While sailing to England from my home, a sugar cane plantation in the Caribbean, my ship was attacked by pirates and I was taken captive. I was first sodomized by the pirate captain and then lashed to a canon and taken at will by the crew. I was forced to endure every man's cock in my bum and mouth, and left without toilet.

The only condolence was that my virginity had been made strictly taboo. As rough, vulgar, and crude as the pirates were, they obeyed orders to the letter for fear of their own torture and death.

At first I had hoped to be ransomed back to my wealthy family, but I learned that it was not to be. It was too risky, almost certain capture to attempt a trade of money for a hostage, when the market offered cash and no troubles.

We sailed for two weeks, and made port somewhere in what I concluded was Brazil. Before we landed, I was washed with water and harsh brushes, the kind used to scrub the decks. Then I was wrapped in a blanket and taken to a place called the Fish Lodge.

The Fish Lodge was a foul place, where men were sold as slaves and women to the brothels. The women were displayed stark naked, in public auction. Sebastian, the cruel foreman of the lodge, would grope the poor girls all over their naked bodies, lifting and cupping their breasts, swatting their stomachs, and showing the crowd the most intimate details. He turns one girl away from the crowd and parts her soft buttocks. "Take a look as this pretty little pooper," he said. "The wench was hidding it all to herself under these soft pillows... it's tight and juicy, good for years of service to the wise buyer...."

Strange men step up to the girl and take turns pinching, poking, and inspecting her. But I am not put onto the auction stand. Rather, a special arrangement has been made to give a private showing to the Madame of the largest and most infamous brothel in Rio, Mme de Treval.

I am surprised that she is not Braziallian, but apparently French. She is assisted by anther french woman who comands me to lift up my arm."Madame wants a good look at you..."

"Mmmm ... not bad at all. She's young and of good blood. We can get a premium price and a good few years' service out of her..."

"She's too thin, Mme."

"Yes, perhaps," said the Madame. "But her flower brings us good fortune."

To be continued.....