Job ke liye mangetar bosses se chudi

Hi I am chirag vacchani live in USA. I am 24 years old. My family consists of my Fiancee 28 years old. As we were just to married

I was working in a company and had a reasonably good salary. We had bought our flat on bank loan. But one day we were told that our company has been acquired by another company. A party was organized to celebrate this occasion. I also went to the party with my fiancee.

Now let me describe my fiancee. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and of slightly dusky complexion. As she was actively involved in sports in her school and college days, she has got a perfect figure. She looks like a model. She has a very cute and innocent looking face. On the day of part she was wearing a light blue color saree.She was looking stunning in that day. Everyone was looking towards her. I introduced to my bosses which also our new boss who was a Negro.

A week later my world shattered when I came to know that my name was also on the list who were supposed to be handed pink slip. I immediately went to my boss and pleaded him but he said that there is no other option. I went home said everything to my fiancee. She said me again to request to my boss.

Next day I went to my boss and again pleaded to my boss. He said that he will have to talk to our new boss. So he went to our new Negro boss whose name was John. My boss whose name was Mohit came out after about 20 minutes and said me to go in John’s cabin. I went to him. He said that I will get my job on only one condition. I eagerly asked me the condition as got a hope that I will get my job back. But I was shocked to know the condition. He said that If I let him fuck fiancee then I will get my job. I came out dejected.

When I reached my home my fiancee eagerly asked me “did you meet your bosses.”

I said “yes.”

Then she asked “what about the job.” I said “they are ready to keep me back on job but I have to pay for it. She asked “how much money?” I said”dear its not money.” She again asked “then what?”

I said “they want to fuck you.” My fiancee, “what?”

After that there was no discussion about that. I tried to search for a new job but I did not find any. After one month did not have money to pay flats installment and even to buy food. One night my fiancee cal me n said “chirag tomorrow you go and meet your bosses.” I said “you know what they want.” She said “we don’t have ant other option.”

That night I was not able to sleep thinking what will happen.

Next day I went to my boss Mohit. I said “Sir please give me job.”

Mohit”are you ready for the demand?” I said “yes sir.”

He smiled and went to John’s cabin. After 5 minutes they called me inside. Mohit said “you will have to bring her to our guest house the day after tomorrow that is on Sunday 11 in the morning.” Then he handed me a envelope and said “there is money inside this envelope ask your fiancee to go to the parlor and get her groomed.” Then John gave me a packet and said “I have brought clothes for your fiancee ask her to wear this on that day and apply that cream on her entire body from today, we are going to make her our personal whore.” Both of them started laughing. I left and returned to my house.

On reaching house, my fiancee asked “what happened.” I said everything to her and handed over envelope and packet. The packet contained a white color top and a black heel length skirt and a black colored sexy panty. There was a note kept there, it was written” wear the top without any undergarment and clean shave your pussy.” We shocked to see their preparation. My fiancee lifted the top and said “my god it has only one strap each one both the shoulders, how am I going to wear this?” I said “dear we have no other option.” She asked “where are they going to do me?” I said “they have asked me to bring you to the company’s guest house on Sunday at 11 in the morning.”

The next day that is on Saturday my fiancee went to the parlor and got her self prepared for fucking. One the night I saw that her skin had become smooth like silk and it had a strange glow on it. She said that the cream given by my boss is very expensive one. That night passed in anticipation and we both were unable to sleep.

on the next day She was really looking very sexy and gorgeous. In that appearance anybody would love to fuck her. Her nipples were protruding from the tight fitting top. She was feeling very shy and embarrassed. She covered herself with a jacket and we went to the guest house.

We reached there and went to the room said at the reception. I pressed the door bell and Mohit opened the door. The room was well arranges it had a sofa on three sides and a large bed at one side and a small center table. My other senior boss Narang who was about 60 years old was sitting there and was watching TV.I wanted to kill that old guy. Everyone wanted to fuck my fiancee.

Narang also got up and welcomed us and he was too straight on what he invited my fiancee. He straight away said me, “what a beautiful and delicate fiancee you have, is she really your fiancee or any call girl, are you trying to fool us?” Before I could tell anything Mohit entered and he said, “She his fiancee I have met her in the party and that’s why John have called her.” Then he said me to sit. My fiancee was also about to sit with me but Narang said “dear you are going to sit with your husband for entire life, today come and sit with us.” She was hesitating to go ahead but he got up he held her and made her to sit on his lap.

He kept his finger on her lips drew a line over her lips and said “what lovely lips this whore has. “Soon he planted kiss on her lips and the other hand was on her breast rubbing it. With other hand he lifted her skirt and exposed her long legs. He started rubbing her thighs. Now he was clearly sucking her tongue. I was feeling so much ashamed that I was not able to look into the eyes of my fiancee. Once I saw her looking towards me helplessly.

Then John came from other room and went straight to my fiancee and lifted her from Narang’s lap and took her to another sofa and sat there. Though my fiancee is tall she looked like a doll in front of him. He made her sit on his lap facing him and planted a kiss on her lips and with other hand lifted her skirt and started pressing her ass. With other hand he started pressing her boobs. She was so nervous that though he was not keeping his hand behind her head she did not move her face away from his face for sometime. When she realized that her head is free she pulled her face away form him. He was looking very wild in his approach. After sometime he was hurting her. After about 20 minutes he left her. Then Mohit took control of her.

He also made her sit her on his lap and he kissed and pressed her boobs and ass. After about 20 minutes he removed his face from her and said “Chirag you have got really very sexy and attractive fiancee, she will be fuck of the life.” He made her stand and placed his hand on the rim of the skirt and unhooked it. Skirt fell on the floor encircling her legs. Now she was stand in her top, black panty and high heeled sandal. She was just looking like a porn star. Seeing her Narang said “wow she id just looking like a high society call girl.”

Then all the three got up and pulled her in the center of the room and made her sit on the floor. Then they surrounded her and they opened their pants zip and pulled their cocks out. They told her to hold their cock in her hand but she was not doing as she was conservative and had never done suck thing before, she was also very nervous. John angrily said “see your fiancee is not cooperating with us.” Saying this he caught her hand and forcibly placed her hand on his cock. He said “you bitch just jerk it.” But she did not move her hand. Then he caught her wrist and started moving it to and fro. Narang also did the same thing. Soon John lost his interest and left. Mohit replaced him. Soon Narang also left. Meanwhile waiter came in, she tried to cover herself then Narang said “don’t act like Sati Savitri, he has seen many whore like you.” Then he made the waiter to kiss her ass.

After sometime John got himself completely nude and stood in front of her pushing Mohit aside. She still was shy and nervous with the whole thing. He held her head and was guiding her to suck his cock. She hesitated to do as she had never done this in life. He was upset by this and said to me, “Bitch is feeling ashamed in front of her fiance, you go, and come at 7’o clock and the evening and take her.” I saw the wall clock it was 12 noon. Then I saw towards her, she was very nervous and afraid, she was left alone with strangers.

As I was coming out Mohit came to me wearing his rob and led me out. He said “see how we are going to make your lovely and conservative fiancee a high profile whore.” Saying this he opened the door of the adjacent room and led me in. I was shocked to see, the room had a glass pane from where the other room was completely visible. Then I realized that the mirror in the other room is one sided glass. Each and every sound made in that room was also clearly audible here. Seeing me shocked Mohit said “both of these rooms are purposely made in such a way for our enjoyment.” He smiled and went away.

As I anticipated my bosses became more aggressive now. John held his now semi hardened cock which was in this condition also very long and thick with his one hand and placed it over her lips. But she removed her face. Then he held her head’s back with one hand and with the other hand he pressed her nose, not letting her to take breath, when she opened her mouth for breath he forced her face and he inserted his cock in her mouth. He was forcing his cock in and out of her mouth. She was gagging and was not able to take it completely inside her mouth. Only half of its length was going inside my lovely wife’s small mouth. This went on for a long time till his now fully erect cock was going completely inside her mouth. I can bet that his cock was going deep inside her throat as it was very long and huge. Her mouth was completely stretched and only “ammmm ammmmmmm.” Sound was coming out from her mouth. Though she was in pain, she had started enjoying that as there was no way out and she was also thinking that I have gone. She was now moving her head to and fro herself now. It went for about 20 minutes then John pulled away and sat on the sofa.

Then Mohit came and stood in front of her. I was shocked what I saw; my fiancee herself caught his cock, opened her mouth and took it inside. Seeing this Narang said “it seems bitch is enjoying it.” Everybody laughed. Then John said “don’t worry we are going to make her our personal whore.” She wildly started sucking his cock. Then Mohit said her to stop and he caught her head himself and started mouth fucking her. After about 10 minutes he loaded his entire cum in her mouth and told her to drink it. As she has never drank my cum also, half of it fell from her mouth. She took it in her hand and ran towards bathroom to clean her mouth and hand. Meanwhile Narang said “this bitch is going to become excellent whore, just we need to train her.” Saying this he got up and switched on the TV and inserted DVD into DVD player.

When my fiancee came out of the bathroom, Narang called her towards him and made her sit on his lap and said “dear you have to learn how to suck cock properly, so see the clip and do it on my cock.” He played the clip and started to kiss her on her neck. With one hand he was pressing her boobs and with another he was rubbing her pussy and thighs. They were facing towards me as the screen was just on the side of the mirror. Then I saw her smiling and slowly she started rubbing his cock over his pant. After sometime she opened his pants zip and pulled his cock out and started giving him hand job. After sometime she and Narang got up. Narang then completely removed his cloth and sat on sofa facing towards my right wall so I was able to see the sidewise.

The tool was so tall that Narang was almost standing on it. Then my fiancee seductively moved towards him, lifted her top above her boobs and sat in between his legs like a pro. She caught his cock and encircled her to finger around it and moved it up and down 4-5 times. Then she moved his foreskin back and opened her lips little bit and started moving it up and down over his cock’s tip. Then she slowly opened her mouth and completely took his entire cock in her mouth. Then she started moving her head to and fro. Meanwhile John came from back and started playing with her pussy and ass. After about 20 minutes he unloaded his entire cum in her mouth. This time she completely drank it and liked each drop of it from his cock. Narang said “that’s like a good girl.” One hearing this she smiled and went to the bathroom.

When she came out John called her towards bed. He was sitting on the bed. When she reached there he spread his legs and without saying any word my fiancee sat in between his legs and lowered her head, then her head started moving up and down. I could not see because her back was towards me. Then after about 10 minutes he pulled her up. Then he pulled her top aver her head and she cooperated by lifting her hand. Seeing her boobs he shouted in excitement “wow what lovely round and firm boobs!!” He grabbed her both boobs in each palm and started pressing it with his full strength. She wriggled in pain. She said “sir do it slowly it is paining.” But he did not listen and kept pressing them. Then he again sat on the bed and made her sit on his lap. He started playing with her boobs. He was sucking one boob and with one hand he was kneading the other boob After about 10 minutes he got up taking her in her lap and threw her on the right side of the. Then he caught her legs violently and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. He parted her legs and pulled her panty aside and started licking her pussy. Then after sometime he pulled her panty and my fiancee raised her waist. He pulled completely down her legs and threw it. He again violently started licking her pussy and meanwhile he was pressing her boobs. My fiancee was enjoying as her eyes were closed and she was moaning slowly. After about 5 minutes ha said something to her and she smiled and got up.

Then he caught her hand and walked towards center table. She was walking seductively which even I never saw. I was thinking whether really she is becoming a whore? When they reached there John took a cushion from sofa and placed it on the floor near the center table. Then he made her kneel down on it facing the table. Then he pushed her on the table and made her in doggy position. He spread her legs apart. He caught his cock in his hand and was about to place it on her pussy then he suddenly stopped and said “guys do you have condoms.” Mohit said “come-on fuck her without condom, she is still not a whore, she is just a conservative n not enjoying gud fuck, and if she gets pregnant then its chirag’s headache.” Then he slapped her ass very hard and started rubbing his cock on her pussy. My fiancee was looking towards her back. Her face was showing her fear as his cock was very long and thick. He stopped. Then my fiancee started seeing towards Narang, then again he started rubbing his cock. My fiancee again looked back, he again stopped. I understood that he wanted to insert when she is not prepared. He signaled to Narang. Then Narang asked her “have you been fucked by person than your husband?” She said “no.” Then he asked has he fucked your ass?” Her mind was diverted towards Narang and before she could say anything John with a sudden and powerful push inserted half his cock in her pussy. She screamed loudly due to pain. All the three bastards started laughing loudly; they did not care for her pain. Without any mercy he again gave a push and anther 1/4th went inside. My fiancee started crying. He remained there for about 20 seconds and again gave a powerful push and his entire cock was inside her pussy.

My fiancee was crying loudly and it made John more exited he started moving his cock in and out and at the same time he was slapping her ass. Slowly he started to increase his speed. After sometimes my stopped crying and she started moaning. Sound like cats meow was coming from her mouth. Now John started pulling out his cock and pushing it inside completely in one push. Mohit and Narang came on the either side of the table and placed her hand on their cock. She smilingly started jerking their cock. Her ass was looking red due to continuous slapping.

After about 20 minutes John lifted her and placed her on bed and started fucking her in missionary position. He fucked her like that for sometime and then lifted her while his cock was still inside her pussy. She placed both her legs around his waist. He was making her jump on his cock. My fiancee had lost all her inhibition she was enjoying the fucking. She was kissing John and was biting his ears. He made a round of the entire room like that and then placed her on a waist height study table. He pulled his cock out and made her lie side wise. Then he folded her both legs and started fucking her sideways. In that position she was looking such cute and soft that I also got hard on.

Suddenly her body started twitching; I understood that she got orgasm. Then John’s body also became stiff and he increased his speed. Then he also burst and loaded his entire cum in my fancee’s pussy. After sometime he pulled his dick out .His cum and mixed with her blood was dripping. She remained there like that for about 5 minutes and started walking towards bathroom, but she was not able to walk properly so John lifted her in his hands and went inside the bathroom. They came out of bathroom after 20 minutes. I think he again fucked her inside the bathroom. He laid her on the bed.

Then Narang came and inserted his cock in her mouth. He mouth fucked her for quite sometime. When his cock was completely erect he pulled it out of her mouth and parted her legs. He kept his cock on her pussy and gave a push. His entire cock went inside smoothly as John’s monster cock had stretched it beyond limit. He fucked her like that for about 20 minutes then he said her something. Both of them got up and went towards study table. My wife kept both her hands on it parted her legs and bent. Narang inserted his cock inside her pussy and started fucking her. Soon she again reached orgasm but he kept banging her for another 25 minutes. He again took her to bed and made her lie on her front. Then he said her to spread her ass crack. She placed both her hands on her ass separated them. He sat on her legs and inserted her pussy from back. He fucked her in this position for another 10 minutes and cummed inside her. I was amazed to see his stamina at this old age. Then he unloaded inside her pussy.

Then he lifted her to the bathroom but he did not close the door. She cleaned herself and peed. Again he inserted his cock in her mouth and fucked her mouth for 5 minutes. Then she cleaned herself and he lifted her and placed her on the bed. Now Mohit came and said her to give him blow job. Like an obedient student she started giving him blowjob. After about 5 minutes he made her sit in doggy position on the bed and inserted his cock in her pussy. He Started banging her with so much forced that she was loosing her balance and her legs were lifted. She was moving to and fro. Her boobs were swinging lovingly. After sometime she adjusted herself and now pushing her ass back to take cock more inside her. She was looking like a true whore.

Then John came and inserted his cock in her mouth. He also started moving his hip front and back. All three of then were in rhythm now. Both Mohit and John were pushing at the same time. She was getting deep throated. They banged her like this for about 20 minutes and they both filled her holes at same time. They took her in the bathroom and made her take bath. She was completely exhausted and was hardly able to move.

Then ordered food and prepared drink and started to drink. They even forcibly made my fiancee drink one peg. I saw clock it was 2 in the afternoon. They were continuously banging her for 3 hours. Food was served and all of them had food. Now they were getting for another session.

John again made her suck his cock. When his cock got erect he pulled her up. He made her to hold the edges of cot with both hands and made to bend over her knees. He gave another hard slap to ass; I think her ass had his hand impression. He was behind her and he tried to insert in the ass hole. She said, not there, below, he gave another slap on her ass and said “I am going to fuck your ass hole bitch, why haven’t you been fucked there?” She didn’t answer. Actually I never fucked her there. He was trying hard to insert it in her ass hole but it was not going even an inch inside.

He got up and said “that fool has not fucked her ass yet, she is still virgin there”. And he asked the room service to bring some cream. Mean time room service boy brought the cream he inserted his finger in ass hole. He was slowly finger fucking her asshole. After sometime the service boy came and gave him the cream he wanted. He took some cream with his fingers he put some cream inside her ass hole and he asked her to put cream on his cock, she hesitated he got angry and slapped her hard he pulled her hand and made her to apply cream on his cock. Again made her to bend over and hold edge of the cot.

He again started to insert his cock in her ass hole. It was still not going in. He was not stopping it too. He was trying hard to insert it, at a moment his front balloon went inside her and that pained her a lot that she screamed loud, everyone started laughing, he even didn’t bothered to remove, he was still forcing his cock inside. Since she was crying in pain, he said, “She is shouting too much, gag her with your cock.” Narang came up in front of her; he put his cock inside her mouth. Now by that she even wasn’t allowed to express her pain. He was pushing it hard and hard after some time his entire cock went inside her.

She shouted in huge pain. They were still enjoying her pain. He continued to move in and out of her ass hole, he was not even bothering that she is also a human. He got more aggressive as each time he went in and out of her ass hole. He was pushing his full cock and pulled it out entirely. His waist was beating her on her ass sides that gave heavy movement to her body that she was going forward till she got the other person’s cock in her throat. His bag under his cock was hitting her pussy hard each time he was going in her ass hole. She must be having in huge pain in her back but none of them cared for it. They were enjoying it. It was looking so erotic that even I was enjoying the scene. In that position he continued to do her in her ass for about more than 20 minutes, after that he increased his speed. I understood that he was going to blast. He pushed too hard inside her and he blasted in her ass hole. Meanwhile Narang pulled his cock out. John fell on her, he was too heavy for her she was not able to bear his weight on and she fell on the bed.

Now Narang made her clean her ass hole. Then he inserted his cock inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth. After about 5 minutes he pulled it out. Then he said something to her. She smiled painfully and got up and both went towards the door on the opposite side of the room. He opened the door. That door opened on the terrace. He took her towards railing and made her catch it. Then he bent her and started inserting his cock in her ass hole. She again started screaming, they again started laughing. Mohit said “I think her ass hole is very small.” Then John said “yes as she was virgin there it is very small and tight, but don’t worry after some good banging she will start enjoying it.” He kept her banging mercilessly for about half an hour. Then he stopped moving, he must have cummed inside her. Then he said something to her and she kneeled there and she started licking his cock. Then he started to come inside the room but she was unable to walk a single step due to may be sharp pain. Narang came inside and said to Mohit “if you want to fuck her, bring her inside, that bitch is unable to move.”

Mohit went out lifted her and took her to bathroom. After sometime they came out of bathroom and Mohit made her sit on the sofa which was closest to the mirror. Then he said “bitch start sucking my dick.” She obediently started sucking his cock. After sometime he took out his cock out and placed a cushion in front of the made her kneel on it. Then he pushed her on the sofa. He placed his cock on her ass hole and gave a powerful pushed. It went inside completely. She was even not having power to scream she just moaned. Only “aah aah” sound was coming out of her mouth each time he was pushing his cock inside her.

After sometime he made her sit on the sofa and said her to lift her legs and he pushed them towards her boobs and made her catch them. Now her ass hole was facing ceiling and it was open like a flower. He inserted his cock and started banging her. She was making “uhmm uhmm” sound from her mouth. While banging Mohit asked her “did you like it?” I was shocked to hear the reply. She said “yes I liked it, keep fucking me.” She started saying “fuck me…….fuck me……tear my ass” He banged her for 20 minutes and he also discharged. He made her clean his cock by licking it. Then he lifted her and took to the bathroom. Then he brought her and laid her on the bed. They gave her tea and made her eat some medicine. Now it was 5 in the evening.

Again after half an hour John wanted to fuck her. He woke her and inserted his cock in her mouth. I must admit that after day long banging also she was looking very cute and seductive that anybody would like her to fuck again and again. Now he lay on bed and made her sit in his cock. Now she started moving up and down on his cock. Due to her jumps her lovely bobs were also jumping. Everybody fucked her once more.

It was now 6:30. Then John announced “lets gang bang her.” Everybody agreed at once. My fiancee looked with a blank face as she did not understand the meaning of gang bang.

They again made her suck their cocks. John lay on the bed and made her sit facing his feet. He placed his cock on the mouth of her ass hole and lowered her. It smoothly went inside completely. I was shocked to see 11 inch cock going in completely. I was sure that now she has become whore and she will not be satisfied with my average cock. She slowly started jumping on the cock. After sometime, Narang came on the bed. John pulled her towards himself and made her lay on him. Narang slowly started pushing his cock in her pussy. My fancee screamed “no… not like that, it will pain too much, I will…..” Before she could complete her sentence Mohit’s cock was inside her mouth.

Now they started banging her rhythmically. After 20 minutes I saw watch it was 7 o clock. I saw her in great pain. They must have not tried everything on a single day. So I decided to go inside. I went and knocked the door. After about 2 minutes Mohit opened the door and came out. He said “dear except you and me nobody knows that you were watching.” Saying this he went inside and I followed him.

When I went inside i saw both of them fucking my fancee vigorously as if there is no tomorrow. Mohit made me sit and he joined them and inserted his cock in her mouth. I was feeling too much embarrassed and I know my fiancee must have been in more dieing situation, but she did not get chance to show her expressions. They continued banging her even in front of me. After about 20 minutes Mohit cummed in her mouth and she drank all of them even I in front of me, involuntary or knowingly I don’t know. Then Narang came down and went and cummed in her mouth. John kept on banging her. Due to shame my fiancee was not looking towards me, she had bent her head backwards.

Suddenly John said “look we have made you fancee whore.” And he lifted her ass in air; I was shocked as her ass was gaping. Her ass hole had become as wide as someone’s mouth. They laughed and he again started banging her. After another 15 minutes he cummed inside her ass hole. He again lifted her ass and said “see, my cum oozing out.” I saw cum mixed with blood was oozing out of her ass hole. Then he got up and said her to lick her cock clean. She licked it and he went and wore his dress.

Mohit lifted her and took her to bathroom. The door was open. I got up and sat in front of the door. After cleaning when Mohit was about to come out my fancee pulled his hand and took his cock in her hand. Slowly she started giving him blowjob. She again drank all cum. Now I was sure she has become a real slut. They came out and my fiancee also slowly wore her dress and sat beside me.

John said, “your fiancee is awesome we haven’t fuck a whore like her.” He handed me envelope and said” keep your salary and come to office from tomorrow.” He went towards her held her tight and planted kiss on her lips he took out some money and said, “You keep this”. He waved a bundle of notes she ignored it, “just keep, buy yourself some good outfits for next time”. He pulled rim of her skirt and kept the money inside her panty forcibly. Then he said “now from tomorrow your fiancee will also be in our company’s payroll, her job profile is to meet our physical needs.” They laughed and were about to go then my fiancee said bye to them. For formality sake I too said bye.

Then waiter came and asked me “who is she?” I said “it’s none of your business.” He said “I thought she is new recruit as every new female recruit’s final round interview is done this way.” Then he said ids there any Asma madam in your office?” I said “yes she is 22 year MBA student doing her project in our company, she is very good girl, how do you know her?” He grinned and said “sir she is everyday fucked by someone here, even I got chance 2-3 times.” I was shocked to hear what was going in our company.

After one week she was called everyday to the guest house and was banged by someone in our office. Once, Narang took her to Delhi for 2 weeks for conference. After returning she said that there she was fucked by more than 30 different men. I came to know that it was a trap to fuck my wife. They planned to fuck her when they met her in the party.Now John is going to US for a month and he is planning to take her with him.

So it is the story when i about to lost the job my fiancee get fucked by my boss

Any way its routine in US