Apne student ko dekh maan maryada bhool use apna yaar banaya

My name is Pauline. I am working as a teacher in a higher secondary school. I am married and was 33 years of age. I have two children. Really I am a gorgeous woman with large boobs and sweet ass. Many of my students stare at me while teaching. I am a little bit proud of it. I remained loyal to my husband till I met Arulmurugan.

He came to my class as a new admission. He was 16 yrs of age standing 6 feet with broad shoulders and firm muscles. At very first sight something entered me. I enquired him about his father and residence. He told that he was from erode, his family moved to than javur as his father got transfer. I was happy to know that his house was in my area. That full day I kept my eye on him.

On that evening in my house I felt really bad since I was married and having two children. I vowed not to continue this. But when I saw him the next day all my vows flew in air and I spent most of my class hours talking with him. I invited him to my house on that evening. I consoled myself that my husband will be at home and I am not doing anything wrong.

On that evening Arul came to my house with his mother. She asked me can I take tuition for her son. I looked at my husband. He told me it’s ur wish. My mind told no but my tongue said yes without delay. It was decided that arul should come to tuition daily at 5 p.m . That night I can’t sleep as my conscience and lust wrestles.

Days went on and I learned that arul is a good student and a cultured boy. I never saw him talking to girls though they tried him. He came to tuition regularly. He will play with my 8 year old son and 5 yrs old daughter. My desire for him grew daily. One night I dreamed that he was mounting me and I awake suddenly to notice that my panties are wet. I started fantasizing him when my husband fucks me. I decided at last to make my move to seduce him.

My husband will return from work at 8 p.m. I decided to use that 3 hrs.I wore transparent maxi and show all possible gestures to reveal my boobs. He however hardly noticed me. This went on for someday will change my dress before my husband arrives. Then came the first term exam holidays. I sent my children to my mother’s house which is in the near village. I told arul to come to tuition at morning itself so that he can prepare for his final. He agreed and came to my house daily at 10p.m and will leave only at 7p.m.

Now I had ten full days to seduce him. I begin to talk to him like a friend and discussed everything. I asked him whether he have any girlfriends. He said no. I asked him which type of women he likes. He told me that he liked homely women and they should wear saree only. He added that saree is the beautiful dress for women. I understood my mistake and started to wear sarees before him.

Next day I asked how am I in the saree. He flushed. I said him nothing wrong tell ur comment. He said that I was really beautiful. Slowly we get closer. After 5 days I made my next move. On that afternoon both of us watched TV. I put the English film unfaithful on cd. I sat closer to him and watched it. I can see his bulge during the erotic scenes through his pants.

I stopped it in half and told him let us sleep for sometime. I took him to our bedroom for the first time. We both fall on the bed. I can see his erection so he turned away from me. I thought this the right time and put my hands on his waist. I slowly brought down my hands on his crotch and gave it a press. He was shocked and told me that this is wrong. I told him that I was behind him from the day I first saw him. He still resisted but when I kissed him at his lips he finally yielded and begins to kiss me vigorously.

He removed my saree and tore away my blouse and bra. He caressed my breasts and then begins to suck it. He bites my nipples and put circles around my nipples with his tongue. I was very hot. My fantasy had come true. He then removed his shirt and pants in a hurry. Now I put him under me and went down to his crotch. I licked it through the underwear. He moaned. I removed it and was shocked to see his 9 inches cock. Being only 16 I thought it would be 5 or 6 but to my surprise it was longer than my husband. I licked the root and then the shaft. I put it in my mouth and sucked it like a whore. He cum within 1 minute as this was his first time. I swallowed till the last drop.

I gave him 10 mins to relax and then I started to lick him again. I moved my tits over his cock. It got up again. This time I want it inside my cunt. I sat over him guided his cock to my cunt. I begin to thrust first slowly and then faster. He responded by moving his hips. This time he withstand for 10 mins and then shooted his cum when I also reached orgasm. We laid there for 20 mins and went to bath. Under the showers he kissed all my body and entered his tongue into my cunt. He tongued me until I cum. The he tasted my juice and kissed me at the lips. I tasted my own cum in his tongue. After the bath he left my house. This continued daily. We fucked at least once a day.