Chachi ko massage ka mazza diya

I am Maneesh from Kerala. I am going to tell you about my first incest experience which is also my first sex experience with my chachi which changed my life. My chachi Geetha, my uncle's wife, who lives in the village with her husband. They run a tea shop near the house. We visit them on my vacations. This incident happened on my vacation after my plus two. One day chachi called my father and told chachu is ill and she needs help. So my father sends me to the village and told me to take care of everything.
I took the first bus to the village. It is a remote area were most of the people were simple middle class. I reached chachi’s house by evening. The house had two bedrooms and the tea shop was just in front of the house. After dinner chachu told me to sleep with chachi and he will take the other room because he is ill. So I went to the room and waited for chachi to come. After completing her works chachi came to the room and switched off the light and slept near me. We discussed about my studies and other family matters and I don’t know when I slept.
About my chachi, she is 36, 5 feet 4 inch and a little plump woman. She has long black hair up to her waist and the boobs looks like tender coconut which are held very tightly in her bra. Her belly was flat and the belly button is too deep as it can contain full bucket water and a very nice round bottom. She was always aware of her dressing, she always tied her sari well above her navel and she always covered her boobs very carefully and there was no chance of any cleavage shows.
I slept beside chachi like I always do. In the early morning I woke up hearing some sound from the kitchen and chachi was not in the bed and the door was closed partially. So I went to the door and peeped through the space between the doors. There was light in the kitchen and chachi was applying oil on her hair. The next thing happened was not even imaginable for me. She was preparing to bath. She removed her sari and started to apply oil on her arms and neck. I forgot to take breath for some time. It was the first time in my life I am seeing her without sari.
She was super sexy in the blouse and under skirt. Then she pulled the petticoat below her navel, oh my god it was awesome, her sexy belly and the deep navel were clearly seen. She applied oil on her belly and then she placed her leg on the chair and pulled her petticoat up to her thighs and applied oil on both of her milky thighs and went to the bathroom. my tool was completely out of control and I had to masturbate twice to make it under control. I went to bed again and I was not able to sleep because that was the first time am seeing that much of her. After sometime the door of the bedroom was opened, suddenly I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping. It was her after the bath. She was wearing a yellow blouse and a black under skirt. The under skirt was tied well above the navel so there was no chance of any navel show. She was wet and the black bra she wearing was visible through the blouse.
It was too difficult for me to control my cock inside my pants. Then she moved to the shelf, which is kept near the bed, to take the sari. She was too close to me and the sweet odour of her body was making me mad. When she was searching sari, through the loose end of the under skirt the panty she was wearing was clear to me. The erection became uncontrollable and it busted out in my pants. She took a brown sari with yellow flowers on it and wore it and went to the shop to open it. I decided to fuck her at any cost. After having bath I went to the shop to help chachi. She was busy in the kitchen and chachu was sitting at the counter. so I went to the kitchen said her Good morning. She wished me back and asked me how my sleep was and I said it was good. She then went back to work. it was a busy day for her and she has to handle the whole work alone. I helped her maximum as I can and whole the time I was trough I was trying to be closer to her and feel her soft skin.
At night she came and slept by my side. I was very afraid of touching her body because as she was very conservative I don’t know how she will react. So I controlled my feelings and slept like a good boy. Two days passed like this, I controlled my feelings by watching her changing and I masturbated thinking about that day when I fuck her.
It was on the third day ‘kamdev’ came into my life as my chachu. It was in the noon chachi was complaining to him that she is feeling very tiered with the work and she is having serious body pain in the morning. Then chachu said her to have an oil massage from Manu ( it’s my pet name ) before she sleeps. Those words felt like a boon given to me to feel her. But she refused it. I was disappointed. It was like offering biryani to a hungry man and not giving it.
At night I didn’t wait for chachi and started sleeping. After some time chachi came near and asked me ‘urangiyo? ’ (are u asleep?). I opened my eyes and asked her ‘enthu patti?’ (What happened?). She asked me ‘manu ninak ee enna onnu thechu tharamo?’ (Would you mind to apply this oil?).This was the opportunity I was waiting for these two days and I said no problem. She gave the oil to me and removed the sari and lay on the bed. She was lay on her stomach and I started to apply oil on her back portion between the blouse and the under skirt. Her skin was smooth like velvet cloth. I was trying very hard to control my erection not to make contact with her body. she was feeling very relaxed so I took the next step and said to her if you apply it on the upper back it will be more effective. she started thinking for some time and said ok.
She rose from the bed and removed her blouse and again lay on the bed without giving me any chance to have a glance of her front. She was wearing a black bra which was looking very sexy on her. I again started massaging. After sometime I told her ‘ee bra…’. She was feeling really well so she said ‘koluth edutholu..’(You can remove the knuckles…). I removed the knuckles and started to massage. Now I know she is feeling good and so she is cooperating. Now I got the courage and I told the oil is spreading to her under skirt and it will damage it. She said no need of that am feeling good and am going to take a bath. So I stopped massaging with a heavy heart. She rose from the bed wrapped her whole body with the sari and went to bath. I took my cock out of my boxers; it was wet with pre cum. I masturbated and started sleeping. After some time chachi came and slept by my side and she said thank you to me for the massage. I said there no need of any formalities I am like her son and we slept.
Next morning when I woke up chachi was gone to the shop. I ran to the bathroom had a quick bath and went to the shop. There I saw chachi; she was looking very cheerful. I said her good morning, she wished me back with a sweet smile. She was very active whole day. I was waiting for the night to come.
At last my waiting ended and I went to the room after the dinner and started playing mobile games. Chachi came to room after some time with the oil bowl. She handed me the bowl and started undressing for the massage. She was facing to the opposite side so only her back portion was presented for me. She removed sari, then removed the blouse and lay on the bed. I sat by her side and said ‘chachi bra…’ she said ‘ok’ and I removed the knuckles. I was going to start the massage chachi said ‘paavada kurachu thazthiyekku… ’ (please pull the under skirt a little lower..). I was star struck what am I hearing. I felt really confident that she is feeling comfortable with me. I untied the knot of the under skirt and pulled it down for making me easier to pull it down chachi lifted her body a little up from the bed. I pulled the under skirt up to the waist band of the panties and tied the knot there. Then I started massaging. She closed her eyes and she was enjoying the massage. I massaged her lower back then to upper back and then I started massaging her shoulder. The straps of the bra were annoying me so I pulled it a little sideways. Chachi opened her eyes and asked me ‘straps maattano..?’ (Do you want to remove the straps..?). I said yes, it’s annoying. She rose a little from the bed and removed the straps from the shoulders. At that time my eyes were feasted with a nice side view of her big boobs. She again lay on the bed and the sides of her massive boobs were bulging out. It was uncontrollable and I cummed inside my pants. I started to massage her shoulder and while I was massaging her upper back I touched the sides of her boobs and I was acting like it’s part of massaging. I noticed the changes on her face when I am touching the boobs, that was the happiest moment in my life, she is being aroused.
I was controlling myself ‘don’t take any chances, wait, wait..’. After massaging she covered the upper portion of her body and rose from the bed. Suddenly the under skirt fell down from her waist reviling her panty covered cunt and ass and the sexy thighs just a few centimetres in front of my eyes. It was an awesome sight, the pubic hair that was protruding out from the side of the panty made me horny. It lasted for some second and both of us were not able to understand what is happened. Suddenly we came into sense and I pulled the petticoat up and she grabbed it and went to the bathroom. I masturbated in my pants and removed it and wore a lungi and lay on the bed. Chachi came to the room after her bath and were feeling shy to look at each other. Before sleeping I reminded myself that don’t sleep till the sun to rise and miss the morning session. But that night I was not able to sleep, I woke up very early and waited for chachi to get up and go for the bath.
Around 5:30 chachi got up and went to bath. I watched the whole oiling session through the gap between the doors and after that I went to bed. Due to the morning session and the effect of last night my erection was a little bigger and I was not able to control it. Chachi came to the room after bathing and started wearing sari. She was looking at me while she was dressing. I got afraid ‘did she know that I am awake’. Suddenly the truth hit my mind she is looking at my erection as am wearing lungi it’s clearly seen through it. I continued to be sleeping till she left the room. Now I was fully understood that she is aroused. I went to the shop after bath. That day we didn’t talk much, because she was feeling shy seeing me. I waited for the night. She came to the room without the oil and I was surprised but didn’t show and didn’t ask anything and started sleeping. She also didn’t say anything and started sleeping. I was not able to sleep, lots of questions were running through my mind.
I waited for the morning without sleeping refreshing my memories with chachi. In the morning chachi got up and looked at me. I pretended to be sleeping. She looked at my erection and I was the light in her eyes. She sat there for some time looking at my tool and then she went to bath. I watched the full oiling session and went back to the bed waiting for chachi to come. I didn’t masturbate to give full strength to my erection. She came to the room and started the dressing looking at my erection the whole time. Then she went to the shop. I was happy that she likes to have sex with me and at the same time she is keeping a distance from me. I decided to break the silence between us and I went to shop. I started to talk with chachi and helping her and slowly her shyness was gone. She was comfortable with me. I didn’t ask her why she didn’t take the oil massage yesterday. And waited for night to come and after dinner and went to the room and started playing with the mobile.
As I wished chachi came to the room with oil and said she is feeling tired please apply the oil. I said ok and she gave me the oil and started undressing. She started undressing giving me a partial side view. She removed her sari and started removing her blouse. She was wearing a white bra and it was not enough to hold her massive boobs which are trying to become free. The deep cleavage in the bra was a pleasure to my eyes. The mangalsutra that trapped between the boobs increased its beauty. She herself removed the bra’s knuckles and actual size of the boobs was known. With one hand she held the bra and with the other hand she removed the straps from the shoulders giving me a nice view of the sides of those milky white boobs. She lay on the bed as usual and I started massaging. While massaging she reminded me ‘paavada..’(the under skirt..). I removed the knot and pulled it down when she lifted her body. A surprise was waiting under it ‘she was not wearing panties’. The upper portion of her ass was reviled in front of me.
I started massaging for her shoulders and slowly moved down. She closed her eyes and she was enjoying it. When I was massaging her lower back I extended it to the hips. There was no resistance from her so I slowly moved my hands to the sides of the boobs and I gently massaged it like I am massaging her upper back. I noticed that her facial expression started changing and she is now breathing heavily. I understood that she is waiting for me to move further. But I was not in any hurry because the whole night is remaining for us. I continued the massaging her back and slowly moved down to started massaging her lower back and pulled down the under skirt as part of the massaging and extended the massage to the white round bottom. Now she started to morn slightly this was the actual signal I was waiting for. Then I started to crush her ass cheeks her morns became louder. Then I moved towards her boobs, I entered my hands beneath her body and started squeezing her big boobs. The nipples were rock hard. Then I turned her and made her lay on her back. Now the big white breasts are in front of me. The brownish areola and stiff nipples increased the beauty of her breasts. Then I started to squeeze her breasts softly. Then I placed both my knees on the either side of her hips and my hard cock was touching her belly button. I took the right breast in my mouth continued to squeeze the other with my right hand. I licked the areola, slightly bite on the nipples and I licked and teased her teats with my teeth and tongue. I did the same with the other one.
When I looked at her face her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips. Then I placed my lips on her and parted it with my tongue and started to enjoy her juicy lips on by one. Initially she was not reacting and as I continued to kiss and squeeze she started responding to my kiss and placed her hands around me and pulled me closer to me. She loved this kind of foreplay. So I thought of extending this love game for some more time and continued to play with her tits and lips. Then I changed my position and sat on her side and started kissing and licking her sexy tummy. As I inserted my tongue in her navel her body slightly shivered and she held my hair firmly and I understood that she cummed. Then I moved my hand towards her pubic area and I found the course of hairs there. I touched her clitoris lightly with my fingers and her hips rose off the bed. I remained there playing with her clit and sucking at her navel and playing with her tits for a few minutes, letting her get accustom to these new sensations. Then I removed the under skirt completely and parted her legs to see the heaven hidden between her legs. It was filled with hairs and its was adding more beauty to her fat pussy. I kissed on it and licked the clitoris, suddenly she opened her eyes and pushed me away saying ‘entha ee kaanikkune athu cheetha sthalamaa..’ (what are you doing it’s an ugly place..). I understood that I am the first person playing with the pussy. So I said to her it’s the sweetest spot in the whole world and continued to play with her pussy lips and clitoris.
She was trying to push me away at first and then she started to enjoy it and pulled my head closer to her pussy. Then I inserted my middle finger into her vagina and started to finger fuck her. She raised her hips from the bed and I understood that she is going to cum so I replaced my finger with my tongue and stared to play with her firm tits. Her juices flow to my mouth and I drunk each and every drop of it. It felt as honey to me Then I made her to sit on the bed and removed my lungi and boxers. My fully erect penis covered with the pre-cum was bobbing in front of her face. She ran her fingers over it and said ‘ithu nalla valuthanallo..’ (it’s really big…). I said her to take it in her mouth and she refused saying that she had never done it before. I asked her are you having the same experience of sexual pleasure with me all this time. She nodded her head and I said this is also one of it. I inserted my fingers into her dark hair and pulled her head towards my penis. I instructed her take the head in your mouth and suck on it. She first hesitated and then clamped her lips firmly around the crown of my cock and sucked hard and said ‘kuzhappamilla..’ (it’s not bad..). Her heavy breasts swayed gently as she sucked my cock. She held her hands around my hips and started to squeeze and crush my ass cheeks. When I began to come she moved her head away but I held her head firmly and said to drink it. She obeyed me like a good wife and swallowed my cum. I again laid her down on the bed and kissed her mouth and face and we exchanged the tastes of our juices. Chachi’s both hands were on my face pulling me towards her and she made sure that this kiss lasted very long time. Finally I broke the kiss as I was choking, to get some air.
I said her that we are now going to the next level. I just got on her top and she spread her legs to give me a quick access into her pussy. She guided my full hard cock with her right hand from under her thigh and placed it on her pussy lips. I said her this is going to be the sweetest and hottest moment in your life and I kissed on her lips and I pushed my cock slowly into her cunt after it went half inside, I took it out again and then again pushed it. She put her hands around my body and holds my shoulders tightly. I began to increase my speed even though I was a virgin; I knew how to fuck a lady, as I have watched that in porn a million times. Soon I was fucking her with great speed and she was moaning in ecstasy. Her legs were wrapped around my ass and I was getting aroused by moans and felt like I was to explode anytime. I tried to control a lot but finally after ten minutes of banging my chachi. I fucked her bruising hard till I erupted deep inside her cunt and I lay on her side. she kissed me on my fore head and said it was the most beautiful moment in my life. I pulled her to me and hugged her hard pressing her boobs into my chest, it’s not over yet we have a lot of time to enjoying the pleasure and we have many positions to try and we slept that night covering our nude body with each other’s arm…!