Maine aur meri biwi ne mere dost aur uski behan ke sath raat rangin ki

Hi Rajiv here! This is the story, which is based on our true experiences that happened recently. All you know that now-a day GURU RAMDEV has a come to Orrisa, Bhubaneswar and taken Yoga classes. One of my old couple friend Ashis from Sambalpur have ringed me and informed me that he is coming to attend his Yoga Class and would stay with us for five days. We are very good close friends and we have already swapped with them so many times previously and you all readers read our fucking experiences with them in this page .So we hope Ashis would come with his wife and we would have good time with them. On the scheduled day when he reached with his sister in our quarter in morning, my wife Reeta and me became little offset. But we managed to it and welcome them gladly. According to their request I have arranged Yoga classes tickets from them .In morning Ashis and his sister Smita had gone to Yoga. After return from there Ashis had gone to his head office which situated in Bhubaneswar for complying some of his old official pending works and Smita was staying at our quarter rest of the day..

Smita had tried to help my wife Reeta in kitchen and look after the household work, so that Reeta would get times and then they would some charts. Now about Smita.She was about 25, fair colour, 5’6” ht., long black hair with nice sexy Black eyes. She was on slim side with 50 kg weight, and 36-26-36 body statistics. She looked quite sexy and I had often fantasized of fucking her. I even told Reeta about this and she laughed; “Oh Rajiv! You dirty old man! Want to fuck that girl? Oh how it’s possible? She is your friend’s sister! But I don’t mind if you seduce her. In fact I want to see Smita under you with your rod in her pussy! Go on seduce her and I won’t mind”; Reeta was really broadminded and so I started my seduction. I praised Smita on every occasion I got for her looks and even her assets. Women, especially younger ladies love this. Smita called me Bhaiya and loved the way I treated her. As I was like a member of her family, all of her family spoke freely with me and Smita was no exception.

One day I asked her about her personal life, “hey Smita! You must have many boys running after you with those assets and your looks.” Smita replied me slyly, “Oh Rajiv Bhaiya! Yes to be frank with you. But I don’t like the way they behave with me, childish and irritating. I love mature males but found none among them. All they talk about new films and songs ;I said, “So you don’t like the kids! Do you like to talk with me? Go on don’t feel shy;” Smita told “No Bhaiya! In fact I love talking to you. You are so mature and talk so nicely;” So I had something that was appreciated by Smita. So we used to talk about all the topics and mainly about life. The truths of life. Well that’s different topic. So let me come to the point.

As per our plan on third day when Smita was taking a bath, I caught my wife in the hall and started making love to her. Since we had not fucked for last two days due to Ashis and his sister Smita’s staying in our house both of us were really hot and I did not waste time in preliminaries and lifting her sari, put my cock in her cunt from behind. We thought Smita will take long time for her bath and so we started to fuck. Oh! My cock was buried deep in the cunt of Reeta and Reeta was enjoying it too. I fucked her slowly and did not want to come fast. While fucking her I was massaging her boobs and Reeta was moaning a bit loudly; “Reeta!! Don’t make such sounds, Smita may listen to them. Ohh Its after two days Reeta! Your cunt is so nice OHH god! Your boobs have grown in size! Come on fuck my cock! Move your heavy ass.” Ohh yes!; Rajiv! Ohh ! Fuck me! I am dying for your cock! Oh God! Yesss! I don’t care for anything! Fuck me! Ohhahhhhhhh aaiii! Yes Rajivvvvvvvv; and we continued our fun.

I don’t know how much time elapsed and we were so much absorbed in the fuck game that we forgot Smita existed! I heard the bathroom door open and immediately pulled my cock out of my wife’s cunt. We were about to separate when Smita came in the hall staring wide-eyed at us. I was zipping up my pant and Reeta was adjusting her sari. But the things seemed to be clear to Smita. This was sufficient for anybody to guess what we were doing.

We waited for Smita to speak “Oh! Reeta bhabhi! I am so sorry I disturbed you and Rajiv Bhaiya. I did not know you were after this. I never imagined that you are doing all this in drawing room so openly. Oh! How can it be?”

“ Smita! Please don’t tell this to your brother. Oh I am so sorry;” My wife requested to Smita as my wife felt very shy to fuck in drawing room instead of our bed room when she knew better that Smita might come back at any movement from bath room and would see our fucking said, “

Smita, please forget what you saw. It just happened, as I could not control myself. Please don’t tell this to my friend. “I said.

Then Smita told, ‘No! I am not going to tell this to anybody It’s just that I loved watching it. You were behind Reeta Bhabi and sticking that thing in her. Oh! It was very exciting and that made me hot. I am a grown up woman and I have feelings too; Then Reeta asked, ‘ so what we should do about it? Should we all do it?’‘ “ How can we? Rajiv Bhaiya is my brother’s friend and just like my own brother and also elder to me! No I don’t think we should.’ Smita replied

Reeta looked at me and winked. I knew she was after some trick to drag Smita in this. So I waited for her to make move. My wife called to Smita, “ Smita please come here. I want to tell you something.’

Smita was wearing Yellow sari with matching blouse. Her hair had spread over her back up to her ass. They were so long! And her ass swayed seductively with the rolling of the ass cheeks. She looked so sexy that I wished to grab her and fuck her there and then. But I had to wait and see what Reeta was doing. Reeta asked Smita to sit beside her on the couch next to us. Then she asked me to stand in front of them. I did. Now there was tense moment as to what will happen. Reeta told Smita, ‘ Smita you are a big girl now and you should know what we were doing. Let me tell you something about this. Now I am going to show you what is all this about? Its practical aspect of the life and you will enjoy it.’

“Oh Bhabhi! Don’t tease me! Show me what it is like!’ Then my wife told me to strip and remove my clothes so that both the ladies could see my cock. I removed my clothes fast and my cock sprang free. I was very eager to show my big hard cock to my friend’s sexy sister and knew that she will love it. As soon as Smita saw my cock she exclaimed, ‘ Oh! What a big cock it is! It’s bigger than my friend’s brother.’Reeta and me, both were stunned and Reeta asked, ‘ Hey have you been fucked by him? Oh I thought you were virgin.’ Yes I am no virgin and my friend’s brother fucks me in her presence. The three of us do it and he even fucks his sister in front of me. So I won’t mind any thing just let me enjoy along with you. I miss those fucking and had thought I would go mad without it. But now here is my Reeta bhabhi and my own Bhaiya’s close friend Rajiv Bhaiya!’’

With this Smita caught my cock in her tender hands and stroked it up and down. She was really happy to see that it was big, hard and almost 6inches long. She looked at Reeta and then at me, ‘ Oh! Reeta Bhavi this is so big! I think I am going to enjoy this. How does it feel when it goes into the pussy? Oh I just can’t imagine.’

My wife told, ‘ Smita just wait and see. That monster is very naughty and it stretches you to your limits so be careful how you take it in. Now lets undress and enjoy the forbidden pleasure. Come on Smita get naked! Let’s see what you got under those clothes. Oh Rajiv see her!’ And Smita got rid of the petticoat and blouse she was wearing, releasing my cock for some time. As she unhooked her blouse her big boobs sprang free standing proudly on her chest. Reeta too looked at them and took her hands near them to touch the soft flesh. At the same time Smita removed Reeta’s blouse and caught her boobs. It was wonderful sight to watch these beautiful, sexy ladies i.e. my wife and my friend’s sister fondling each other’s boobs. My cock was getting harder and harder watching Smita. Smita had nice 36-inch conical boobs, which looked firm, and the nipples were brown and big. Her stomach was flat with the similar flat belly and shapely navel. She had round belly button that was beautifully deepened. Her cunt looked fleshy and juicy with symmetrically spread labia and tiny clitoris. It was shaved and looked smooth like that of a girl. She looked astonishing and though Reeta was a woman she also could not control her self. Now both the women were naked and massaging each others boobs. I looked at the beauties with my cock throbbing for them.

My wife Reeta looked at me and said, ‘Rajiv! Come on let’s play with this mermaid. Looking at her body I feel that she has played this game often and so let me tell her our secret. This will heighten her and our pleasure. Let her know her brother also joins us in the games we play. Reeta you are listening to this? Yes, your brother and Rajiv are swapping us i.e. your Bhavi and me regularly. In clear words while your brother fucks me my husband Rajiv fuck your Bhavi we all enjoy threesome. Its wild thing and anything goes! He even sucks Rajiv’s cock with his wife and loves watching her get laid. Isn’t it interesting?’

Oh Reeta Bhabi! I don’t believe this! He is so straight and how it is possible? Ok Lets talk about it later. Right now I want Rajiv’ s cock in my mouth. Can I take it? With your permission Reeta Bhavi?’And Smita crawled to me and took my cock in her mouth. Ohh! She had nice small mouth with thin lip sand small teeth. Her tongue was long and slender and played tricks on my cock head. Her long tongue moved over my sensitive cock head and Smita licked my entire 6 inches of meat tasting it and leaving trails of saliva on it. Smita seemed to be expert in this department because she opened her mouth with a small O’ and brought it over my cock, slowly taking it inside her mouth. Oh! What a skill! My cock felt the sides of her mouth as if it was a cunt, but then the movement of the tongue on the underside of my cock made it clear that it was indeed a mouth. Slowly she engulfed my cock up to 4 inches and took a break. Looking at me seductively, Smita again continued to swallow my meat and finally scored 6 inches, the end. Her mouth was almost touching my pubic hair and I think they were tickling her. Then she moved her mouth skillfully over my entire cock, milking me with the tightness. My wife Reeta was observing us and massaging her own tits. Her nipples were hard and she was breathing faster. ‘ Ohh!Rajiv! See her swallow your cock! She is really expert at it. Even I cannot swallow that monster as she does. Oh! I am getting excited watching this! Ohh YES suck him Smita. OH how I love to watch massaging my own tits! Oh GOD!’Reeta could not bear the scene and positioned her pussy over my mouth. Reeta’s cunt smelled nice and I pushed my tongue to explore the cunt of my wife. I licked her cunt all the way from her clit to the asshole and then back again. Smita was watching this while slurping on my cock and the sight excited her too. I felt Smita moving her mouth even faster now and making gurgling sounds from her mouth.

Reeta was pushing her cunt on my mouth, trying to rub it over my entire face. Oh! Here I was pleasuring two hot women! Now Smita pressed my cock in between her teeth and slowly bit my rod. I felt some pain but more pleasure and my cock jerked in that hot mouth of Smita. My tongue went further inside the cunt of Reeta and I moved it inside to taste her vaginal fluids. Reeta’s cunt was dripping wet with all that excitement. Ohhhh! I had to come! I moved my mouth from Reeta’s cunt and warned Smita that I was about to come.‘ Ohh Bhaiya! Come in my mouth! I want your juice! Ohhh Your cock feels so nice in my mouth! Come on Rajiv give the juice, make my mouth happy. Ohh GOD! Reeta is also enjoying your mouth. OHHh! What a sucking! Ohh Reeta watch me drinking your husband’s juice! OHH YESSSSSSSS!’‘

Hearing Smita’s word my wife moaned “ Come on Rajiv give Smita your come juice! Ohh make her gargle with your come.. Oh yes suck me faster. Ohh yess’! Oh GOD! Oh Ashis! You should have been here to watch your sister sucking Rajiv! Ohhh SUCK FUCKKK! Iaammccccooommmmmiinng!!!!!!’ Reeta came on my tongue and made me release my own juice in Smita’s mouth. Smita’s mouth worked on my cock to take as much of come as it can and then come started to dribble from the corners of her mouth and fell on her boobs. Reeta’s body relaxed and she climbed down and sat beside me watching Smita swallow my come.‘ Ohhh Smita! Leave some come for me. I haven’t had his come since you were here. Oh give me some come. Oh! Kiss me! YESSSS! That’s like a good baby!’Smita kissed Reeta and they both exchanged my come, Reeta pushing her tongue deep into Smita’s mouth. I watched as these women were held up in the tight embrace. I wanted to see some action between these two and that was essential for my cock too. I don’t often come so quickly, but I wanted to give my come to Smita for the first time and so I had released it on purpose. I take more time to get hard again and with these two putting up a show it wasn’t difficult. I encouraged them with my lusty talk and told them, ‘Reeta make love to this beautiful lady. Show her what you can do. I know you wanted to make love with a woman for a long tome and now is the time to fulfill your fantasy. Smita! Relax and enjoy Reeta’s body. She is really expert with her tongue and you will love it.”

They both were tied in a passionate kiss and were hungrily slurping at each other’s mouths. Reeta pushing her tongue in Smita’s mouth and then Smita doing the same to her. Their hands were also busy and Smita was running her hands on the back of Reeta, stroking her in a womanly love. Reeta held Smita’s face with both her hands and was rubbing her ear lobes. I could see their breasts pressing one to another and, Smita’s breasts being harder pressed more into Reeta’s. Slowly both got excited and now Reeta had her hands on Smita’s breasts and was kneading them. Smita looked at her own boobs being kneaded by Reeta and moaned loudly, ‘ Ohh Reeta! Press them hard. See how hard they are! Ohh Reeta! My pussy is dripping do something about it! Oh Rajiv Bhaiya give me your cock. Ohh I want it in my pussy. YES fuck me ohh Bhaiya. Fuck my pussy!’ How could I refuse! I caught Smita and made her lie on her hands and knees and coming behind her I put my cock at the opening of the heavenly gate. Her pussy was really dripping and my cock head entered her pussy easily. Reeta was excited too and brought her cunt near Smita’s mouth. ‘ Oh Smita! Suck my cunt while Rajiv fucks your pussy. Oh lick it lick my clit! See how big it has grown due to your touch. OH YES lick my cunt suck my pussy I am spreading it for you!Ohhhhhhhhhh! Soo nice!’ Reeta had to lie back on her back so that Smita could suck her cunt. Smita was now sucking Reeta’s cunt and pushing her cunt over my cock. My cock slowly entered Smita’s cunt and I felt the tightness of it. Though she was not virgin, her cunt was real tight. My cock moved in her cunt and now it was all the way in. Smita’s cunt clasped my cock as it fucked in and out. Oh I was in heaven! I fucked that tight cunt deep and slow feeling it expanding and then contracting over my cock. I watched Reeta spread her fleshy cunt for Smita and Smita was chewing the cunt, trying to swallow it all inside her mouth. I smacked Smita’s ass cheeks and Smita cried with joy. I moved my body to fuck her hard and she too responded by moving her ass back to meet my thrusts. Out fucking made nice rhythmic sound and the room was now filled with sex aroma and moaning! First Reeta came pushing her cunt up against Smita’s mouth and letting out big sigh and giving plenty of her cunt’s juice! Smita moved her tongue fast to swallow whatever juice she could and some fell on the couch staining the covers. I felt Smita’s pussy flooding with her fuck juice and hr ass moving even faster. I pumped my cock harder and faster into her slit fucking her furiously and kneading her both boobs hard. Smita moaned loudly into Reeta’s cunt, ‘ OOHh Rajiv Bhaiya! Fuck me! AhhhhhhOhhhhh YES So nice! ram that cock hard to the hilt! Ohhh feels so good. Ohhhh ReetaBhavi! You taste so nice.. iii ammm ccoomming! OH GODDD!’And Smita’s body stiffened and then went limp. I felt her pussy release the come juice and bathe my cock with it. It made her cunt more slippery and I rammed my cock deep in the funnel and released my seed. My come spurted in the hungry cunt of my friend’s sister and mixed with her own juice. My wife watched all this while kneading her boobs and making obscene sounds. We fell on the couch exhausted and Reeta ran her hands over our fucked bodies caressing us with love and affection. Reeta got up and brought us tea and something to eat. We talked and Reeta expressed her desire to involve Smita’s brother Ashis in this and to see him fucking Smita by me secretly without the knowledge of Smita. Ohh What an Idea! We all consented to it and left it on Reeta how to go about it. This I will narrate in the next part’’.


SO after Ashis came home I told him, ” We are planning to spend the night with you today and I have told Reeta arranged for it. Dear it has been long time she had not have any sex with you, so lets do it.”

” But my sister, Smita is here. And how can we do this in her presence? Ashis asked.

“We will have to take all the care and should not let her know about this.” I assured “OK lets do it in the night but you have to see that Smita is asleep. Ok?”Ashis told. “Yes I will confirm that and then only we will fuck.”

But Reeta had some different plans and she purposely informed Smita that in the night she should watch for something interesting. She did not tell her what it was. Reeta told me that everything was arranged and she was looking forward to the fun. After dinner Reeta made the beds for all and asked Ashis to sleep in the spare bedroom along with me. Reeta and Smita were to sleep in our bedroom.

So Ashis and myself went to the spare bedroom and lay on the bed talking. I told Ashis that it was long time he had not fucked my wife and so I only planned this and told him to enjoy. Ashis agreed and we became naked. Ashis was catching my Lund in his hand said, “Rajiv I am also dying to put my long thick cock in your wife’s pussy.” Saying this he freed my cock and put his mouth on it sucking it hard. I told him not to suck hard, as I wanted to deposit my come in Reeta’s hole after his fucking. He just smiled and said that he too wanted the same and that he was sure I wont come for another 15 minutes sucking. As we were doing it, we heard my wife coming into the room, leaving the door slightly ajar. I observed this and knew why she had left it like that. Reeta joined us and seeing my friend sucking my cock said,” Ohhh! You have already started. Let me give some cocks for sucking” Ashis removed my Lund from his mouth and pushed the gown Reeta was wearing above her head to make her naked. Reeta immediately grabbed my Lund and pushed her mouth over the length. Her boobs were big and moved as she struggled to take all of my cock inside her mouth Ashis patted her bulging belly, I was more excited with Ashis’s talk and thrust my Lund deeper into Reeta’s mouth. Reeta was now moving her tongue on my cock and I felt waves of pleasure pass through my cock. Ashis squatted behind Reeta and thrust his own cock in her cunt, making her moan loudly over my cock. He was very excited and was murmuring loudly. We all were making lot of noise and I wondered when Smita would make her entry. Reeta had taken my cock deep in her throat and my friend was fucking her cunt from behind. I whispered in Reeta’s ear, ” When is Smita coming?” “Ohhh! She will! Wait silly. Let me make some more noise and she will get the message.” And Reeta told Ashis to lie down so that she can climb him and then allow me the honour of fucking her ass. Ashis obliged and soon we two were fucking Reeta together. Reeta purposely made lot of noise and soon I saw a figure standing in the door. She was Smita! Smita was looking at what was going on in the spare bedroom and was really surprised. She had one hand over her mouth and with the other she rubbed her excited breasts. Since there was lot of light in the room she could see easily what was going on. We three fucked forgetting everything and the sight of Smita watching excited me a lot. I fucked Reeta’s ass furiously and whispered in her ear, ” Ohh Reeta she is there and watching us! “Reeta was very much excited and moved her ass on the two cocks buried in her cunt and ass. I watched Smita and she was about to shout with what she was looking at. I signaled her in and she slowly walked towards us. Ashis was totally unaware of his sister’s presence and continued fucking my wife’s cunt. Now Smita was very near to us and she came behind me and pressed her body against mine. I felt her hard breasts on my back and I increased my speed and thrust my cock harder in Reeta’s ass. Reeta sensed Smita’s presence and she fucked our cocks even faster. This combined lust made me come in Reeta’s ass and I skunked lot of juice there. Reeta felt my hot come spraying in her ass and shouted wildly, ” Ohhhh! Rajiv! I feel your come! Ohhhh It’s so hot! Ooh Ashis come in my pussy and make me come! Ohhh YYEEssssssssssss! Ohhh spray that sticky sperm in my cunt! Ohhhhh I ammmmmmmcccoooommmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggggg!” Reeta came and with that Ashis too ejaculated his seed. I felt Reeta’s body grow stiff and then she collapsed on Ashis’s prone body.

I withdrew from Reeta’s ass and turning around grabbed Smita and kissed her right on her mouth. Now it was Ashis’s turn to be shocked! He saw Smita and he tried to talk something, but Reeta kept her hand on his mouth and spoke, ” Ashis! Smita knew that you are fucking me and my husband fucks your wife. But she doesn’t mind and she fucked with us both today afternoons. What a hot lady your sister is! She even sucked my pussy! Ohh You must see her in action. Come on Smita show your Brother your body.”Smita came forward and looked shyly at her brother and smiling at him, slowly pulled her gown up and removed it. Her Bra clad Breasts sprang free and she threw the gown away. She looked at Reeta and Said, ” Ohh Bhabi! I want you to show my body to him I can’t go any further. Ohh! It’s so weird! We brother & sister doing this in front of each other! Ohh it excites me! Ahh! My Pussy! It’s so hot and wet. Come on show my body.” Reeta went to Smita and kissed her affectionately rubbing her hands on her naked back and slowly unhooking the Brassier in the process. My wife removed the bra and exposed the twin jewels. She upped them lightly in each hand and weighing them said, ” Look at this Ashis and Rajiv! Look how hard they are! Oohh see the conical shape and the pink nipples! They are so cute! Ohhhhhhh! Soo nicceeee! Look at the naval Ashis. See how flat her belly is. See this dimple of her belly button and oohhh! I should go further!” then Reeta removed her Chaddi too caressing her fleshy and young cunt. Her cunt was clean shaved; I think she had just shaved it. The slit was tender and long with the clitoral hood showing of prominently. I saw Ashis was looking at his sister excitedly and his cock was growing harder. I said, “Ashis your sister is beautiful and sexy. Your cock is growing hard watching her undress. What’s in your mind, want to fuck her cunt? Go ahead do it we will love to see both you fucking! You both are so hot for each other, see her slit is dripping juice for her brother and brother’s friend.” And Reeta pushed her fingers in Smita’s cunt and took them out. They were wet with her cunt juice. Reeta asked Ashis to lick the fingers off his sister’s juice. Ashis licked and I saw his cock going hard suddenly and he looked at Smita with lustful eyes. We also watched him admiring the naked charms of his sister and she parted the cut lips of Smita and showed the pink hole to Ashis, “ohhhhhh ! See this tender hole. I want you to put that cock of yours in your sister’s choot and fuck her while we two assist you both. Come on Smita make that cock throbbing with your mouth. Suck the cock of your own brother.” Smita did not need anything more and she hurriedly went to Ashis, shaking her solid ass and took his cock in her hands. She looked at it carefully and then taking out her tongue started licking his sensitive glans. Smita moved her tongue in circular motion and Ashis moaned loudly. “Come on sister lick my cock. Ohhhhhh! I never thought of this .How I lusted after you when I used to see you changing. OHHH! Suck me.” ” Ohh Bhaiya I wanted you from the day I saw you rubbing this cock in your room. Ohhhhh now lets go all the way and enjoy. Thanks to Reeta bhabi and Rajiv Bhaiya. Come here you two and lick me. Lick my cunt and make it wet for my brother.” Reeta and me both went to Smita who was squatting to suck her brother’s cock and parting her legs Reeta dived into her muff tongue in. Smita quivered and took Ashis’s cock in her mouth, nibbling at the fleshy cock head. As Reeta licked the cunt, I started to lick Smita’s ass hole. I really wanted to fuck that virgin hole but was a bit afraid due to its tightness. Her ass smelled nice and tasted silly. As I licked the backdoor my tongue met with that of Reeta’s and we played tongue game with each other. Reeta now pushed her tongue deep in Smita’s choot and tongue fucked her. This caused Smita to swallow more than half of Ashis’s cock and now she mouth fucked her brother. Ashis was in heaven and fully concentrated on the sensations over his cock. He thrust his buttock surging his sister to suck and swallow his 5-inch cock. We all were enjoying different aspects of sex and soon were lusty to fuck.Now Reeta asked Ashis to put his cock in the cunt of his sister and fuck her hard while she herself lay doggy style and asked me to batter her ass hole. We adjusted ourselves so that Smita was lying on her back with Ashis fucking her missionary style. Reeta squatted over Smita with her cunt near her mouth and facing Ashis.I took position behind my wife and put my cock in her asshole from behind. Ashis fucked his sister with deep thrusts and Smita taking her tongue out, licked Reeta’s cunt while I fucked Reeta in the ass. We all were very much excited with the situation and the unusual ORGY taking place here. Reeta was pouring heavy amount of love juice from her cunt and Smita licked it away all. Ashis was holding his sister’s boobs and fucking her furiously and moaning excitedly. I fucked Reeta’s backdoor and enjoyed the tightness of the hole and watching the copulation between the brother and sister. My wife Reeta was deriving double pleasure and soon came pouring her love honey in the mouth of Smita and thrashing her ass wildly n the air. This caused excitement among us and I came deep in Reeta’s ass and Smita too came and romped her ass harder over Ashis’s cock. Ashis too came sending his seed in the cunt of his sister Smita. We all had bout of enjoyment together and lay over each other exhausted .Now Ashis hurriedly put his mouth to my Reeta’s ass hole and begged her to give him my precious come. Reeta come spurted out of the tight hole any fell onto the mouth of Ashis. Reeta put her mouth to Smita’s cunt and drank her brother’s come from it. Both my friend and my wife loved to drink the spunk and Smita and me enjoyed giving it to them. Ashis and Smita both cleaned my cock by licking all the fuck juice with their tongues. They also cleaned Reeta’s ass and ate everything it could offer. After cleaning our love machines we lay there for a while thinking what to do next. I wanted Smita’s ass badly so I opted to fuck her and both Reeta and Ashis wanted to relax and watch us fucking. I ordered both my wife Reeta and my friend Ashis to make me hard by sucking my dick. So Reeta greedily obliged and took my limp cock in her mouth. She swallowed it and nibbled it with her mouth trying to bite it with her teeth. Ashis too came to her assistance and took my balls in his mouth and sucked on them. Smita saw all this and wanted to participate too. So she stood before me and presented her ass to my mouth. I probed the virgin hole with my tongue and moved my tongue around all the wrinkles there. Her hole was somewhat darker and tiny. I wetted my finger with saliva and pushed it inside, running my tongue around the base. My finger went in and I felt her ass muscles clasp around it and hold it tightly. Ohhhhhhhhhhh What a tight hole she had! Now Reeta sucked on my cock hard and even nibbled it with her sharp teeth sending waves pleasure through me. Ashis was sucking in my balls and then moved his mouth to my puckered ass hole and started to lick it. Smita was hot with my licking and bending forward caught hold of the melons of my wife’s breasts and kneaded them and urged her to suck my cock hard and to make it ready like a ramrod for her ass. All these sensations made me hard and soon my cock throbbed with lust for Smita’svirgin ass. Reeta took out my cock and showed it to Smita, ” see how big this cock is! Take it in your ass hole and fuck him. Come on take it! Bring that ass here and I will put it in for my husband. Ashis you watch your sister getting it in the ass. Dear Ashis. See your own sister getting fucked in the ass. Ohhhhhhhh! I love this! Sister getting fucked in front of her own brother! Oohhhhhhhh! Fuck her Rajiv!” And Reeta caught my cock and placed it on the tiny opening of the ass hole of my friend’s sister. Reeta rubbed my glans over the entire puckered hole and to make it slippery spit on it and my cock. Ashis watched in awe and went below his sister to watch the episode with his mouth near her cunt. Smita did not lose this chance and pushed her cunt on his mouth, “Ohhhhh!Bhaya! Suck my cunt! Ohhh GOD Reeta Bhavi put it in! Tear my ass hole with your husband’s cock! Ohhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh!YES! Aiiiiiiiiiii It pains! Ohhhhh! REETA! FUCK!” And my wife now pushed my cock head in the ass hole of my friend’s sister and asked me to give mighty thrust, “Ohhh Rajiv! Push that cock in! ohhhhh Ram it in that ass hole! Fuck the ass! 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