Hot Betty (Part 3)

So the endless debate: in Gilligan's Island, Ginger vs. Mary Ann, and in the Flintstones, Wilma vs. Betty. In both, I take the not as obviously hot, girl-next-door. The brunette over the fiery redhead. The shy one over the flirt.

Wilma might have been the center of attention, but behind closed doors, Betty has a hidden side just waiting to come out.

Betty was a hottie. She loved her mail-order lingereie
from Fredricks of Hollyrock.

Betty had a thing for Fred ever since
she met him at Bedrock High

Betty wanted to show Fred a few tricks she'd read about.

Betty loved Fred's "bone" and she was very skilled at giving "bone jobs."

Fred's bone was too large for her bum, but she tried anyway.