Apni mastani bhabhi ke mastane jism ka anand liya

Hi.. My name is Vijay 25 yrs old. This happened last year in May. We live in Mumbai since years and usually relatives visit our home. But a visit that was more pleasurable happened last year.

Well I had just finished my graduation that year, and searching for a job as well as planning for higher studies. So being season for marriages one day morning some relatives visited us. Of course with them was my cousin & his beautiful village wife, Geeta (name changed), well to describe her she is a traditional village girl, but white beauty with perfect figure to get a hard on, with medium sized boobs & butt. The whole day went in talks and time pass.

They had come for a marriage of their friend and attended it the next day. Well my cousin had some work in another state they decided to return the next morning, but my family insisted them to stay another day. But due to some urgent work my cousin decided he will go & let his beautiful wife stay for couple of days here, and return after a week again. Well my cousin left next morning and the day went as usual also I went for enquire for my higher studies.

The story started when the next day my parents had a call from my uncle to visit them as they wanted to discuss something with them, they asked Geeta to come along, but she insisted on staying home, as the place was far from our home.

I was out the early morning with my friends, so I came home and asked Geeta about parents, she said they had gone to uncles place. Always excited to see my cousins sexy wife, I thought this is the chance to fuck her like hell today.  So initially I sat opp to her and started talking about her life and village and other things, we were very frank since beginnings, also we discussed on my life etc.

After about an hr, I said l’ll take a nap for some time, you do get me up for lunch in afternoon, which she agreed. ( well this was what I planned) well about an 30 mins later she came to my room to wake me up, but I was desperately not getting up & showing as I was in deep sleep. And she was repeatedly trying to wake me up, so meanwhile & hold her hand as in sleep & called my girlfriends name (as planned) & pulled her on bed,  and she was struggling and I got up in shock & explained as It all happened by mistake in sleep as I was missing my girlfriend. So Geeta quietly left my room saying it’s ok and called me for lunch. So I freshened up and had we were having lunch, while so initially she was avoiding eye contact as she was feeling shy, but later on I started conversation, then she asked me about my girlfriend and I said she is out for vacations with her family etc. And she was like very shy and smiling all the time later while talking. So I thought this is the opportunity to seduce her as she is not annoyed by my actions.

After having lunch, she started to gather all the utensils and clean the table, and I called her to watch sight of birds sitting opposite our big window. So she came and watched with joy, and I thought to use this opportunity to seduce her, I quickly moved from sideways to her back touching myself to her and instantly grabbed her lightly from behind. My penis was hard as soon as touching her ass, and she was shocked and quiet, I took it as green signal and slowly moved my hands upwards to her boobs and lightly moving my hands over her boobs on blouse and kissed her on her neck and ears. She moaned and was enjoying the foreplay. And later I shifted her towards me and gave a passionate kiss on her lips and biting on her lips and kissing her neck and moving my hand over her ass. She was now fully aroused and no chance she could resisted me.

I quickly moved her to bedroom, where I laid her to bed and again started kissing her beautiful pink lips and slowly started removing her saree. Now she started feeling scared if anyone knows or what and if she gets pregnant etc. I assured her no one will know and I will use a condom, which she agreed after a gap, and i started caressing her boobs and started to unbutton her blouse and kissing her boobs, she was not wearing a bra to my surprise which gave direct access to her beautiful boobs medium sized with pinkish nipples, man I was mad looking at them. I started kissing her boobs & pressing other boob with my hand. I played with them for some time, and moved to her nipples which were straight and hard by now, I took one nipple and started sucking slowly and steadily which made her mad and she might not have experienced. She was moving like anything and had a orgasm by my slow sucking of her both whitish boobs & pink nipples and I was too happy to suck on them and I admired her for having such a beauty.

I then asked her to remove her rest of clothes, well I searched on condoms and put on one, and she was ready & I asked her to suck on it. Initially she hesitated but after insisting she tried and put my hard penis in her mouth, and she liked the taste because I used a flavored condom and she sucked on for minutes. Then without wasting any time I asked her to go doggy style and I prepared to stroke her pussy, within min I started slowly stroking her wet pussy and increased my speed and simultaneously pressing her boobs and nipples. She was damn happy as seen from her expression. She was enjoying it. After 10 mins, Then I had a lubricant  which I applied heavily on her ass and my condom and slowly slid in her ass, which she responded not to, but I gone through slowly so she doesn’t get pain, as I didn’t want to miss fucking her ass. And after making her comfortable, I started stroking her ass and wow it was fun as it was tight and I was enjoying fucking this beauty. Continued for some minutes, I lay down on bed and asked her to go in cowgirl style and she did the rest and after about 20 mins of fucking I released my semen on her stomach. And we laid back on bed for some rest.  What a wonderful experience and this was a best secret we kept and enjoyed whenever possible.