Dost ki maa ko chodkar apna banaya

Hi my name is prabhu. This story happened when I was in 17 . I dun have a good physic but am good looking thin guy n am handsome too with a 7′inches dick which is enough to satisfy gals n woman. I am a frequent visitor to my best friend karans house. As I used to live alone in the so many times I used to sleep over at his house. He lived with his family his father was in Geneva and he lived alone with his mom and sis. I used to take his mom to market or dropped his sis to
coaching on my bike. One winter evening I went to visit karan.

I rang the bell when the door opened my mind went in the skies, karans mom shobha had opened the door and she thinking me to bhe karan was wearing a night gown through which I could easily see her tight bra and panty. She was looking gorgeous , damn sexy for lady to be at that age, having stats 36-28-36, and it turned out that she had just came out from taking bath and wasn’t even able to dry herself my pants were becoming tighter by every moment. She didn’t notice it and invited me in . As I sat on the couch she went in to the house to change . As I sat there I started imagining her naked and soon felt thirsty . I called out for shobha but she didn’t ans. So I went to room in which refrigerator is. Hoping to see shobha in there I opened the door and saw shobha in front of dressing table drying her self .

She was looking so hot . I just kept staring at her like a dumbo and soon came to senses seeing shobha looking at me surprise . I quickly left the house . After this incident I hardly went to karans house. Then after a month or so I had to go to his house for the party he had thrown and being his best friend I had to go there early to help him with his arrangements. I passed shobha several times but didn’t have courage to look at her. Soon party started and soon it was full house. Place became congested and guests started moving out on the terrace. During party I accidentally came face 2 face with shobha.

I didn’t know what to do and before I could do anything she grabbed my hand and took me to her bedroom which was empty and she locked the door from behind. I got nervous just thinking about the worst possible thing. She turned to me and asked “why are you reacting in such a way?” I had no answer and just stood there facing down . She told me sit on the bed, I sat and she sat beside me and said “it was just a mistake, you came in to drink water and saw me naked . Instead it was my fault ,I should have locked the door . You don’t have to be ashamed of it .” she kept on talking . After a long time she held my hand and said it’s not your fault and she gave me a hug . Hug was so tight I could feel her hard nipples pressing against me. After the hug we left the we left the room and stayed together till the end of the party. One day shobha called me on my mobile and asked me if I could sleep over at her house as she was all alone .

She said that karan and his sis were out of city to their grannies for two days and she feeling scared in the house all alone. I told her that I’d be there in half an hour I went over to her house and shobha opened the door. When the door opened the door was surprised to see her so sexy wearing an almost see thru nightie , long sexy-silky hair falling down to back and this time she wasn’t wearing any bra or panty. On seeing this I got an erection and felt something different in her body language. We straight away went to hall and watched TV. She got me some lemonade and on the way back to me she accidentally spilled some on the floor. She kept the glasses on the table and leant over to clean it. She had bent in such a way that her ass in face and seemed to be shouting out “take me come on …………..take me…..” some how I controlled my self but the erection was uncontrollable and she saw it. We sat there watching movie for few hours when suddenly there was power cut . She lit some candles and went to the other room for water/. Now I knew that if I wanted to fuck her this will be the best time to do it. I followed her to the room she didn’t notice me following her and when she bent down I grabbed her from behind slammed my dick in to her ass.

She was surprised by my move and turned me still holding her and now my dick was touching her pussy. She shouted “what are you doing?” I got scared and said with some hesitation ” I…. Thought ……u… Need…some ….help….so….soooo” I couldn’t even complete my sentence and she kissed me passionately and said “what took you so long” hearing this I picked her and took to her bedroom stripped her clothes off while she did the same with mine. I kissed her passionately with my tongue almost down her throat. We kissed and kissed and kissed for almost 30mins.she had a very sexy figure. I licked her breasts and bit her nipples, she kept asking for more and more. I got her in doggy position and slapped her huge cheeks while she screamed with both pain and pleasure. I finger fucked her asshole and after a few minutes I slammed my dick in her ass , she moaned with pleasure “uuuuuuuh…… oh.. God….. Yes….. Give it to me faster… faster… uuuuhhh. Yes, and soon I came in her ass, my hot sperm filled her ass. Both of us felt great rolled her over and French kissed her running my hand through her soft silky hair. I kept kissing her until she pushed me back.

I got on my back with dick still erected. She leaned over and started sucking my dick, I was in heaven, warmth of her mouth felt so well, and I started moaning loudly, breathing heavily. Soon came squirted sperm in her mouth . She drank every drop of it and left me dry. Now it was my turn to fuck so I got her on her back and slipped my dick in her, she was already wet from her orgasm , I started pumping in and out slowly as she kept on moaning “uuuhhh.. Take me baby… fuck. Me bad yae.. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…. come-on fuck me harder ya faster” we changed our position and now she was on top of me soon came in her and we fell from exhaustion and soon went to sleep.