Marge Monday

It's not often you find a good sexy image of Marge--they seem to be drawn not for the original character, but someones truly cartoonish perversions.

To me, what is sexy about her (cartoon character notwithstanding) is the layers of reality in her character. She's a wife, mom, daughter, and sister in the television show. She's always nagging and fretting. She's certainly an enabler and probably could be clinically called co-dependent. She can't handle her liqour and can't control her gambling if she gets started. She's a devoted mother of three and always sticks up for her kids. She's a high school graduate who's taken an art class at the community college. She likes (or just obsesses over cooking and cleaning.) She's religious and goes to church every Sunday, and she loves sex with her husband. She's skinny dipped with him and streaked and made love in a put-put golf castle. She's got a naughty side that is regularly referenced. In all, she's as three-dimention a character as anyone. She has her strengths, her faults, her small individual traits. In that sense, there really isn't an equivalent cartoon female with that level of character development. (True, 20 seasons gives Marge an advantage over the rest). However, primarily it's the writing and humor specific to the Simpsons which has made the program the longest running in history, as well as developed Marge as the sexy cartoon MILF that she is.

What a delight to discover this image, which is probably how Homer sees Marge in his mind, the woman he first fell in love with in high school and the wife he loves more every day.

We should all be so lucky as to have a Marge in our lives.