Bhabhi ke sath train me honeymoon manaya

Hi myself Neil from bang lore. Let me describe my bhabhi, Nikki first. She is a beautiful woman by all standards. Her complexion is very fair; she has sharp facial features with magical eyes that are full of expression. She has a head-full of thick, curly black hairs that reach down to her shoulders and which she normally parts in the middle. A thin line of red sindur is applied on this parting, indicating her marital status. She is around 5’ and 6” tall and is slim built. But my word what other endowments has she been blessed with. Her breasts are round and sexy just like Paris Hilton and they appear firm and my guess that her bra size must not be less than 34". Her tummy is well tucked in and she has no flab at all. Her two buttocks are round and sexy. By all standards her vital statistics should be at least 34-26-35.She likes wearing tight fitting clothes like tight jeans or slacks and tops or skirt and tops. Mostly she wears chiffon sarees with sexy blouses. This is a real story about my sexual encounter with my bhabhi. My Bhabi has a good figure with smoothly toned skin. She makes me hot at the very moment I see her. She has lust in her eyes. She married my brother but was never happy with him due to his male attitude problem.

She used to talk with me as I am happy going natured person. She used to be with me whenever brother was not around. She liked my company. Slowly and slowly I was getting near towards her. I too liked her company and I was seduced by her charms. She used to wear clothes in such a manner that made me hot. I every time tried to see her nipples from the gapping of blouse. In nights when she changed into nighties I would silently adore her. My brother has a retail shop and he would be busy with the same whole day. Due to the nature of job he had a very narrow mind and was very conservative.
On the other side I being in manufacturing line was much more open and jolly type. I was being infatuated by my sexy bhabhi. We had sexual relation with each other. I was not married then. I enjoyed having sex with her whenever brother was not there. We even had sex in our car. My bhabhi is a very good cocksucker. She used to suck me whenever she got chance and I used to lick her soft pussy which had pubic hairs on it. Time went on I got married and there was a pause in our relationship. My bhabhi gave birth to one child and even after that maintained her figure. I can even say that after pregnancy her figure became sexier. I to had a child from my wife. But all of these 3-4 years I was missing my bhabi. So again I was dying to have sex with my sexy bhabi. My bhabi had to go to her mothers place.

I managed to be with her. In train I booked first ac coach. I went with her early in the morning. Her kids were along with her and more over my bhabi was making me crazy by not allowing to do anything. It was just that I was holding her beautiful hands and was pressing them in hope that she will join me. The kid didn’t gave me any chance to be take any risk. We reached her mothers place. And I went to my work. In the afternoon I again requested my bhabi to come along with me alone leaving the kids at home to which she agreed. I knew she was also wanting to have sex with me but was teasing me to make me crazy. I took her along with me to a 5star hotel and booked a room. We both went to the room. She started behaving like innocent and asked me why I brought her there in the hotel. I said I want sex with her and started kissing her. She too kissed me but started pushing me back saying we are not doing the right thing. I didn’t want to angry her so I left saying we will do only when u say.

We returned the same day to our home in the same Ac coach. I holded her hands all the way and was trying to seduce her. At home whenever we met I used to touch her here and there by my hands too which she didn’t objected. My desire for having sex with her was increasing day by day. I just wanted to fuck her and to rub her sexy brown nipples along with her cunt. She too was enjoying teasing me. A month passed and there was no headway. In the meantime I bought her a mobile so that I can be in touch with her. As time was passing I was getting desperate to have sex with her. In my dreams I had only her. I could imagine her in all positions with me and masturbated thinking of her. I was waiting for the lady luck to be with me so that I can enjoy with her. God listened to my prayers as my bhabhi had to visit her mothers place in week’s time on Saturday and had to return on the same day. She planned to go alone as she had to visit a doctor. I made my plans in advance of going to Delhi a week before and to reach her mothers town back on Saturday. The day I was going to Delhi by flight I saw her accidentally in bathroom in her black panties and her wardrobe was above her waists. With her sexy view I went to Delhi for my work and kept contact with her on her mobile. I told her she was the sexiest girl I have ever seen. I told her current passed through my body when I saw her in black panties. She used to enjoy talking dirty with me.

On Saturday she went to her mothers place and I flew back from Delhi to her mother’s town. As planned I met her at chamber of doctor she was supposed to visit. From there we went to the mall for some shopping. All the time I was trying to seduce her. I was touching her hands; I was stroking her thighs from above her chiffon saree. At the mall I made her buy tight jeans and salwar suits. She was in great spirits that day and was enjoying my togetherness tremendously. I was whispering to her to show me the fitting of the jeans and suits purchased. We were ruining out of time and had to move towards station for coming back to home. It started raining. We somehow managed to reach station in the taxi. By the time she was also getting closer to me by reciprocating by rubbing my hands. We reached in our AC coach. It was first class and only two seats for two of us. It was a coupe. We took pillows and covers from the attendant and said him not to disturb. As the train started I started making my moves. I touched her hands and then touched her breasts from above of her chiffon saree. She asked me what I want and I said I want to have sex with u I want to revive our relationship. She said I can do what ever I want. I stared kissing her on her lips to which she responded immediately and locked ourselves in a deep smooch for over five minutes. We both were exploring each other mouth with the tongue and I was pressing her round boobs from my hand. She was moaning in pleasure with the touch of my hand and she was pushing herself towards me to let me feel her silky body.

Then suddenly she got up and removed her saree and blouse along with the petty coat and started trying the salwar suits purchased and asked me how she was looking. I said u are looking damn sexy and smooched her again. I lifted her in my hands so that she could see herself in the mirror. After trying all the suits see put her tight jeans only with her silky bra which were holding her breasts which were struggling to get out. I started rubbing her breasts and nipples and removed her bra and I was kissing her all the way on her lips, neck, nipples, breasts her stomach. I was going mad. She started rubbing her hand on my penis from above my jeans. I was getting excited by mere touch of her. She was looking real hot and was ready to give the pleasure of my lifetime. I was busy sucking her nice tits one by one and was pressing the other one by my hand and at the same time I was rubbing her pussy from the top of the jeans. She was making sexy sounds which were making me crazier. She was pushing her breasts in my mouth and was holding my head tightly on her breasts. Slowly I went lower to her navel point and started licking it and removed her tight jeans with her panties.

She was fully naked before me. Her pussy was clean shaved. It was my first time to her pussy bare without any hairs on it. This view made me feel thirsty for the juices. I straight went below and started licking the pussy and also at the same time I was fingering her cunt. I was touching her g spot with my tongue and was putting my figures deep into her vagina. The deep I went into her vagina the more ohm aloof she was doing. She was enjoying my licking and started pushing her pussy in my mouth. My bhabi was fully aroused and was holding my head with her both hands and was pushing my head between her two legs and was making erotic sounds which were taking me feeling like in paradise. The aroma of her pussy was driving me nuts and I was eating her pussy with full passion. Never before in my life had I enjoyed licking pussy so much. The movement of her thighs at the touch of my tongue was sending shivers down my body and my dick was erected. My bhabi has a magical powers and she enjoys foreplay to the fullest. She was enjoying it. I licked her anus also at the same time. Her skin is too soft and toned that one cannot take his eyes away. My mouth and tongue began tasting and stimulating her flesh, all around the tit; around the nipple and underneath the little mound of flesh; over and around the aureole. I was also talking on her flesh, in between my kisses and mine licks, "Baby you're so good. Mmmmm, so delicious. I gonna taste you baby. I've been wanting to taste you for so long."

“She was pushing harder at my head. She wanted my mouth on her, to bring her to the heights of pleasure. Nikki thrust her hips violently upward to meet the object of her pleasure and her hands clutched fiercely at the back of my head, pushing me into her. Her body was on fire as my hands and mouth worked her young body to a fever pitch. She felt spasms shooting through her. "Neil oooohhhh my oooohh." Her body was involuntarily fucking up at my face and hands, and I had all I could do to keep my mouth glued up into her as I sucked up all of her goodness. Our mouths worked in desperation upon each other. Our hands were clutching and suddenly my prick reached the entrance of her pussy's hole. As the tip pushed past the soft moistened pussy lips Nikki gasped. Her mouth opened wider still, engulfing my tongue as saliva passed freely and frantically between us. I was too far-gone to be nice. With all of my power I thrust fiercely, entering deep into my bhabhi's womb. I then felt the resistance in her cunt and slowly and steadily pushed with all my force to gain access to the inner grounds of her cunt.
"aaaaa nnnnnngggggghhh" she shrieked.

Nikki hand went down between us and touched her cunt and my prick, she could feel lots of moist feeling on her fingers, she brought her hand up to look and saw it filled with cum. "Ohhhhhh nnnnnngggggg." my bhabhi's cunt was causing me the most magnificent feeling of pleasure that I had ever experienced. Again I thrust deep into her and I felt her hot legs grab around mine as she grunted and pushed herself up to meet me. "Fuck me devar, do me, its good gooood ohhhh you're in me I feel ooooo" my hands had moved under her shoulders and mine body began pounding into her. My bhabhi was hotly meeting thrust for thrust as her mind and body were imploding. Suddenly Nikki's hands moved from mine head and grabbed at mine lower back with all of the force that she could muster, as she continued fucking and writhing beneath him. Her cunt muscles seemed to swallow me deep into her and clutch mine cock in a grip. I was about to cum and I had to pull out. "Ohhhh baby I have to stop. I'm gonna cum." Then every ounce of power that she had was holding me into her. Our mouths parted. I couldn't believe the wild frenetic uttering’s coming from within my bhabhi. I was pounding deep within her and my cock began shooting in forceful spurts into my bhabhi's wild cunt. Her legs and arms clutched tightly around me.

"Meeeee oooooooo oh Neil yeah!"

"Cummmmm ooooooooo," I faded.

Finally her muscles relaxed as my last draining drops squeezed out into her. I then collapsed softly upon mine bhabhi's sweat-laden body as we both struggled to catch our breaths. After a couple of minutes me managed to whisper, "You were great bhabhi. Really great."

"You too... Wow." she said

Nikki closed her eyes and tried to relax herself back to normalcy. As she lay there somewhere in the back of her mind she dreamt about herself and Neil.

We both were enjoying. My bhabi was getting hornier again and she was in full mood in enjoying incest with me. She took my dick in her hand and started fondling it. She plays with the dick in a very romantic way. She started jerking mine dick and then she started sucking me. Oh my god I was in the seventh sky. I was controlling myself as I was about to explode. I took her by her hairs and started pressing her head and started mouth fucking her. She was sucking my shaft and at the same time was fondling my balls and was putting her fingers in my anus. I was enjoying. I was screaming she took my balls in her mouth and sucked them. It was becoming impossible for me to control my self. I was caressing her breasts her erected brown tits. I was rubbing my hands on her face her lips. With both hands I was pressing her boobs. And all of a sudden I exploded my cum on her face. Nikki cleaned my dick and started sucking it again. She was trying to take almost pleasure in the 3 hour train journey. I was standing up and she was sucking my dick. I was pressing her tits with my hands. Nikki is very much experienced in fondling the dick. I got an erection within five minutes and was willing to fuck her. But Nikki came on my top and guided my penis into her vagina and started humping on me. Her pussy is so much tight that it was holding my dick from muscles of her pussy. I was pressing her boobs and was sucking her nipples and was biting them with my teeth’s.

She was also smooching me in between. We both were enjoying French kiss. She was pumping me harder and I was pressing her buttocks and was putting my finger in her back hole. She was increasing her speed and was making sexy sounds ohhhhhhh aahhhhhh and all that. We both did in standing position. Then came the jerks of the lifetime. She made me sit on the seat and she stood up and held the rope of the upper breath and took my penis in her vagina and started pumping my dick vigorously. She was master at sex and was making out full of the time and was enjoying, her face was glowing in reddish color. She made me come inside her as she reached the orgasm. After that we sat for few minutes fully naked. I was rubbing her back and she was fondling my dick. She again sucked me and put my penis in between her boobs. Then she smooched me for fifteen minutes. She masturbated me along with sucking my nipples. We both enjoyed till we reached our station. Now I am in mad love with her. And she also cooperates with me when ever we get chance.