Apni kacchi kali kamsin behan ko pata kar uski choot ka udghatan kiya aur use taaja ras se bhara phool banaya

My trip to kerala was the best thing that could ever happen to me. Our village was around 100 kms from the
city. It was a real village with about just 25 houses. My grandmother and my uncle were staying there. There were no television no cinemas nothing and no entertainment. The minute we stepped from the bus my grandmother who was deeply orthodox got wild when we she saw my sister in salwar kameez . It was made very clear to my sister that till the day she was going stay in village she should wear the traditional dress of blouse and mundu (the dhoti which women wear round the waist). Next day when I saw my sister in that dress I almost ejaculated. She was only wearing blouse (with no bra) and mundu. My sisters tits were straining against the fabric of the blouse and the nipples were protruding from them. The boobs were jiggling when she was walking and Mundu which was worn below the navel revealed the creamy navel. If the navel was so beautiful one could imagine how beautiful the cunt would be. I wanted to fuck my sister then and there in front of my mother. My sister could sense my feeling and she went red. I could do nothing but move away from there. In our village there were no boys of my age and there were 2-3 girls of our age. In the after noon it was just playing with them. In our group there was a girl parvati who though slim and had small breasts, showed lots of interest in me. Whenever we used to play I used to touch her arse. She had the best arse and whenever I had the opportunity I touched them. I remembered Sunder fucking my elder sister from behind and I wanted to desperately to do the same to Paro. Veena my younger sister was fully aware of my attraction to Paro and started teasing me. For you any girl would do? Is it na? She used to say. Be careful otherwise these villagers would kill you.

In my house every day Toddy (country liquor) would be delivered at around 6 PM in big pot by the village toddy shop owner. The man used to keep it in verandah and take the pot the next morning. My uncle who was very fond of me used to keep 1 glass in the pot and take the rest away for himself and my father. I used to consume the same on the sly. Toddy gives you good kick more than that it gives you a huge erection. In our village it was common for both and women to consume toddy before having sex. The men used to fuck the women upside down after consuming toddy. One day when I was consuming toddy in the backyard suddenly Paro appeared from nowhere. I know you are consuming toddy and I am going to tell your grand mother and was about to go. I caught of her hand and pulled her. She lost her balance and fell on me. I caught her, semi darkness, alcohol and arse made me an animal. I just kissed her on the month which she resisted at first and started responding after sometime. I put my tongue inside here mouth and rubbing the roof of her mouth. Paro started sucking my tongue. We kissed for about 15 minutes and I was feeling her arse. I turned her and started pressing my penis against her arse at the same time I was pressing her boobs and was kissing the nape of neck and biting and nibbling her. Paro was getting hotter and hotter. I had to do something. I removed my Dhoti and gave her my penis in her hand. She started massaging it. We were doing all this while we were standing since our backyard was muddy. I made her kneel down and shoved my erect penis inside her mouth. Paro was a lovely cock sucker. She slowly pulled back the foreskin and started sucking the cockhead. She just took the cockhead in her mouth and started nibbling it. I was going mad and pulled head towards me. She almost chocked on my cock. The tempo of sucking increased. Now both of us were rocking back and forth in perfect rhythm. In about 15 minutes time I came and I came so heavily that here mouth was full of my cream. From my house I could hear the voice of my grand mother telling my sister to call me for dinner. I told Paro that tomorrow at the same time you come to the terrace so that we could enjoy in peace. As we were walking towards the house my sister came and she could sense something. Where were you both and what have you been doing? Playing marbles in the dark ? She asked and started laughing.

My self and my sister as usual were sleeping the terrace. It was dark I did not get sleep. I was waiting for my opportunity to fuck Parvati. I desperately wanted to shove my penis inside her arse. My sister was sleeping peacefully and her breast was rising and falling steadily in the dark. I started imagining how it will be to fuck her. In the process I had erection and started masturbating again. Tired of the number of time I came I slept. Next day I was tense throughout the day. Paro came played with me I touched her everything happened as usual. It was getting dark, my uncle took his share of toddy and leaving back mine. On that day my uncle far more than what used to my share of one glass. I was almost two glasses. I drank in haste. I was sitting in the swing and swinging. It was almost dark. At this time my grandmother told Paro go to the terrace pick up the entire dry clothes fold it and then you can go home. I waited for my grandmother to go to the kitchen. After 10-15 minutes I crept up to the terrace on the sly. It was dark there was girl who was pulling the down the cloth from the rope and folding it and keeping it down. The alcohol made me slightly unsteady, my erection was huge and I was desperate for a fuck. I crept behind the girl on the sly and caught hold of her boobs from the behind and lifted her in the air. For split second I was in heaven and then the girl shrieked. Horror of horror it was not Paro but my sister. My force was so great that all the hooks of the blouse came out and tits of my sister were fully visible. My sister was shaking and tears were flowing from her cheeks. I was numb with Fear. My sister ran down covering her tits with her hand. I urinated in my dhoti in fear. I was waiting for my mother and father to come up and bash me up. Even after half and hour nobody came up. At last I went to my grand mother’s room and slept near her. At around my 11 my grand mother woke me up and told me to go up and sleep in the terrace. It was absolutely dark in the terrace and my sister was sleeping peacefully. She had put a mat and pillow for me near her. Quietly I went and slept near her. My fear did not allow me to sleep and I was twisting and turning. My sister accidentally turned and my leg hit her leg. She got up and seeing me she started howling and crying. Afraid that other in the house may wakeup, I immediately fell at her feet, clutching her feet my fear made me cry. I was weeping and begging her not to tell my mother. My tears moved her and she hugged me. I told her I am sorry and thought that it was Paro. She immediately cooled down. So this is what you two were up to. You idiot, if you had any such plan why do not you go to the backyard or to the pond where she goes everyday for washing clothes. Tomorrow I will tell you when she goes to the pond for washing. I requested her not to tell my mother. She promised me the same and hugged me. I was instantly relieved, from fear It was sheer relief but sleep would not come. I was still twisting and turning. My sister sensed that I was not sleeping. She hugged me and told me do not worry I will not tell any body. Saying this she hugged fully and put legs on me. My sister was almost sleeping on me. I could feel the softness of her breast. My sister was only wearing a blouse and there was no bra inside. I was again getting erect. Initially I was afraid to hug her and I was getting hotter and hotter. After 10 or 15 minutes I also hugged her. Now the full breast on me chest. After sometime my sister turned in her sleep. Now my hand which was on the back was her breast. In fact I had one full boob of my sister in my hand. Since she was wearing no bra I could almost feel the breast the nipple and everything. My penis was on her arse. My sister was also not wearing panties. I removed my penis from the dhoti and placed in parting of the arse. It was sheer heaven. I started and pressing and releasing the pressure. All the time I was holding breast of my sister. After 10 minutes of rocking I came so heavily that the entire arse of my sister was wet. I did not when I slept. When I woke up the next morning it was 10 ‘O” clock. The sun was on my face. My dhoti was full of my cum. I remembered what I did the day before. Again there was fear in me. When I came down I could see my sister sweeping the floor. Quiet bit of boobs were visible immediately I started getting erection. However, when she saw me she smiled at me innocently. I was relieved that she did not know what I did to her yesterday night.

There was bad news waiting for me. Paro did not come to our house the next day and day next to her. She was having Typhoid. Probably my juice did not suit her. My only source of relief was my sister. I asked my sister several times why paro was not coming. I even wanted to visit her house. My sister told me to have patience and laughingly said you are aware how your impatience landed you in trouble. In this process we became very very close. All throughout the day we were together. We were also getting physical in the process. Night was altogether different story. Since no one was there in the terrace except for me and my sister I started hugging and sleeping when she was asleep. Moreover Kerala used to be hot but as the night progressed it used to get colder. My sister started enjoying my hugs. Once my sister was asleep I started fondling her breasts. As days progressed my fear also became less and less. I never missed an opportunity to bugger my sister. One day my sister was wearing a blouse which had press button. Since the blouse was very tight in her sleep already of the buttons from down was open. All that I had to do was just pull at the top and the other two also opened up. Now my Sister’s full breast were visible. I just kept my face between them and pressed my penis on her cunt. It was heaven. Every day I was becoming bolder and bolder. I was touching fondling and licking her breast every night in the dark. During the day both of us acted as if nothing had happened in the night. We were getting bolder and bolder in our talks also. I desperately wanted to fuck veena. But the problem how to start it. I also knew we just needed a spark. I knew there would be a fire which no one of us was capable of extinguishing. Just that happened one day,In our house the toilet and bathroom was far away in the backyard. It was almost five minutes walk. Moreover one had to fill the bucket of water in the bathroom as toilet did not have a tap. The entry to toilet was through the bathroom. Everyday morning I used to get up and go directly to the toilet for a big shit. As usual on that lucky day I followed my routine. I had big shit and cleaned my arse with a single bucket of water which I had filled in. As I was wearing my dhoti again I felt like shitting and there was slight loose motion. In the meantime someone had opened the tap in the bathroom. I thought someone might have come for brushing of the teeth or washing the face. Moreover it was common in our village for people to go the temple in the morning and on the full moon and new moon day there used to be big pooja. After completing my shit I realized I did not have any water. Without thinking I opened the bathroom door. Sight I saw almost made me blind. 1000 volts of electricity passed through my body. My sister was standing naked and having her bath. Whatever I may have done in the dark, seeing my sister fully nude was the most beautiful sight in the whole world. My sister creamish skin was glowing. I have never seen breasts so beautiful, so full, and so firm. My sister’s nipples pinkish brown and fully erect because she poured water on them. It was fully erect and inviting me to come and suck it. My sister’s stomach was flat and belly sexy and inviting. My sister’s entire beauty was in her cunt. It was the most beautiful thing in the world. Her soft pubic hair was in perfect inverted triangle shape and just covering the cunt. The hair was sparse and not very thick which one often finds in many women. The thighs were plumpish and giving ample support to the cunt. Most important things were except in the armpit and cunt there was no hair anywhere.

All this just took one second. Seeing me from nowhere my sister shrieked. I also choked in fear and was about to open the door and run away. Just at this time my mother called from outside and asked my sister what happened. My sister caught hold of my hand and told my mother it is nothing just cockroach and said not to worry. My mother asked are you sure? She said you go. My mother said we all are going to the temple and you come fast as today’s pooja was special. She said okay and started pouring water from the bucket. On the one hand I was afraid on the other hand my cock erect. My sister peeped through the window and seeing my mother gone told me what are you looking, you donkey close your eyes and laughed. This made me bold. I told her since I have already seen you can I also take bath with you. Saying this I removed my dhoti. Seeing my huge erect cock she was surprised. I started pouring water on her and myself. I just hugged her and caught hold of her boobs. My dick was pressing her arse and I started kissing her. She started loving it. I opened the tap full and both of satdown beneath it. I Put my tongue inside her mouth and started sucking he tongue. My hands were holding both her breasts and pinching her nipples. Our kissing was becoming more and more passionate. I licked her nape of her neck her shoulder and moved to her armpit. The sweet smell of the armpit was intoxicating. I started licking her hair. My sister started moaning. Her breasts were inviting me. Come and drink my milk my brother she said and made me sleep on her lap and placed her nipple on my Mouth. I started sucking it like baby. I took her hand placed it on erect cock. My sister started toying it like a toy. She was peeling the foreskin and pulling it back. She squeezed my balls and pain was a real pleasure. You want to suck it sister I asked. I have never done it she said. Try it you would love it. Did you give it to Paro she asked? Laughing I pulled her head towards my penis. Initially she was hesitant. I guided her mouth over my penis and slowly pulled her head back. Initially my sister only took the cockhead inside her mouth. It took some time to get used to size of the cock. Slowly she was taking more and more inside her mouth. The speed also was increasing. Now she was holding the base of my cock and fucking me with her mouth. I was about to cum and stopped her. I made her sleep on the bathroom floor and parted her legs. I parted the pubic hair and slit was visible. It was reddish moist and inviting. I parted the lips of her cunt and clit started slowly peeping out. All cunts have a smell. It is a combination of urine, cunt juice and a musky smell. Good cunts have more musky smell than bad once. My sister’s cunt was the muskiest. I touched the clitoris with the tip of the tongue. I could sense shiver running though my sister. I started rotating the tongue in clockwise direction on the cunt and after sometime in the anti clockwise direction. Sister’s clitoris was fully erect and jutting out of her cunt. I could nibble it with my teeth. Veena was crying out loud. Lick it fast; bite it hard there, there only do it, do it. She was like a mad woman. She was literally pulling out my hair. I parted her leg fully and licked the whole cunt. My face was fully covered with cum. I started licking and drinking her cum. It was the tastiest and most delicious juice anyone could drink. I put my tongue inside her cunt. It so soft and smooth it was like jelly. My sister would have cum at least 3 times.

My sister caught hold of my penis and started rubbing it against her cunt. The rubbing was so vigorous that I found it difficult to control myself. I got up and started rubbing my penis against my sister’s cunt. After placing the cockhead on the hole I started slowly pushing it in. Since it was first time for my sister it refused to go in. I pulled it out again I placed it and pressed it. It went half inch inside I kept on increasing the pressure. My cock was half inside. MY sister was biting her lips in pain. I pulled my penis out a bit and gave it firm push. AAAAH slowly do it brother. Slowly do it. Again I pulled it out a little and this time I gave a firm push and My cock 80% inside and then the final push. Now I was riding my sister. My stroke was strong and brisk. I slept on my sister since military position is the best for the first time. My fucking was fast and hard. My sister found it hard to take it. My cock deep inside her and since it was thick it was fitting her cunt very very tightly. Her cunt was also sufficiently lubricated now and she was enjoying it thoroughly. She was lifting her hips to match my thrusts. Like railway pistons we were moving fast and furious. Her legs were wrapped round my waist, her mouth was locked with mine and her cunt locked my penis. It was sheer heaven. Fucking was fast furious and continued for 10 minutes and I came inside my sister. I literally flooded her cunt with my juice. After 10 minutes when I got up and removed the cock from my sister’s cunt there was a bit of blood on my cock. Little bit of blood was oozing from her cunt. I washed it with water and kissed her. My sister was tired. We sat under the water kissing and playing with each other.

My cock was again getting erect. Since my sisters cunt was hurting her a bit I thought of an idea. My sister had one of the best arses, large round and smooth and spongiest. I started fingering her arsehole. My sister was taken aback. What are you doing bhaiyya? She asked me. I told her there lot of other things which is more pleasurable. Like she said and I started fingering her arse. No, she said it Will hurt. Believe me I will do it so smoothly you will not even know about it. Just wait and see there won’t be anything. I made my sister on my lap and started kissing her. I was pressing her boobs. My sister was getting hot now. I made kneel down ( like a dog) and washed asshole with soap. Since her asshole was clean I started licking. The tickling feeling was enjoyable to her. I started putting my tongue inside the asshole. I pulled back my foreskin and placed penis against the hole and tried to enter her. It just refused to go in. Moreover my sister was feeling the pain. I remembered sunder’s advice while fucking from behind. Be gentle, be patient, slowly get the cockhead in and the rest is no problem and since asshole does not have any lubrication artificial lubrication is a must. I took the soap and generated good lather. I applied on sister;s asshole and slowly inside the asshole. My cock was covered with soap water. Now the going was bit smooth. With a little bit of pressure half an inch of cock went inside. I rested again I pushed little further it went in. My sister was in little bit of pain and was sweating. My pressure was increasing. Now three fourth of the cockhead was inside and one hard push the cockhead was inside. With little bit of pressure half the cock was inside. The balance went in inside smoothly. I was riding her smoothly now and she was also
enjoying it. We went on and on and on. I came and flooded my sister from behind. When I withdrew my cock from my sister’s arse she was dead tired. I bathed her and helped her to put her panties and blouse. After fully putting on her clothes she hugged me happily. On the same I deflowered my sister from the front and behind. When we came out of the bathroom I could see my entire family coming from the temple. My mother asked my sister why you did not come to the pooja? It was special today. No mama myself and brother did pooja at home only today is it not bhaiyya? Laughingly she asked. I feel I am luckiest guy in the whole world.