Doctor ne meri pareshani door ki

I started masturbating from early ages i.e., I used to masturbate daily twice or thrice coz I used to watch blue films a lot when I started to know about the pleasure. This incident happened when I was 18, as I used to masturbate daily, after masturbating I used to feel pain in my penis was unable to know why it was paining and I was unable to tell anyone. I was unable to contact any doctor in our area coz they all know my family well, so I used to suffer like that until I came across a clinic in my friend’s area.

I read the name as a Dr R Menon, was happy coz he was unknown n that to a male doctor. So, one evening I went to the clinic and took the appointment. The appointment was on Tuesday evening 7 Pm. So, I told my parents that I was going to Joseph’s house (my friend) and straight went to the clinic. I reached the clinic at 6:45Pm, there were many people in the clinic, I went to the receptionist and asked that is the doctor present? She said yes the doctor is in, if we come to this receptionist; she was young with a sexy figure.

I thought this doctor would have been enjoying with this girl a lot, thinking about it I was waiting for my turn. Finally the girl said that it’s my turn and asked me to go in, I thanked her and gave a smile she also gave a smile. As I entered the room I was shocked to see a lady doctor, my face turned pale. I asked r....... u... Dr.R Menon? She said yes I am Dr.Reshmi Menon.I was pale at that moment, she asked me to take my seat. She was around 28 -32yr old, slim. I sat down with my face downs asked me what was my problem,

I was unable to say anything, I kept my hands on her table and sitting. She hold my left hand n started checking my pulls was shocked to see that, she noticed me and said "what’s your name? "Richy" I replied, ok tell me what’s Ur problem was not telling anything. Though it was winter season, I was sweating a lot. So, finally with lots of courage I said,” after.......I mas...tru....bate....I feel a...lot. of pain my penis.....I saw her, she was shocked to hear this n kept quite 4 some time and she took a long breadth and said that "don’t feel shy my boy, this is common at this age group children’s felt some relief after hearing those

Words, she asked me not to worry and asked me to remove my pant and lay on the bed beside me, I said no I can’t remove .She said don’t feel shy dear I am only giving treatment, finally she convinced me and I removed my pants, my penis was full with bush. She stopped and said that "Richy wont u shaves? I can’t treat u like this, get up and ware Ur pant.” I did so, she asked me to shave and come again on Sunday. And she asked me not to masturbate till treatment. I said ok and left. I asked will it be open on Sundays? She said yes it will be.

Days passed and on Sunday I said the same old reason to my parents and went to the clinic at 10:30 morning. There was no receptionist so I went and knocked the door, A sweet voice call me "come in”. I entered the room, wow she was wearing a red colored sari my favorite color. She gave me a smile and asked me to take my seat, I sat down with my face facing her this time. She got up went to the door and said that by the time she returns should remove my pants and lay, and she went out.

She returned after 5 min I was laying with my pants off, she said good u shaved this time and went to wash her hands, I was still bit afraid. She came near me and smiled at me and said don’t worry. I too smiled; she asked did u masturbate these days? I said “no I did not”, "good" she said. As it was winter it was bit cold, apart from that her hands were washed and were cold, she touched the tip of my penis, I felt some current flowing in me, and it started standing, but I controlled it, again while touching she touched me balls, with I felt horny and finally my penis started standing in her hands, she was observing all this.

So, finally my penis was standing like a tower, uummm.... she said you are still virgin, I said yes, saying that she started rubbing my penis in her hands, I was feeling nice and after some time something happened, I cum in her hands. She started laughing and went inside bathroom to wash her hands, I was feeling shy and kept my eyes closed when she came near to me with cotton and started to wipe it, I kept my eyes closed. Suddenly I felt something soft on my penis, when I opened my eyes I was totally shocked to see that she was sucking my pennies asked her what r u doing? She kept quiet and busy sucking my penis.

She cleaned my penis and looked at me with a sexy smile; I asked her what did she do? she came near me and said with a low voice "don’t u like it dear” before I could I say something she started kissing me from my fore head then nose then on my lips, I did not resist and positively responded to her. While kissing, she took my hand and guided it to her breast it was soft like sponge balls I was touching it for the first time, then slowly I started crushing it hard she made me to pinch her nipples she was moaning lightly,

I started removing her sari while kissing. I released from the kiss and removed her sari she helped me to remove the hooks of her blouse and she lifted her bra she took her left breast and kept it on my mouth and I started sucking her boobs like and obedient child, she was saying faster....faster dear harder hard please I was sucking and biting her nipples hardly, and crushing the other one. she pressed my head to her boobs hardly. After that I went on kissing her down through her belly and navel and again down and reached her pussy, as she was married she was not virgin, she asked me to taste it by licking it, she had the most captivating smell there, I started licking and kissing her pussy she closed her eyes and was moaning. Our breath started to increase;

I sucked her pussy for a long time it tasted so good and in between she came three times with a big moan and shiver I felt her body stiffening and she grabbed my hair and pushed me more inside. She said that "Richy girls don’t like guys to be virgin, so Ur going to lose Ur virginity to me.” I replied to her “sure take away my virginity”, she smiled and kissed me again so lovingly, we kissed each other exploring each other for so long. She said that "

I want to ride on u my baby, coz my hubby never allows me to ride him.” I said ok u can but one thing doc, as this is my 1st intercourse don’t be too fast and I don’t know anything, She smiled and said that I know u little boy I know, and she was top on me and slowly sat on my tip of the penis and started forcing her on me. It was bit paining for me but controlled coz I was a boy. She slowly started moving up and down and slowly my whole penis went inside her, she smiled at me and asked how do I feel. I said that I am in heaven, she started increasing her speed, and at the same time she was kissing me.

This continued for long and in between she controlled her pace. I was getting tired but she was not, she was enjoying the ride. Let me tell u one thing guys, these ladies have lot of energy than men while having sex later she gave me lot experience classes. I said now let me do it doc, she agreed and I started fucking her from top. Being it first time at the first few pumps my dick slipped out and after that I learned the game, I increased the pace and she was running her nails on my shoulder and it was a sweet pain, We pumped so fast and when I was about to come I said her am coming

She asked me to come faster inside and I could feel her pussy contacting inside and splashing it when I was filling her pussy with my love juice. We both were tired and slept on the single bed . After that we dressed and both came out. She asked me whether my penis was still paining. I said no, and asked her why did it pained while masturbating? She said that, while I masturbate keep lot of strain on my penis, that’s why it pains. Saying this she laughed, and I also started laughing. When I came out I saw that the clinic was closed, I said to her that its closed, she laughed and kissed me again and said that "no my sexy boy its not closed I closed it when I came out of the room.

We both kept quiet for couple of seconds seeing each other. She dropped me near my house and she said "when shall we meet again sexy boy?” I said your wish, so she said that she does not want me to disturb my studies, so we shall meet on Sundays only. I agreed and we kissed for few mins and left. We used to meet on Sundays and used to enjoy a lot. Those were the days which I learned a lot thing. Can’t forget it.