Situation kuch aisi bani ki bhai ka lund meri kacchi choot me ghus hi gaya aur meri choot ko faad betha

Hi, my name is sweety, i am 19 year old, my brother is 20 year old very well built hunk. he have a 8" long very fat cock, i know that because he fucked me very hard and torn my pussy and after that my gand too.
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My all classmates were every time staring at them as if they found a chance and ate them.I was too very proud-feeling of such incidents.When i were roaming in my half skirt and tees at night in market i received a lot of dirty comments like wah! Kya maal hai! Are yaar ye to god me utha ke chodne layak hai!,are iske mumme to dekho,abhi bra faad ke bahar aa jayenge! Saali ek baar mil jaye to faad dunga! Etc.But i never mind it,because i really felt proud,when some guy used to rub his hard cock over his pant,showing me.

Now i come to the real story,which you all are eagerly waiting.It was the time of our winter vacations in the month of december,last year.My parents had to go out of station due to an important presentation of a new project,before going they suggested us to sleep in one room,as i should not to be left alone.In the morning they left for their flight.They had to return after 4 days.Since then we both were good friends but had no wrong intentions for each other.Even though we shared our every secret.Sometime we talked about sex also,and told non veg jokes also.But we were well aware of our limits,and never tried to cross it.

That whole day we took full enjoy,and spent the whole day in gossiping,watching movies in dvd and teasing each other.In the evening we were feeling bore so we decided to go out for an romantic english movie,as we both are frank to each other,we had no hesitation.We got the ticket of balcony and got the corner seats of the top row.As there were not so much people in box,only one family was in the lower row.The movie started and the lights gone off.After 10 minutes or so there was a romantic bed scene.I got aroused.And kept my head on brothers shoulder.He took it normal and kept his one hand on my back.And slowly started to caress.I was getting wet,but as we were brother and sister,i tried to control myself but very soon another hot bed scene started,i was beyond my control.I slowly kept my one hand on his thigh.To my surprise!I felt his rock hard penis was in his hand,as due to the darkness we were unable to see each other,he at once tried to close his pant but penis struck to my hand it was too hot.He somehow closed his pant.

After that no one spoke for a moment.Suddenly it was interval and the lights were on.We both watched in each others eyes and smiled.He said lets go back to home,i too was feeling horny,so to avoid from any blunder in our relations,i at once agreed.On the way to home it started to rain heavily.We were on bike and the path was slippery,we were totally wet and shivering from cold i caught him tight to avoid falling.A current ran through our bodies as we touched.Soon we reached home,unfortunately the light had gone as the weather was bad.We entered home.We were shivering badly,there was very dark,the invertor was also not working due to low battery,i needed badly to change wet dress to escape from fever but i afraid of dark,understanding the whole position my brother came with me in my room and made his back towards me,to ease me change the dress.

As soon as i put my all clothes off there was frightening lightening and sound in the sky,i screamed and ran towards my brother who was also naked to change his dress in the corner of the room.As our wet bodies met,we clung to each other,i was now in worse position,my wet pussy was in touch of his penis,his penis began to get hard,now it was stuck to my thighs,we were saying nothing but understanding the condition.Soon our lips met and we started to kiss each other,he took me to the bed .I lay down and closed my eyes.He was now smooching my entire body,the heat was going on. Long i hold his penis and started to suck it.Oh!It was very long and thick and i found it hard to take the full into my mouth,the lust made us blind to think who we are,wrong or right,the only thing we remembered,was the sex lust fuck we were unable to control ourselves.

Now i opened my legs and invited him to enter my wonderland,he was too aroused very much and he slowly kept the head of penis on my cunt mouth and tried to push it in i was virgin and my tight pussy was unable to take it in,in spite that my pussy was very much lubricated fro my juice,as he gave a hard push i burst into tears,but now he was not my brother he was only an lustful man who wanted to tear my vagina and fuck me wildly i begged him ,”please……. Take pity on me ‘take it out,i will die.

But i was shocked when he slapped me hard,and said ‘sali…….. Pehle khud garam kar ke ………………………Ab kehti ki chhod du…………………..,aj ………….Main………… Teri……….. Choot………………………… Ko phaad dalunga,and he gave a strong push like bull and his ful penis entered in to my vagina tearing it apart in blood,i was screaming crying but he was in no mood to listen to me after a few strokes i too started feeling good in a mix taste of enjoy and pain ,now me too started to respond him ,getting my response he changed his gear in full swing now there was a sweet sound of great fuck in the room,we forgot that we are brother and sister,the only thing we were enjoying, was sex,after some hard push ,he cried>>>>………>>>>………….>>>i………….. Am …………………Coming…………..Me………………. Too………………… Came with him