Maa ke sath sath uski beti ki choot ko bhi kholna pada

Hi this is Anand male 42. This occurred sometime back. There was a lady Mrs. Kavitha in the bank which I had my account. My account is an old account and I have lots of other business in the bank and thus was well known to the employees in the bank. kavitha was a lady of around 36 years (when this occurred), 5’6” tall very fair with short cut hair and green eyes and with a figure of 36-30-38. She was very pretty and every customer would cast a glimpse at her whenever in bank. I too used to find a chance to talk with her. She was a jolly person and would chat readily. I was looking for any chance but could not find any for some years.

I used to go to bank virtually everyday and hence used to interact with everybody regularly. I was on good terms with everybody and used to interact with somebody or another on matters other than the banks business. One day kavitha asked me whether I could help in her daughter in her project. Her daughter was in first year of architecture and was given a submission project of which she had no idea how to proceed. I readily agreed to help and agreed to go to their home the next evening.

I went to their home next evening and met Miss aparna. I immediately had a pain in my pants. Miss aparna was an exact copy of her mother. The was tall and slight bulky, very fair with short cut hair, round face and same green eyes and with a figure of 32-24-34. I spoke with her of her project and agreed to help her. We finalized a theme and started to work on it. Now I used to visit their home now and then for the project work and got friendly with both the daughter and mother. The mother became more open with me and used to treat with me various dishes whenever I went to their place. I gave them the tips for their interiors and made some minor changes so that their home became more attractive.kavitha became more keen to get their interiors planned from me in future. Time went by and I used to drop in their home whenever I was nearby. I also used to chat frequently with her in the bank. We became closer as days went by.

One day kavitha asked me to come to her place on the following morning as she wanted to discuss some interior planning with me. I went to his place and she opened the door. She normally used to wear Punjabi suits even at home when I was around. Today She was wearing a white floral gown which had thin straps on top instead of sleeves and was only up to her knees. Her figure was bulging out. She had a bath sometime back as her hair was wet. I sat on the sofa and she brought me water and tea. As she bent to give to me I save her boobs for a split of the second. I had an erection. She came and sat next to me. I asked for Miss aparna and she said that she has gone to her friend and will return only in afternoon. I said to her jokingly “Oh is that why you are wearing her gown” She said sharply “Its mine. What made you thing it is hers”. I said “It is modern and revealing” She said “What revealing? It is perfect. Do no be so conservative. And I do not wear it in front of everybody” So I was somebody now. I decided to go further and try my luck I said “It is okay for you. But it gives problem to me” She said “What problem?” I said looking away from her “I cannot control certain feelings” She said “What feelings?” “How I can talk with you like that. Try and understand” She said “Why are you so shy. Speak, I wont mind” “Its start my imagination” She said “What imagination. Do you anything on me”. “Not anything particular.” She said “Don’t tell me that. Tell me straight. What feelings you have for me” I had her now. I said “I adore you. You are so pretty. I like your company.” She said “And what more. I said “I want to be with you, talk with you send time with you.” She was blushing “What wrong. But you haven’t told me what you were imagining now. I said “I cannot tell you. You may get angry”. She said “speak open. Maybe you may win the lottery” I was sure now “I saw you with this short gown now. I was imagining how you would look without it.” Her green eyes became greener and she said “Do you want to” I said “Yes”.

She stood up and removed the straps from her shoulder. Her gown fell to floor. She was wearing only a plain white panty inside. Her boobs were a treat to watch. Beautiful fair globes with light pink nipples which were erected now. Her stomach had a slight bulge. Her Legs were long and slim. I remained speechless watching her body. She asked me pointing to her panty “You want me to remove this too”. I said “No (and waited till her face gave disappointment) I shall remove it”. She immediately gave out a big smile and came and stood before me. I put my hand on the elastic of the panty and pulled it down. I removed it from her legs. She was nude now. Her pubic area was covered with dense curls of black pubic hairs which were trimmed into a perfect triangle. She was wet down there and I could smell the juices. I touched her pubic mound and pressed it. In fact this was first time I touched her and that straight on to her treasure trove. I moved my fingers on her dividing line and inserted it inside her clit. I kissed her pubic hair and licked her dividing line. I then stood up and pressed her boobs and twirled her nipples. I kissed her on her rosy lips and kissed for full tow minutes. I then sucked her boobs and moved my one hand on her pubic mound and stomach.

She said to me “Let’s go inside”. I lifted her and carried her to the bedroom like a bride in arms. I laid her on bed. She immediately got up and sat on the edge of the bed and took me near her. She put her hands on the buttons of my shirt and started to remove them. When she had removed all the buttons I removed the shirt for her. She in meanwhile took her hand to my belt and removed it. I removed the banian and she kissed my chest. And pulled the hair on my chest. Then she unclipped my trousers and unzipped them and they fell to ground. My penis was standing hard in my underwear. She put her hand touched my penis and removed it from the underwear. Her touch send shivers to my body. My black penis in her fair hands was a sight like a black and white combination from xxx movie. She removed my underwear and again took my penis in her hand. She immediately started licking it and then took it in her mouth. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was standing in front of her. She gave me a good blow job and I cummed inside her.

Then I made her sleep on the bed and laid over her. I kissed her passionately on the lips. Then I licked her boobs and sucked her nipples. I cajoled her boobs and pressed them. I kneaded then for long simultaneously kissing her in between. I then proceeded downwards and put my tongue in her belly button. I licked her there and she was moaning aloud. I then licked her pubic hair and pulled them hard. She was moaning. I licked her clit and spread her legs and got my first view of her pink lips. I put my tongue on her lips and moved it on her lips. I tasted the juice and it was fantastic. I moved my tongue deep into her and as long as it can go. Then I put my hand on her fair thighs and cajoled them and pressed them. I put my first finger on her parting line on her pubic mound and moved it inside. I moved it downwards till it reached the clit and inserted it inside. I put my tow fingers inside and stroked her with my fingers. She was wet again and was moaning and moving her body wildly. I continued this for some time and then removed my finger licked one and gave her to lick the other. I then put my hard penis on her clit and pushed it inside. She held it with her hands and guided me inside. I stroked slowly laying on her.

I stroked for a minute or two and then increased the speed. I stroked a little faster and gradually increased the speed. I got up and balanced myself on y hand and stroked her fast. In the end I was stroking her very fast, fastest I ever did and finally I cummed inside her and fell on her panting deeply. We looked in each other eyes and found satisfaction. I kissed her and laid on her for some time with my penis inside her. She got up after some time and went into the bathroom to clean up. I turned on bed and slept with my penis in my hand. She came out nude and came to bed. Her walking nude was a great sight from distance. A grown lady of slim structure with great face and v fair color well developed and slightly sagging boobs slightly swelled stomach, dense triangle of pubic hair in contrast to her skin color and fair thick thighs. She came on bed and laid near my lower portion and took my penis in her hands and started to play with it. I increase immediately with her touch and she stroked it with her hands. She was smiling mischievously at me. She then took my penis in her mouth and somewhat gulped it. She licked it up and down. I was slowly moving my hands on her head and hair. She gave me a good blowjob and I could feel the inner portion of her mouth on my thick penis. I cummed and she readily drank all of it. She then laid on me and we caressed each others body for some time.

I then moved on top of her and licked her with my tongue all over. My penis was not erect yet but I still put it on her clit and entered her. She again guided me in with her hands. I stroked her slowly and my penis got erected in some tie and I occupied all of her clit and I could feel all of her clit from inside. I stroked her hard and fast and this time not fast as first time as I had cummed thrice and the next will require more time and hence more energy. As expected this time it lasted for more time and I fucked her for ages. We both were enjoying throughout and it was written on our face. I finally cummed inside her and we again laid in each others arms. She then got up and went down. She licked my penis clean thoroughly. Then she went out and brought a bottle of water for me. She had drunk it in the kitchen. I drank the water and in meanwhile she took my now small penis and started playing with it with her hands. She stroked it with her hands and sometimes licked it. It grew gradually and was ready for next action. This time she sat on my legs and took my penis inside her. She guided it expertly inside her and stroked with her body. She was s sight to see with her body moving up and down and her boobs dancing up and down. I touched the boobs and hold on to them. Her boobs were really soft and soft and great to touch. I came after some time and she laid on me. We laid for some time in each others arms caressing each other. Then she said that her daughter may come now and we cleaned up and dressed and I went out and sat. I had tea and sat for sometime and then left. Her daughter did not turn up till I was there.

She called me two days later after the bank hours and it was the time when her daughter was not at home. I entered the house and she had just come from bank and was drying up her face with napkin when she opened the door for me. Once inside and the door close, I kissed her and undressed her at the door itself. I laid her on sofa and did it on the sofa. We then did it one more time in her bedroom. She was sexually not satisfied for sometime now and was happy.

Next day morning I got a call from her daughter saying that she is having some problem with a new project. She asked me to come immediately. I went to her place in the morning. Her mother had gone to the bank. Miss aparna opened the door for me. She was wearing a maroon colored t-shirt and blue jeans. She was looking beautiful as usual but was tense on the face. I sat on the sofa and she brought water for me. She sat next to me on the sofa. She asked to me “Will you speak truth”. I said “I always speak truth”. She said she wanted some straight answers from me and is it okay with me. I said “It’s fine with me. But what is the matter?” She said “What were you doing that day with my mother?” I was startled and said “When?” She said “Three days before, in the morning”. So she had seen us. I said “Nothing. We were chatting and you were not her that day”. She said “I was. I came early and saw mom’s gown near the sofa. So I peeped inside. You two were not exactly chatting”.

I said “If you have seen, you are grown enough to understand what we were doing.” She said with a loud “How dare you”. I said “Why are you shouting. We were having sex in consent. Your mother is not objecting, so why are you?” She said “You seduced my mother. I shall expose you”. I said “Go ahead. If you speak it will be troublesome for your mother not for me. And anyway it was her who seduced me.” She was angry and jumped on me like a tigress and pulled my hair and my shirt and even hurt me with her nails at one or two places. It was spontaneous and I could not react immediately. I pushed her away and she came back on me this time jumping in my lap and pulling my hair with her hand. She cried “You seduced my mother. You seduced my mother. Now seduce me. Seduce me. Fuck me.” So this was it. Jealousy or passion or infatuation or sexual urge. I could not believe my luck. I pulled her and made her stand in front of me. I said “Quiet and stand still. Be quiet immediately or else I will go away”. She became quiet immediately. I said to her “You are small to have sex with me.” Now she was timid “I am not small. Please, Please uncle fuck me please. She was pleading. It was surely a case of urge. I said “What about your mother. If she finds out I am a goner. I do not want to lose her”. She said “I will not tell her. Promise.” I said “But what will I get in return” She said “what do you want?” I said “Anything I ask in future”. She promised.

I went near her and kissed her. She immediately hugged me. We kissed for some time. Then I started pulling her t-shirt from her jeans. She stopped me and said “Not her. In my room. I do not want to repeat my mother’s mistake”. We went to her room and she locked it. It was having a single bed. I removed her t-shirt from her top. She was wearing a black bra inside. I removed the button of her jean and unzipped it. She removed it by sitting on a chair. She was wearing a blue panty inside. Her figure was slightly bulky unlike her mother. So the sizes were somewhat similar. She was shorter and heavier at thighs. I removed her bra and brought down her panty. She was c copy of her mother in nude too. Same boobs, slightly smaller and firm, same sized and colored nipple, light pink, identical belly button, pubic area was also similar, only she had tender and sparse black hair through which her parting line could be seen. The only difference in mother and daughter in nude was that the daughter’s body was tender, had firm boobs and sparse pubic hair. She will grow like her mother I thought. I pressed her boobs and licked the nipples. I sucked them thoroughly and pressed her boobs hard. I moved my hand on her pubic mound and pressed it. I inserted my fingers in her clit and she moaned. I put that finger in my mouth and tasted the juice. I laid her and licked her clit. She had a small opening and she was a virgin. I made her suit and asked her to remove my pants. I removed my shirt and banian. She with shivering hand removed my pants. I helped her remove it and the underwear. My dick was at it majestic 8” long and 1.5” thick. As soon as aparna saw my penis she took it in her hands and pressed it tightly. It pained and I asked her to be gentle. I showed her how to move her hands on the penis. Her hand on my dick was identical site to her mothers.

The I asked her to take it in her mouth. She had seen blue films but was not doing it properly. I showed her how to use the lips and how to use the mouth to arouse and satisfy. She stroked it fine in her mouth and I came early due to excitement. I cummed in her mouth and she tasted the cum with a bitter face. I said “You will love it when you get used to it”. I then laid her on bed and laid above her. I took my penis to her clit and pushed it inside. Her clit was small and my penis was big. I had to push it slowly and with force inside. Slowly it went inside and was tightly fitted in her clit. When I tried to withdraw it was not coming out easily and was paining. I could feel the complete fullness of her clit inside. She was crying with pain. I withdrew half the penis and again entered her. I did this for sometime and slowly it started moving inside. Slowly and gradually I moved inside her and stroked her. I increased the rhythm and fucked her steadily. I did not go fast on first time. I cummed inside her but reminded myself to use condoms the next time. Anyway she had taken precautions. I then removed my penis from her clit and laid beside her. She was in pain but it subsided slowly. I then licked her all over and moved my tongue all over her body. I kneaded her tender boobs and pressed them rather hard. I pinched the nipples hard. I moved my tongue on her pubic hair and on her parting line and inside her clit.

He was moaning and enjoying. I then entered her again and this time kept the same rhythm as last time. I fucked her slowly and till my penis was moving properly inside her. I then asked her to give me another blowjob. Out bodies were all of cum and she went to bathroom to wash. I followed her and after cleaning I caught hold of her from behind. I kneaded her breast from behind and those who have done this know that the felling of breast from behind is titillating. My penis was rock hard and I made her bend on the washbasin with my hand still on her boobs and entered her from rear. It was tighter and I was unable to stroke properly. She was virtually shouting. Luckily I cummed early due to earlier excitement and removed my dick. It had become red. The we had a break and had some cold drinks. I asked why she wanted me and she told me that she had seen my adventures with her mother and had seen my erect dick. She had seen the real thing live for first time and it was more exciting then the blue films and net. She immediately had wanted me and had feelings in her for last three days and had mustered courage to call me today. I then laid her again and entered her. This time I stroked her hard and strong. I made my movements fast and my penis was moving fast in her clit was rubbing inside her clit hard and it was more painful. She was virtually crying out aloud but I continued because I was enjoying it and knew she was to enjoying the pain. I fucked her hard and fast and removed my dick before cumming. I then sucked and kneaded her boobs before getting dressed and leaving.

It than became a ritual. I used to fuck kavitha everyday when she returned from the bank. Many times we used to come back together. I used to be there for one to two hours and we used to have one to three rounds of sex. She used to be totally nude when inside the house and we I did it with her in all places, in bedroom, hall sofa and floor, on carpet, in bath, once in balcony with closed windows and even in her daughter’s room. We used to have bath on Saturdays when she had half day and her daughter was away for long time. Whenever with her alone inside or outside I used to behave like her husband and she used to treat me like one. This went one for long time probably more the one and half year. We were gossiped around at bank and around. She was not opposed to me having sex in fact she enjoyed group sex. She arranged for a picnic with four of her colleagues who had heard of our adventures from her and we all had a great fun. I shall write that story under the ‘The Matured Picnic’. However I knew she would never accept me having sex with her daughter. I was in dilemma many times and used to feel guilty whenever I used to think of it, when in her company. However I was never able to stop myself seeing her daughter as I was happy when in her company and I could never find any reason to give to her without hurting her.

I used to fuck aparna two to three times a week, on the two days when she had no lectures in morning and when she got any free lecture. Her mother used to be in bank in the morning. She knew all about my daily adventures with her mother and she never objected. In fact we used to repeat every new thing I tried with her mother. We did it at all places, in hall, in her room, in her mother’s room, in bath and tried all the tactics we used to see in the xxx movies. She gradually became a tigress in sex. We used to enjoy all day when her mother used to go to her native and she used to stay back faking study. On my birthday she asked me for my choice of gift and I reminded her of her promise to me and asked her for onetime sex with any one of her friend who might be interested. She promised somewhat reluctantly and two months later bought home her college friend with her when her mother was not in town. The story shall be given as the ‘The painting Twosome’.

Well as it was feared, one day kavitha found out about aparna and me. She called me at her place and a row we had. I apologized again and again but was unable to console. I was asked not to enter the house anymore. aparna was scolded a lot and was asked not to see me. This went for some two months. We used to meet at bank but used to speak only what is required. aparna tried to come to my place but I did not let her and allowed for sometime to go. I wanted this thing to pacify. Two months later aparna called me at her home. She told me in plain words that what has happened has happened. She is to feeling lonely and does not want to leave me. But I cannot have relation with both mother and daughter. I have to choose one. I said that I want her and does not want to lose her. We called aparna and I told her that it is not possible for us to have sex in future. I am asked to choose and I have chosen kavitha. I asked aparna to understand me and not blame me. aparna is young and beautiful and she can have good boyfriends. She has a lot of life to go on. On the other hand kavitha is not so young and needs me and we are at somewhat same level. aparna seemed to understand. Also kavitha did not have any objection to my having sex other than her daughter. Seemingly she agreed. I then asked us to leave us two alone as we had not met for some time. She got up and went out.

I went towards kavitha and gave a soft kiss on her forehead. She shivered and stood up and kludged me. I lifted her like first time and carried her to the bedroom. She was wearing maroon colored dress. I removed her kameez. She had white bra inside. I removed her salwar. As usual she had plain white panty. I removed her bra and panty. Her boobs were pleasing to watch after so many days. I pressed the boobs and she moaned slightly. I licked and sucked the boobs and then licked her belly button and her pubic hair. She had started to trim the hair in perfect triangle the way I like it. I licked her pubic mound and licked the parting line and let my tongue inside her clit. Then I laid on her and entered my penis in her.

As usual she guided my penis in her clit. I stroked her slowly and then gradually increasing the speed and fucked her hard and finally cumming inside her. She then gave me good blowjob. We went and had shower and did one more time after the bath. Then I kissed her goodbye and went home. I kept my promise and did not have sex with her daughter anymore. I turned her away tow three times form my home when she tried to come to me. She understood after sometime and now has a good boyfriend, rather two of them. I continued with aparna but not as vigorous as before. I understand that she too sees two more person. We do it at least once every week.