(Classic) Naked Eyes (1984) scene 3


Naked Eyes (1984)

"Wow, just imagine being a rich sheik with a harem of the world's most gorgeous 
girls! Well, now you don't have to use your imagination anymore, because NAKED 
EYES is the tale of just such as sheik with just such a harem. Find out just 
what it takes to be a love slave, as Bunny Bleu and Susan Hart work their buns 
off to please the sultan's every desire and what about gorgeous superstar Raven? 
What's she doing in this horny harem? Well, you can bet it's not knitting! Throw 
in gorgeous Misty Regan, lusty Lynne Cartier, and you have the ingredients for a 
wall-to-wall sexfest that'll put a puff in your pup tent! Whew! It's getting hot 
in here! Somebody open a window! Whew!"

* Scene 1. Lynn Cartier, Tom Byron
* Scene 2. Bunny Bleu, Hershel Savage
* Scene 3. Susan Hart, Shone Taylor
* Scene 4. Bunny Bleu, Susan Hart, Shone Taylor
* Scene 5. Lynn Cartier, Misty Regan
* Scene 6. Lynn Cartier, Misty Regan, Tom Byron
* Scene 7. Raven, Shone Taylor

(AKA Creamy Lust, Ice Cream 3: Naked Eyes)