Marge Monday: The Cool Moms

In the episode, "Moms I'd like to forget."

When Bart battles in the annual 4th grade vs. 5th grade dogeball game, he discovers that he and his rival both have matching scars of swords on their hands. This leads the boys to uncover the story of their early days, when their mothers were close friends and the boys were a double-dog-dare pack of trouble-makers.

Marge explains that when Bart was in preschool, he was in a "Mommy and Me class" with three other kids. Marge became very close with the other mothers, and they became "the Cool Moms." 

Marge wonders why she never socializes with the group of mothers, and when she rejoins them, realizes how much fun she had. Homer and the other husbands are not as thrilled and wait hours in the backyard, bored and silent, as their wives catch up on old times. Bart realizes that the group of dare-devil boys leads to escalating stunts of bravado and injury. Both he and Homer wish things could go back to the way they were, but Marge is thrilled with her new social life.

Marge and her friends decide to get together every Tuesday. Meeting with the other kids every week, the boys' antics become more and more dangerous, so Bart decides to break up the group.

When Marge catches him with explosives, he confesses to his plan. She confronts the other moms, but when they suggest that Bart has always been the bad influence, Marge is furious, and realizes why she left the group in the first place. After she storms off, one of the moms turns to the group and say, "Well now that she's gone," and they all start making out. 

It's one of the most surprisingly sexual endings in the entire Simpson's series.  The idea that a group of otherwise proper suburban mothers is not a book club, but actually a Tuesday afternoon excuse to get together for sex. The implication of the final dialog is that Marge didn't know of their sexual activities, and "now that she's gone," they can resume their sapphic circle. However, it could just as easily be inferred that Marge always knew, and even participated in the Cool Moms' Tuesday hook-ups. The last line could have meant that now that the fight is over and angry Marge has chosen to leave, they can get back to what they'd planned all along. Had Marge not arrived in a fit, she would have joined them as usual, as seen here in this fantastic fan image.