Didi ko jija ji ke sath raat rangeen karte dekha

Hi my name is poonam and i am going to narrate a story of how I saw my sister getting fucked by my Jiju.

First let me tell you about myself. I belong to delhi and have a sister who is 26. Her name is Priya, she is two years elder to me and is very pretty(and so am I...!!!). She is fair,about 5"6.,Slim and fair, and has a body to die for. Let me start with the story. This happened when it was one of my cousins wedding. My sister and Jiju have shifted to Mumbai after marriage and had come to Delhi to attend the wedding. my Jiju works in an MNC in Mumbai and is tall dark and handsome. they both are perfect match for each other.

We came back from the wedding at around 2 in the morning. My parents had stayed back at the wedding and were suppose to come after the feres. Me along with my sister and jiju came back to our house at night. I went to our bedroom and priya along with jiju went to the first floor which had the guest room . I was excited to see my sister after a long time and wanted to catch up with her for the time we spent apart. So i changed quickly and went upstairs to chat with sis and jiju.

But as I was getting up the stairs I heard some noises. I became quiet and started to walk towards their room. I reached their room and just stopped before the door to find out what was going on. The room had its curtain at
the door. I walked up before the curtain and stood their and heard jiju say to priya " aaj tum bahut sundar lag rahi thi to which she replied "just shut up..!! this was followed by giggling from both sides. I grew curious and waited for further proceedings.

I removed the curtain alittle and saw that jiju was trying to kiss priya on the neck to which she replied "noo.. not nw poonam will see. and i am not letting you do this at my dad's house..!! Jiju said "yahi to mazaa a.. Aaj i m going to fuck you at your dad's house..!!! I felt shivering in my knees witnessing to what was happening but controlled myself and continued looking. Priya was wearing a tight chudidaar and was looking very

Jiju held her hands at the back and stared to rub between her legs from the outside. Priya fought her hands free and held his hand which was beginning to message her crotch. With his other hand jiju started to rub her boobs which were now started point with all the attention her body was getting. Now her fight was becoming weak and she was beginning to heat up. Suddenly jiju gave a jerk and his hand went inside her chudidaar and he began to moving his hand with full vigor. She let out a soft moan and her head slightly tilted towards his shoulder to get support. Seeing her getting weak he removed the knot of her chudidaar and it fell down to her ankles. I was surprised to see that priya was wearing sexy lingerie underneath which made her crotch look ultra sexy Jiju looked down in admiration to what was he seeing with his left hand giving constant attention to her boobs.

Priya moaned a little and said "noo" in her husky voice. her legs were trembling may be because of thinking what was to happen with her in her own house. And obviously she was aware that i am in the house. But jiju was getting horny and he just put his fingers inside her panty and began to furiously finger fuck her... Aashhh aahhh ahhhh ahh oohh.. was all priya could muster in response to the animal inside jiju which was definitely unleashed now. He finger fucked her so hard that she was weak in her knees adn began falling on his body. he supported her well and continued to finger her, even more passionately and fast. He had two fingers inside of her and it was making a sound of puch puch inside her wet pussy. she left out a gust ohh ahh ahh ahhhhhhh and had her first orgasm of the night. her pussy flowed like a river as jiju withdrew his fingers from her wet pussy. I was trembling and excited to see my didi getting manhandled by jiju and felt my pussy sticky wet in my panties.

Jiju then removed her panties and her suit. She was now naked except for her bra which took no time in coming off. Priya didi looked embarrassed in the state which she found herself in and covered her pussy with her hands and smiled a little. Jiju gave her a wild groan and brought her closer to her. I knew what was going to happen now and became a Little frightened. In one go jiju became naked. I still cannot forget the moment I saw his cock in dull light. It was around 9 inches and was thick as my wrist and had blood vessels visible. He held it in his hand and stroked it a little. Priya didi was also surprised to see the cock but i m sure she had taken it before as well. jiju brought her closer and gave her a kiss on her lips to which she replied by swinging her tongue in his mouth.

They both were kissing passionately and were oblivious to the fact that i was watching in the ring side seat.!! As the kiss ended after 5 minuted jiju began to finger her pussy again but within seconds he held his cock and began to invade her already wet pussy. could see that didi was having trouble taking the cock. She moaned ahhh ohhh maaa as jiju tried to put the head of the cock in her. he began making movements in her pussy as didi cried ahhh maa maahhh ohhhhhh. She asked is it all in to which jiju replied just wait baby ..!!! Her eyes grew wide thinking it was still not in. I could see her pussy stretch to take his monster in.

After few small strokes jiju wrapped his legs around priya and made one push to take his cock all in. It went in and that was wen even I had the first orgasm of my night.Even my pussy was becoming wet with each stroke jiju was giving to didi and unintentionally i started fingering my pussy through the thin material of my pyjama and panty. It was the best feeling i had till now. Jiju started vigorously fucking my sister's pussy and kissing her. Between the kisses all did could muster was little oooohhhss and aaahhhss.

After fucking her for 10 mins in this position he lifted her up wrapped her legs around his wasit and began fucking her furiously. I was at aww seeing my didi in a position like this. Now the room was full of their passionate lovemaking. Putt Putt were the sound each thrust was making with his cock going deep into her vagina which was making squishy sounds. I inserted my hand in my panties and began to finger fuck myself. ooooo ahhhh aaaaaa aaaooooo ahhhhh nooooo this is tooooooo mucchhhhhh were all i could hear of priya.

After fucking her for 15 mins in this position jiju became tired and shot all his load in her. It was a sight to see. his cock had formed a ring at the bottom which was a mix of both their juices. he came with a bang and apparently shot all his load inside her. He brought her down, and laid her on the bed. he was still not done with her and went to the fridge to have some water. All this while my didi lay on the bed,her eyes closed, body glistening with sweat and seeing her pussy i could see the cum dripping out. jiju came and gave her a nice kiss to which she replied by kissing back. he then made her sit on all fours and went behind.

Didi was facing me and i could see that she was exhausted with all the fucking she had had. But jiju was in no mood to stop and from behind he Put his cock in her pussy and began giving small thrust back and forth. Shortly he started giving long hard thrusts which made her lost all control and fall ahead. To solve this he held her by her hair and wrapped his hands
around her waist so she could not fall ahead. He began thrusting her pussy very fast.

Priya began to literally scream this time. Ahhhhhhh nahiiiii marrrr gayi ohhhh ohhh haan nnnn haann haaahhhhhh ahhhh ahhh were the sounds she kept on making. the bed literally screached and was making sounds with their fucking. I was worried at one point that it may break. I do not know wat had gone into jiju to give him so much stamina that he literally tore my sister apart. After 25 mins of non stop fucking he again came in her

This time it was much harder than the previous one. Didi had innumerable orgasms by then of which I had lost count of. She was exhausted and was sweating profusley. Her body ached with all the fucking she had with that mosnter and was able to take no more.He made her turn around and looked her in the eye and said "I love You". She did'nt reply but only said "bas aur nhi, mai ur nhi le sakti" These comments coming from my sisters
mouth made me all the more horny. Jiju said "abhi to thoda aur chudna padega tumhe. abhi nhi hua h poora" she said "nhi bas aur nhi chud sakti please bas karo. mai mar jaungi".

Jiju gave her a kiss on her lips and made her rotate on the bed adn made her lie on her stomach once again. this time her pussy was facing me. I could see my sister's pussy which was tarnished by the monster cock. It still seemed tight but was oozing cum. He kept a pillow under her stomach which lifted her ass a little. He inserted his cock again in her pussy and began giving small thrusts. Ohhh what a sight it was.

I could see the monster going completely inside my did stretching her walls as far as they could go. After giving some small thrusts jiju again went to his violent best and began fucking her furiously. this time she had no energy to scream, she just lay on the bed with jiju giving her a fucking of lifetime in front of me. the bed started shaking again and i was sure it would break this time.

After some time she started moaning a little and again making and began shouting ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ohhhhhhaaaamaa maaaa maaaa aaaaaaa nooooo basssss. he fucked her again for around 30 mins like this and ultimately came in her pussy after giving violent thrusts. and collpsed on top of her. I realised i had lost count of orgasms I had had in the night after witnessing such marathon fucking session involving my didi and jiju.

I lay down on the floor outside thie room and began to finger
myself very hard and came immediately. that was not allIi instantly felt the nedd to finger some more and put two fingers inside my wet pussy and began gyrating like mad. I came soon and a little moan came out of my mouth. Suddenly i realised the place i was at and the comprmising position i was in. I regained my senses and went back to my room,cleaned myself and went to bed and immediately pu my fingers inside my pussy again.