Dost ki maa ne mujhe apni beti ki gand marte pakda aur phir apni chut marwayi

I am Sameer 18 years old. I have a close friend. When I was a child he was staying in my neighbor and I was very free with his family members and I would usually go to his house once in a day. His family consists of he, his dad, mom and a sister. I was freer with his sister. When I was 16 years old they left that house and went to the other house in the same town. Their house was 2km away from my house. I would go to her house nearly every day as I was free with his family members also.

This story happened last year in the month of July. He has very beautiful sister. she was around 21 years old and his mom was around 39 years old. So now let me describe them to you. Anjali sister of my friend. She was around 21 years old and had a nice figure. She was having a bib boobs and a huge ass. Her figure was 36 26 36. Where as swati was 39 years old but look like 30. As she maintained her figure. She was also having a nice figure. Swati was little slim then anjali. Her figure was 34 26 34.

As usual I went to their house at 10.00 am. They were having a big house. Two bedrooms in ground floor and two on first floor. I knocked on the door, anjali opened the door. I asked about my friend she said he has went out and would return only in after noon. I was about to go but anjali called me in. I went in. She went to kitchen and I followed her. She said she has little work to do then she would be free. So after some time her cooking was over. I asked for cold water. She took bottle from fridge and put it in the glass and gave me. I drank the water and kept the glass. She was washing her face. I opened the fridge took ice cube in a vessel. Then I took two ice cube in my hand and went to her and inserted the two in her back. She was wearing slwar kameez. She said aaahhh it is cold (She was not shock as I would throw cold water on her some time). Saying this she went to the vessel where I have kept the ice cube. As she was about to take one I holded her from back. And we started to fight for ice cube. As she wanted to take first and I also wanted to take first. While doing this accidentally my cock got pressed on her ass and I holded her boobs and pressed.

She gave a moan. When I saw her she was directly looking in my eyes. I also looked in her eyes directly. Then she slowly in the same position took her lips and gave a kiss on my lips. Then I holded her properly and started to give her kiss ad press her ass at the same time. Then she broke the kiss and went to the bedroom. I followed her. Then she again came to me and kissed me on my lips. Then she slowly undressing me and me also started undressing her. She was only on bra and panty and I was on my under wear. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and removed my under wear an my cock got free and it was just inches away from her mouth. She took my cock in her hand and gave a kiss on it. Then she slowly opened her mouth ad started to take my cock in mouth. Then she started to suck. I had closed my eyes and I felt like I am in heaven. I was holding her hair and was like fucking her mouth. As I was about to come I stopped her as I want to fuck her pussy. She understood it and laid on the bed. I laid above her and kissed her nose her forehead her cheeks etc then went to her neck then to her boobs. I removed her bra and took her one nipple in my mouth and kept her other nipple between my fingers. Then went to her belly button and kissed ad sucked for some time. Then went to her thigh and started to suck it. And slowly came near her pussy and again went down. Then slowly removed her panty and kissed her pussy. She was all wet.

I started sucking her pussy at the same time fingering her pussy. She was moaning yes fuck me fuck me. After some time she came and I tested her cum. Then took my cock and kept it on the entrance of her pussy. She said yes fuck my pussy. Then I slowly started to enter in her pussy. I entered completely. I was shocked. As she was not a virgin. I asked her about it. She said her fiancé had fucked her many times. Then I slowly started to go in and out. After some time I stopped and removed my cock. She asked me what happened. I told her to be in doggie style. She did as I said. Then I sucked her ass hole and made it wet. Then inserted 1 finger it was tight. She said please remove it. I removed and took a Vaseline and inserted in her ass hole then putted some on my cock and I rammed my cock inn her ass hole. She screamed with pain. As she screamed some one opened the door by hearing her scream.

As I saw at the door her mother swati was at the door. She saw me and anjali. When she saw me at that time my half cock was in anjalis ass hole and anjalis eyes were full of tear. She said so sameer u has got my daughter. I was knowing this u will one day fuck my daughter. Saying this she came in. She was in saree. She directly came to me and gave a kiss on my lips. She broke the kiss and asked me to continue and fuck her sweet daughter as she watch. She went and sat on the chair. I was still in that position. She said common sameer fuck her. So I started to slowly fuck her then again I rammed my whole cock in her ass hole and she again screamed. Then slowly I started to fuck her ass hole and she was in pleasure and saying me fucks me hard. As I would about to cum I would stop for some time and again continue. I did this as I did not want to cum soon. After some time I started fucking her hard and fast and after some time I came in her ass hole. And laid on her.

After some time swati came and sat on my face and asked me to suck her pussy. I was laying on bed I took my tongue out and started sucking her pussy. After some time she came. Then swati went to my cock and sucked my cock tasting my cum. After some time I was hard. She stood and bent an said to me to fuck her lie this in standing banding position as it was her dream. So I went back and started entering from back. Her pussy was tight as her hubby was living in foreign and would come only once in two years. I started to fuck her. I fucked her longer then anjali as I had cummed earlier.

As I was about to cum I said that I was about to cum. She said to cum in her mouth. So I removed my cock from her pussy and gave it in her mouth. And she sucked and after some time I came in her mouth and she drank all with out wasting a drop. Then we laid there. They took me to the bath room and gave me a bath and sucked me there also and I have fucked them also in bathroom. Then I got dressed and they said thanks for fucking them as they have reached several orgasm when I had came in them. They said me to come next day same time as anjali and sweta would be alone and I could fuck them.