Client ko apni madmast gadrayi jawani ka bhog lagakar agreement sign karwaya

Hi my name is Isha Dhariwal. I am a 26 year old single woman working in a multinational bank in Pune. I originally belong to Karnataka but I am in Pune for last 10 years. Looks dept I ‘m an extremely attractive young woman with 170 cms height and milky fair complexion. Since I am a fitness fanatic my body is in great shape too. I am 34 24 36 and I know most of my clients drool when I wear a tight kamis or a tight t-shirt to work. My long legs look gorgeous in well fitting denims or suit pants and I know all the tricks to make a man notice me.

I had lost my virginity at the hand of my neighbor at an age of 19 and knew that woman’s body can be used or abused by a man depending upon how a woman wants it. I use my body sparingly and at appropriate moments to make sure I get what I want.

Recently there was a NRI client called Ajay Das who had an investment of close to a corer to make in mutual funds and life insurance policies. I was following that client strongly but knew that competition was strong. There were executive of 2 banks and a brokerage house also pursuing the same piece of pie. This had happened when our annual appraisal were only 2 months away and I knew the importance of making Mr. Das sign with us.

During the long rounds of discussions I noticed that among my 3 competitors 2 were boys and one was a plain dark unattractive girl for whom no man can desire. Frailly a day before the final meeting when the decision was to happen I made up my mind and prepared myself. I went to Mr. Das’s residence about 1 hours earlier than scheduled. When he himself opened the door I saw the look in his eyes and knew I had won.

I was dressed in a pink spaghetti strap top and tight cream stretch pants. The thin straps did little to hide the huge swell of my milky breasts and the trouser showed my round ass cheeks and my long legs to their advantage.

“you are early Isha,” He said asking me to come in. He used to live alone in a 2 bedroom flat.

“Yes Sir I wanted to go over some of the charts that I have made,” I said and pecked his cheek instead of restricting myself to the usual handshake. He was clearly distracted by my beauty and the strong sexual aura I was exuding. However he was also enjoying the fact that I was wearing an expensive dress and expensive perfume. He said sure and asked me if I wanted a drink. I refused and told him to take one for himself if he wanted.

When we sat next to each other I allowed my thighs to rest against his. Since he was dressed in Bermuda shorts his hairy leg was bruising against my trouser clad thigh. It was giving me the most sensual feeling to know that he was getting aroused. I was touching his arm his hand with my own on the pretext of explaining him the salient points. Slowly he started responding my pushing his leg against mine while his hand accidentally touched my bare arms. I moved closer to make sure that now he could also enjoy the feel of my swelling of right breast pushing against his forearm. I am a young woman and it took no time for my feelings to arouse and I felt my breast going pleasantly stiff. Soon there shape was visible against the tight fabric of my top.

Finally after half an hour of this the man in Mr. Das responded I could see that he had difficulties in controlling his erection that was getting visibly every minute. Suddenly he put his right palm against the bare portion of my back. I turned to him and smiled.

“All this and what is inside is yours for this portfolio Mr. Das, yes or no?” Mr. Das gaped open mouthed to me. He did not expect me to be so direct.

“Yes or no?” I asked and slowly lowered my right strap to my forearms allowing him to see the top half of my milky breast,”

The next minute he violently grabbed me and pulled me to him kissing my lips and kneading the half naked breast. I pushed him aside and repeated my question.

“Yes God Yes,”

“then I am all yours,” I said. Before he could reach for me I pushed the copy of portfolio agreement to him and told him to sign it while I get out of these clothes. Das would have signed his own death warrant to see my naked body. I stripped my top and trousers and stood in white strapless brassiere and panties of sheer satin. Das grabbed me and holding my buttocks in his hands started to kiss me. I responded to his kiss and inserted my tongue in his mouth. My expert hands found his tool inside his shorts and I started to massage its head.

“Just take off my bra and panties and I am all yours,” I said. Immediately he fumbled behind my back and unhooked my brassiere and threw it on the sofa. Then he lowered my panties and when he saw my smooth shaven cunt lips he went wild. Sitting on his knees he kneed it and then sucked at it. He used to his teeth to bite me gently while I Oohed and aahed. The touch of a man’s tongue was most peasant on my pussylips and I became wet almost instantaneously. His hands reached up and started to knead my breasts. My nipples went hard to his touch and I pressed his hands with mine to increase the pressure. After some time we retired to the sofa. I lay on my back and hooked one leg over the back to allow him wide access. Meanwhile Das’s dick had become hard like a rod. He was medium sized but well endowed in breadth. I massaged his dick and pushed the foreskin back.

“Whatever you want just tell me Sir, I am yours,” I said biting his ears. Das told me to suck him. I pushed him on his back and sat on the floor on my knees. Then I wrapped my mouth around his shaft and started to suck him while massaging his hairy balls with my slim fingers. I did not like to take that thing in mouth but a deal was a deal and all that. I gave him a nice blowjob while he played with my boobs and back. After some time I got up and stood bent at waist in front of him.

“you can fuck me like a bitch Sir,” I said. Das needed no second invitations. Standing up he held my breasts with both hands and expertly slid his large cock inside my wet soggy cunt. As the pressure on my breasts intensified I screamed with pain and pleasure and started to thrust using my buttocks. Das’s balls were slapping against my ass cheeks. My nipples were hard like pebbles and the constant pulling and kneading was hurting my breasts. But I knew after this afternoon my promotion was assured. Das went on like this for about 10 minutes before his pressure on my breasts intensified and then with a huge thrust he rammed his cock full inside my pussy and kept it there as it shot load after load of cum in it. I collapsed on the floor and tried to catch my breath.

“god you are a bomb, I want more,”

I grabbed my clothes and stood up,” Sir I will wait for you in your bedroom. The other 2 bankers will come now. When you tell them you have already finalized with me I will stay with you all afternoon. I will suck your dick and drink your cum, you can put your cock in my pussy, my asshole or my mouth as many times as you can get it up deal?”

“Yes. Yes”

I went to his bedroom and cleaned myself in the bathroom. Then I wrapped myself with a towel and lay on the bed. The door bell rang. It was exactly one hour after I had come. I was ready for my competitors. I had given Das something that they could not.