Mere chote bhaiyon ne pehle mere mastane badan ko apni aankhon se loota phir gadhe jesse apne lundo se loota

“Didi, look. It is going to rain, let us go to terrace and dance in the rain” my young brother Vijay shouted

“No. I have an important meeting tomorrow. I can’t afford to catch a cold” I declined his proposal firmly. Tomorrow I have to be at my sexy, seductive and provocative best. Have you ever seen a sexy siren who can manage to be that, while sneezing and blowing her nose?

“Come on, Didi, nothing will happen. It has been sultry till now.” Munna, Vijay’s twin brother also pleaded.

The pleasant cool wind and looming dark clouds looked inviting. My husband Nandu joined my brothers at window and looked out.

“Deb, we will just not stay for long. Just few minutes. Ok?” Nandu was also excited. My brothers came to spend their vacation with us and Nandu pampers them a lot, takes them to movies, rides and plays caroms and scrabble. I sighed.

“Give me few minutes, I will change into a decent dress” I got up. I was wearing a thin sleeveless top and hot pants. I was not wearing a bra or panty. Within comfort of four walls of home, it was alright. If we were going to get wet, I might as well be naked since my present dress when wet would reveal everything including crack of my cunt.
Vijay and Munna dragged me by hands.

“No time for that, we will miss first drops of shower” they pulled me. We ran to the terrace, Nandu following us. We entered the terrace as first drops of rain started to descend from sky. We were shrieking like kids as we danced in the rain, which turned into a downpour within seconds. My shirt was plastered to my, revealing full beauty of my 36 boobs and my brothers were stealing glances at my bouncing tits, my nipples which were jutting against he fabric.

I could see the tents in their shorts. Nandu was not bothered, he was dancing merrily.

After five minutes, it was no longer fun. The torrential rain kept lashing like a whip and we ran to the shelter of a small store room. I pulled my shirt away from skin in a vain attempt to conceal my nakedness.

“OK, Deb, give me keys. We will go down” Nandu asked me. I was shocked.

“But you came last. You must have the keys” I exclaimed. He clutched brow.

“Ohh, it was in my hand. I must have kept it near TV. Don’t worry; I will bring spare keys we kept in my cousin’s place” he was about to go, I stopped him.

“How will you go? It is raining cats and dogs, wait for it to stop” I told him.

“Then we will have to wait for several hours. It is not going to stop. Anyway, I have car keys. I will be back in a jiffy” he ran out.

There was awkward silence for few minutes. I was aware of my brothers’ eyes burning into my wet shirt and between my thighs. I crossed my hands across chest and tried to ignore them.

They have turned 18 last November. Only during this visit I was finding change in their behavior. Once Nandu leaves for work, they remove their underwear and move about with huge tents in their shorts. They kept brushing their dicks on my buttocks, or press elbows in my tits in kitchen as if by accident.

I sensed Vijay moved closer and was touching his throbbing cock on my hip. I tried to move away from him and found another hot, throbbing cock pressing other hip. Before I could do anything, Vijay grabbed my tit and squeezed.

I turned and slapped him, in that process I slipped and skidded. I landed on floor in a sitting position. Munna moved like lightning and before I knew what he was doing, he grabbed my shorts and pulled them out. I shouted at him but both ran into the rain laughing and waving the shorts. I covered my cunt with hands and yelled at them.

“Didi, remove your shirt and throw it to us. We will return everything” they kept taunting. I sighed and removed shirt which was anyway not concealing anything. Now I was totally naked. Their jaws dropped.

In spite of myself, I found my cunt squirting juices and my nipples getting erect. I covered tits with one hand and cunt with another and yelled at them” Now give me my dress, you idiots..”

They came into the room but they removed their vests and shorts while walking towards the room. My knees felt weak as both grabbed a tit each and started sucking and squeezing.

I half heartedly pushed them saying “ Nandu may come any minute…. Please ..leave me…I will tell Mom…” My words slowly were replaced by a deep throated moan as I clutched their heads and pressed to my tits more firmly.

Now, everything happened so fast, it was like a blur. Vijay sat on a bench and I sat in his lap, pushing his hot cock in my very wet, oozing cunt. As it was sliding, Munna stood on the bench and pushed his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.

I don’t know how long we were fucking, we were jolted into this world by Nandu’s shout” You can come down. I brought the key. I am not going to get wet again”. We disentangled and quickly put on clothes, had Nandu not shouted, we would have been caught red handed.

Nandu could sense something changed but did not bother much. We came down, finished bath and had breakfast.

My boss gave me off today to allow me to prepare for tomorrow’s big project. Nandu got ready and left for office.As soon as he left, they pounced on me like tiger cubs. Within seconds, we were naked and fucking on our bed. They were like maniacs, squeezing, sucking tits, buttocks, fingering cunt. I never experienced anything like it. It was like a roller coaster ride.

There was method in their madness. Instinctively, may be because they are twins, they played with my body with perfect timing and harmony. I mean, there was no clumsiness or clash.

First they sucked each tit while fingering my cunt. Then Vijay moved between my legs and started licking cunt expertly. I found myself moaning, arching my back and my thighs and buttocks were quivering as his tongue explored my cunt walls and clit.

Munna meanwhile was biting and pulling my nipple while squeezing other tit and kissing me, he kept saying “Didi, I love you…. You are so beautiful….you are awesome…better than Mallika Sherawat..”

I cried out loudly and squirted juices and filled Vijay’s mouth. He left my cunt in an instant and was kissing me and filling my mouth with my juices. At that same instant, Munna pushed his cock in my cunt and buried it full in one stroke. I gasped as he started fucking with express speed. There was nothing gentle about his fucking. I thought he would come in a minute. But he kept pounding on and on…….

After I licked last drop of my juice from Vijay’s mouth, he pushed his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.As suddenly as he started fucking, Munna removed cock from my cunt and rushed to me and Vijay shifted to my cunt and continued where his brother left. Munna pushed his cock dripping with my juices in my mouth and as I sucked I realized he shifted in last minute as he wanted to come in my mouth.

He shouted, clutched my head and ejaculated thick loads of cum and filled my mouth. He kept coming and coming. I thought I would gag but slowly his spasms reduced and I managed to swallow his delicious cum. Now, Vijay moved me to fuck me in doggy position and as he was ramming me, Munna started spanking on my buttocks. I kept crying and flowing and flowing……..

Finally when Vijay filled my cunt we lay on bed, hugging and smiling at each other. Initial awkwardness was gone.We got up and I prepared lunch I the nude. They helped me by cutting vegetables and cleaning but disturbed me more by constant squeezing , licking and groping. I kept slapping their wrists.

Finally we sat down at dining table for lunch. Vijay sat opposite me and kept rubbing my clit with his toe. I spread legs wider and moved down to give his toe more access. Munna sat adjacent to me and kept playing with my tits and nipples with hid free hand. We continued having lunch in this manner.