Fred Catches Wilma and Betty, Then Joins in (Part 2)

Life in Bedrock could get pretty dull. As the two husbands spent their days at the quarry, and out bowling and at the Water Buffalo Lodge, Wilma and Betty were often left to themselves. They found ways to entertain themselves to take their mind off of the repetitive mind-numbing housework.

Wilma was often bored at home
Sometimes she and Betty would discuss sex toys
and order new ones in the mail. "This Dong is so big,"
said Betty, "Must be like Fred."
"Yes," Wilma sighed, "but sometimes a nice small cock
like Barney's would be nice."

Some times the wives would test out the toys on each other. 
Wilma was used to a large bone.

Sometimes Wilma and Betty didn't use toys at all, 
but just enjoyed each other's bodies. 

They didn't tell their husbands how they spent their weekdays.
Eventually Fed found out.

He came in and joined them.

Wilma didn't mind sharing her man as long as she could
still join in.