from the bed and started to move up and down. Then he started shooting his cum right inside my mouth. I started to swallow it as I slowly released his cock.

It was amazing, but not a single part of my clothing had yet been removed and I had already given the guy the blowjob of his life.

“Cock slut, bitch, whore, my own whore. Thank you” he said as we embraced each other and started rolling on the bed.

We cuddled up for a while in each other’s arms and started the foreplay all over again. I started to kiss his forehead and eyes.

“You are one hot bitch, you know that?” He said

I simply kissed him on his lips. He then proceeded to remove my kurti fully from my body. Turning me around he started to smell my hair and then my neck. His penis was getting erect and brushing against my ass. He cupped his palms on my boobs even as he bit my ear lobes. His legs were again active furiously rubbing against my thighs.

“Oh Harps, darling”, I started to moan. “Press them hard”

He unhooked my bra with his teeth and threw them on the bed. He turned me around and started to bite my nipples. With one hand, he removed the only button on my shorts and put his hand deep inside my panties. His skin was touching my pussy area for the first time.

“Oooh mama”, I cried out aloud and in a reflex lifted my legs and hit him on his ass.

“More, some more, darling”, I cried.

“Oh darling, it is already wet” he exclaimed.

“Yes dear, it is longing for your cock”, I said.

I helped him remove the shorts and the panties and we were both completely naked. We turned to the side and I grabbed his ass tightly and he grabbed mine.

I started to slowly slide up the bed. Harpreet was now licking all over. Starting with my boobs, he moved down as I moved up and went to my tummy then navel and then my abdomen. He then reached my pussy.

I made him use his fingers to part my cunt hole as I parted my legs. He inserted his index finger into the hole and started to finger fuck me.

“Oh Harpreet, my dear fucking Harpreet, continue”

He then pulled his finger out and licked them. I took his finger and started to lick them. I made him put his tongue into my erect clit and he started licking them up and down and left and right.

I was moaning and grunting and started to scream out all sorts of dirty words.

His cock was throbbing and he was desperate to put it inside me. I finally allowed him to remove his tongue and made him come back on top of me.

I gently held his cock and slowly guided it to my cunt hole. It was so wet and the cock was so hard that it went in smoothly. He penetrated me deeply and I could feel his hard dick thrusting against my cunt.

Harpreet was deep inside me and soon we were both sweating. His cock started to soften a bit and so he had to take it out.

We collapsed on each other’s shoulders and feel into deep sleep for about half an hour.

We then woke up and ordered our pizzas, which was delivered in less than 10 minutes. We finished our dinner and we started to discuss what must be done.

“I have decided not to take up the apartment”, he said.

“What?” I was shocked.

Then he explained that he decided to stay with me if I allowed him to.

I was stunned by this proposal. But it was after almost six months that I was having sex, that the prospect of a great regular fuck was extremely appealing to me.

“I will pay the rent” he said.

Shamelessly, I agreed. That meant that I was now literally a whore. He then confessed that he had a girl friend in Delhi and that meant that I was possibly his mistress too.

The next day, he bought me his first gift- a tight sexy black mini skirt and a halter-top. I wore it and went to a movie and dinner with him.

We are continuing to have a great time and hope to do so tat least until my daughter comes home for the holidays.

I am continuing to take rent and also the by now regular gifts. Though he makes me, wear dresses meant for 20 some things, I am not complaining, He is making me feel that way.