Apne student ko pyar ka kamuk khel sikhaya

Hi all and this is Varsha here. I am 26 years old, married; hubby is in the Middle East. I am fair, slim, and tall and my stats are 34 28 32. One day my neighbour came with her daughter who was in class 12 and asked me to take science tuitions for her as I was a science graduate as she requested very much and also I did not have much work to do as I was staying alone in my house. So I accepted. Soon more students started joining.

It was only one more month to exams and regular students only came once in a week to clarify their doubts. It was the last week I was planning to take classes as I was to shift my house to a place closer to my relatives’. Mukul was the only one I had called for regular classes. He was a good looking guy, tall, fair and very lanky; who always had an eye on me right from the day he joined my classes.

He wouldn’t miss a single chance to look at my cleavage when I bend down, or my navel whenever I wear sarees. He would ogle at my body whenever I was teaching something and hence naturally, nothing went into his head and his grades were low but his parents did not care much, as they were rich people and hence could somehow help him settle in life. All that they wanted was he score as much as possible.

Also, he would sometimes miss lessons whole as his family would frequently go on vacations but as far as I know, he knew very little about sex and all the related things as his parents were very strict about his internet usage and stuff like that as they did not want him to get spoiled. So all the knowledge he ever knew on this came from small books, his friends and such sources but just like everybody of his age, he was always on a high to experience such things.

Also, I always had a soft corner for him and don’t know why, maybe because I don’t get to have sex often, or any other reason. That particular day, I had just arrived back home from a party. Last night I had a great session of phone sex with my hubby and so was every bit horny. I was sitting in my hall watching TV when it suddenly started raining. The sun was shining brightly till that very moment and all of a sudden it started pouring heavily.

It was about 15 minutes for the class to start and now that it was raining, I assumed that Mukul wouldn’t come. So I was just watching tv and some 20-25 minutes later got up to go change my dress. I had removed the saree, blouse, petticoat and panty and was standing just in my bra. I hadn’t decided what to wear. I was about to remove my bra when someone rang the doorbell repeatedly, as if in a hurry in a hurry.

I just put on my blouse and petticoat, put on a towel to cover my body and hurried to open the door. It was Mukul; all drenched and wet. I quickly pulled him in and closed the door behind him. I quickly removed the towel over me and started wiping his wet hair. He was startled to see me in just my blouse and petticoat. The blouse was a match for the party wear so it revealed a lot of my midriff and since I had worn them in a hurry.

I had tied the petticoat very awkwardly, and the knot could get undone any moment. I had not even worn a panty. Also I had tied it very low hip and it was just above y hip bone as I was drying his hair with the towel, I could clearly see his eyes gazing over my exposed abdomen, and his face was now so close to my breasts and he was almost peeping inside my blouse. After drying his hair to some extent, I handed over the towel to him, so that he could dry himself.

I told him to follow me and went into my bedroom. There I readjusted my petticoat and tied it better; and his complete attention was on my hip. I then told him and I had just returned from a party, and frankly, I never expected you to come in this heavy rain actually I was in the midst of changing my clothes when you rang the bell. I continued Mukul, if you stay in wet clothes, you are sure to catch a cold but then and I don’t have any boys’ dresses with me can you adjust with a t-shirt of mine?

He said he was fine with it in fact he was excited about it but since I was a lot slimmer than he was, I gave him the largest t shirt that I had. He then removed his wet shirt, wiped off all the water from his torso and wore my tee shirt. And as with all girl’s tee shirt’s it was wide all the chest region and narrowed down in the tummy region then I asked for his hip size. It was 34. Mine was 28. So none of my pants would fit him even if it was elastic at the hip, his thighs and legs could never fit in.

So we were in a fix and he couldn’t stay in his wet clothes for long. Finally I reluctantly asked him if he was fine with wearing one of my petticoats or long skirts. I thought he wouldn’t agree with it as it would be awkward for a guy to wear girly stuff but to my surprise, he was fine with it as nobody is going to see it or know about it. I gave him a petticoat of mine from the wardrobe and told him that I would wait outside so that he could change.

But he said that he wouldn’t mind my presence and he insisted we both change now it and I was already very horny, and the way he said that melted me and I said fine. I then took out a t shirt and a short skirt from the wardrobe. Now that he was in the room and ogling at me, I felt like teasing him, and hence I turned my back towards him. I then removed my blouse and was showing him my bare back with just the bra strap.

I had just put on the t shirt that he called out to me. I turned my head and saw that he had already removed his jeans pant and underwear, and had worn the petticoat but he was struggling with the knot and hence called for my help. I went up to him and helped him knot the petticoat. In doing so, I got a clear view of his erect dick inside the petticoat; it was as if he had called me to take a look at his penis after I put the knot.

I found his erect dick clearly making a huge tent under the petticoat. I looked at him, smiled and said you naughty! And he blushed. I again went back, took my skirt and put it over my petticoat. I pulled up the skirt and held it with one hand while I somehow loosened the petticoat knot with the other hand and let it drop. I then positioned the skirt just above my hip bone and wore it. It was a very short skirt; it just about covered my pussy, even if it would raise my 2 inches, it could reveal my clean shaven pussy.

I thought of wearing my panty, but my horny self stopped me from doing so. I then bent down to pick up my petticoat from the floor and felt my skirt ride up my ass. I was pretty sure that Mukul would have known that I wasn’t wearing a panty and would have got a clear view of my ass. I then got up, put away the clothes I removed. Meanwhile, I found Mukul wearing my tee shirt. It was snugly fitting him in his abdomen.

He then asked me didi, why is your t shirt different from the ones that I wear? Why is it so big in the chest region? He thought I would feel awkward answering him. But I replied it’s because women have breasts. In order to accommodate them inside the tee shirts, they are designed like that.” I then made a big blunder. Look at the way my tee shirt fits me correctly. It is for my shape. He was quick to grab the opportunity and came close as if to have a look and was completely ogling at my breasts right under my nose.

I started feeling so very horny but I quickly diverted by telling him ok Mukul, now go get your books. In the meantime, I’ll go put your wet clothes under the fan in the next room so that they would dry soon and I put his clothes in the next room and came into my room and lay on the bed. He came in with the books. It was very funny to look at him walk in a petticoat.

He crossed the bed, came to the other side of it and sat on the chair beside the bed while crossing the bed, he tried hard to look under my skirt without making me aware of it until now the fan in my bedroom hadn’t been switched on as Mukul was fully wet and wouldn’t have bared the chill air. Now that he was dry, I asked him to switch on the fan and sit down with the fan going at full speed.

I saw my mini skirt slightly ruffling. I pulled it down tight but still it was slightly moving so I didn’t care much. Mukul then sat down close to the bed on the chair. I told him that I hadn’t planned anything in particular to teach today and that from now on I would teach whatever lessons he had doubts in. he said he had gone on vacation when I had completed human body and reproduction and that he could understand nothing from reading the book. He told me to teach that lesson today.

I asked him to list the differences between male and female body. He asked me Didi, you tell all that please. I will stop you in between if I have doubts. That way we can finish it faster that was better for me as I was getting hornier by the minute and yet still me had to control as he was my student. Now, I was lying on the bed on my back, was facing the ceiling. I started listing the differences like women have mammary glands called breasts, men have penis, women have vagina, women carry the babies, etc.

Now he asked how babies are created? I replied that when man releases his semen into the vagina of woman, it combines with ovaries to form babies. Mukul then asked “didi, what is semen? How will man release his semen inside woman? Semen comes through man’s erect penis. When man and woman have sex, he releases his semen which contains sperms inside woman’s vagina. Now he pointed towards his pubic region and asked “is this called penis didi?

I simply nodded my head how does vagina look like didi? And how will penis enter vagina? It is not clear didi and I then replied, “vagina is a woman’ sex organ which woman have in the same place you have penis. You don’t need to learn the details now Mukul. You will learn that in higher classes. Now all that you need to know is that when man releases his semen inside woman’s vagina, babies are formed. Oh come on didi. Please explain in detail didi. I want to learn it now.

Not in higher he suddenly stopped and stared at my thighs. Since I was lying down I couldn’t see anything. Didi is that your vagina? He asked. I immediately looked down to see that my mini skirt had risen completely due to the fan and exposed my bald clean shaven pussy. I shrieked and immediately got up and sat on the bed and pulled down my skirt to cover my pussy but Mukul was still staring.

He then asked me didi is that your vagina? I just nodded my head in affirmation. I could already see his dick standing up under the petticoat. He was very excited and I was very horny. I just couldn’t control myself and I did not know how to cover up or that incident and then said now that accidentally you saw it, it will help me teach you better and then lied back on the bed again but Mukul immediately said can I see your vagina once again didi?

Please didi and I did not see it clearly my breathing got heavier. I just could not gather up anything to say. He saw that I wasn’t completely convinced and said Didi please now that I have already seen it slightly, let me see it once more clearly didi. It will help me understand much better hhhmm ok Mukul but promise me that you wouldn’t say anything about this to anyone promise didi.

Nobody will know about it and he slowly brought his hands towards the edge of my skirt and started lifting it slowly at first, I closed my eyes out of sheer shyness but then opened it so as to not miss the action. He slowly got up from the chair and sat in between my legs. He completely raised my skirt and my bald pussy was right in his view. He cupped my ass with both hands and was keenly looking at my pussy.

Didi, can I touch your vagina didi? Hmm ok Mukul and vagina is also called as pussy but that is only a colloquial term oooh ok didi and this was turning out to be a live sex education class for him. Now he bent down close to my pussy and stared long at it. He kept his hand on the cunt lips and parted them. It was like electric current the moment the touched my cunt. He then rubbed his fingers on my clit.

I was in a highly excited state and was about to have an earth shattering orgasm when he suddenly stopped. He closed his eyes, caught both my thighs and I could see him gyrating his hips. Mukul was unable to control his excitement and he was cuming inside the petticoat. It was such a huge load that it was dripping from the petticoat onto the bed. I then sat up and said, “Now you see Mukul, you got excited and released your sperms.

The same way if you release your sperms inside a woman’s vagina, babies are formed. Men generally get excited by looking at and touching woman’s private parts like breasts, ass, and vagina. They also get excited by kissing, or when a woman touches their private parts like the penis.” he by then regained composure and was trying to remove the petticoat that was wet with his cum.

I helped him untie the knot and he stripped off from both the t shirt and the petticoat and was standing nude in front of me but his cock had now become small due to the ejaculation. He then sat down nude on the bed and I continued the sex lessons. A woman gets excited by kissing, or by seeing a man’s private parts or when a man touches, rubs or licks her breasts and pussy. You want to kiss me Mukul?

Ok didi. Please guide me, I’ve never done so and I pulled him close to me, place my lips on his lips and gently gave him a kiss and he started to reciprocate. I then inserted my tongue into his mouth and started nibbling his upper lip. His tongue started playing with mine and he was nibbling my lower lip. It turned out to be deep, passionate French kiss. He slowly put his left hand over my right breast and his right hand on my tummy over the t shirt.

He slowly started to cup my breasts and was kneading them. Didi, can I see how breasts look like? I have never seen didi, so I cannot imagine. Please didi, now that we have started the lesson, please let me learn completely and I was feeling so very horny, yet I do not know where from I brought in the resistance hhhmm Mukul, that not possible and I already showed you my pussy and I am feeling shy.

I was about to say something more when he interrupted and said this is not fair didi and I am sitting naked in front of you. You should also do so. Please didi and I just smiled and got out of the bed and stood in front of him. I slowly removed my t-shirt. Now I was only in my white bra and skirt see Mukul, this is called breasts. Come closer and take a look. I did not remove my bra. He came close and put his hand over my breasts and was rubbing them.

He was slowly regaining his hard on. He then slipped a finger inside the bra cup and his finger landed straight on my nipple then slowly pulled down the cup to expose the nipple Didi can I remove this for better view didi? He did not wait for my reply and went behind me and tried removing the bra hooks. He fumbled a bit but finally removed them. He then came in front of me and pulled of the bra to expose my boobs. He cupped both my breasts in his palms and was kneading them.

Then his one hand went behind to cup my ass. He was pinching and twisting my perky nipples and simultaneously kneading my ass. I could not control and closed my eyes and started moaning. He then said didi, shall I remove your skirt? I just nodded and he started looking for the hooks on the skirt. He finally spotted them and was removing my skirt. By this time his dick was standing fully erect and I took it in my hand and started rubbing it back and forth.

Once he removed the skirt, I pushed him on the bed and told him that I was going to give him a blowjob. He was sitting at the edge of the bed. I split his legs apart and took his dick in my hand. Then I started licking the bulb of his penis fast. He started moaning in pleasure as he had ejaculated a huge load only sometime back and I knew it would take time for him to cum once again. I then thrust the full length of his hairy penis into my mouth and started doing back and forth inside my mouth.

I licked his dick thoroughly with my tongue and was already tasting his pre cum oozing out. In a few moments I could see him arching his back and I knew that he was about to cum once again. I took the full length of his dick inside my mouth and he once again shot a huge load, but this time inside my mouth. I was not able to control it and it blasted all over my face and even oozed down on my boobs.

I took them and licked it clean. I then told him to lick his cum on my breasts. He licked it well. I then kissed him once again, transferring my saliva mixed with his cum, into his mouth. He hugged me tight. He lied down on the bed and I was over him. We stayed like that, with my breasts crushing on this chest and his dick rubbing my pussy.

I rolled over to the side and told him Mukul, now it’s your turn to give me some pleasure. Come lick my breasts, suck on them he willingly bent down on me and was sucking my left breast and was playing with my right breast with his hands. He then vigorously licked my nipples and it was driving me crazy. Mukul then switched over and started sucking on the other breast. I was thoroughly enjoying it after a lot of time he slid down and was licking my navel.

I told him to go down and lick my pussy. He slid down and opened my cunt lips with his finger and started licking all around my pussy. It was such a teaser. Oh Mukul, please and I started begging and he finally started licking me pussy slowly. He gradually picked up speed and was licking like a dog. He then started kissing my pussy. It was so intolerable for me that I immediately had an orgasm. It gushed out and he even tasted a bit of my cum and the whole pubic area was so wet due to the orgasm but he did not stop.

He continued licking my pussy and I was having a high degree of pleasure. He thrust his tongue inside and was almost fucking me with his tongue and I was already beginning to have another orgasm. He was sucking at my pussy lips and I had a huge orgasm and I was completely exhausted. He then got up to get a full view of me lying nude on the bed. He made me turn around then lifted my hip and now my ass was right in front of his face. He started kneading my ass and was licking my pussy from behind, sending shivers in my body.

He then parted my ass cheeks to reveal the ass crack. He put one finger on it and was rubbing on it. Mukul then was licking from my pussy till the ass crack. Due to all the licking, my ass crack widened and now he suddenly inserted a finger inside my ass and was finger fucking it. I had to interrupt or else he would have given me a massive third orgasm actually it was partly because of the sheer excitement of having such moments with a student of mine!

I interrupted to say Mukul, now for the final lesson. I will now show you how a man and woman have sex in others words; you are going to fuck me now.” I turned around to face him. Since it was a first time for him, and he had did not have much idea, I thought of taking the upper hand. I raised my hip and placed it at the level of his penis. I then caught his penis and slowly directed it towards my pussy slowly I inserted his dick into my well lubricated pussy and it easily slid in.

I told him to hold my hip and move his penis back and forth. He did so, but he pulled out too much and his dick kept popping out. My pussy was on fire and this boy did not know how to fuck! So I made him lie down on the bed. I then came over him, facing him and slowly directed my pussy over his dick and sat on it. I then started riding him. He caught my breasts and I was moving up and down vigorously and his dick was rubbing the walls of my vagina giving immense pleasure.

Mukul had by then closed his eyes and was moaning out loud even I did not hold on and started moaning. Whenever he was getting high, I slowed down the pace so that he could hold on for some time more. Mukul then cupped my ass and suddenly pushed in one finger inside my ass hole. It was such pleasure. I caught his face and kissed him wildly, while I was still moving on him and finally he could not control anymore and cum deep inside my pussy.

I was in an upright position cum started oozing out of my pussy. Mukul immediately turned over and started licking the cum oozing from my pussy. Both of us were drenched in sweat. He raised my hip once again and started finger fucking both my pussy and my ass. It was unbearable and this time while having orgasm, I peed along with it and flooded the bed. I was just not able to control and was groaning loudly in pleasure. I was now uncontrollable.

I pounced on Mukul’s now shrinked cock and took it in m mouth and gave him a blowjob again. Within some time his cock once again grew big. I told him this time you fuck my ass. He tried inserting his cock inside but my ass was still a bit tight. I was virgin in my asshole as my hubby could never insert his cock inside but now I was so turned on and I wanted to gift my virgin ass to this virgin boy. My ass hole had become so big due to all the finger fucking it had got.

Mukul once again vigorously licked my ass crack and started widening. I was in doggy pose and Mukul positioned his cock right at my asshole and gave a mighty push. I screamed. Almost half his cock was inside. He then slowly started fucking my ass by moving his cock back and forth. My muscles slowly loosened and he pushed his cock completely inside. He was now fucking my asshole with full speed. He leaned over my back and was cupping my breasts.

I was extremely tired and wasn’t able to stand in the doggy pose. We both lied on the bed with his cock still inside my ass. He then lifted me up and I was lying over him now. With one hand he was kneading and crushing my boobs and his other hand went to my pussy. He then resumed fucking me in my ass. He was finger fucking my pussy and his dick was rigging my ass. It was so pleasurable. I wasn’t moaning; I was shouting.

Now that he had leaked 3 times already, he was fucking me for such a long time as he was nowhere near ejaculating once again for some time, our body fluids kept secreting and this allowed smooth movement of his dick inside my ass but within sometime, it became dry and his dick was rubbing inside my asshole but he was unrelenting. Mukul kept on fucking me and I was in pain skin inside my ass started burning due to the constant rubbing but there was also pleasure as he was fucking me so hard.

What a feeling! Then he pushed me back on the bed, and pulled me to its edge. He stood on the floor and took the missionary pose. He leaned over me and was kissing me and once again resumed fucking my ass. He was finally nearing his orgasm, and before I knew it he leaked another wave of his thick cum inside my ass. He was completely drained out, and lay right over me.

We both lay in the same pose for some time, before we got up. It was already half an hour past the time when the tuition usually ends. I called up his mother and told her that since it’s still raining and since we are studying an important lesson, he would return home tomorrow morning. She was fine with it. We then went to the bathroom and took a shower, where we again had sex and this time standing.
I then cooked dinner for the both of us, and had a session in the kitchen about which I would right in the second part. All through the evening and night, we both roamed stark naked in the house and even had a daring session of sex on the roof of the house in the rain and through the hot night, we had innumerable sessions. Morning once again in the bathroom, we had a rough session and finally till Mukul’s driver came to pick him up we had one last session at the drawing room when the driver came.
I went and opened the door naked, hiding behind the door it was Mukul’s challenge while leaving he dropped his pen and as if bending to take it, he came behind the door and cupped my ass tightly and spanked it and then he left. We could only hope that the driver did not think I was standing nude behind the door. The very morning I took a contraceptive pill as I had been fucked innumerable times in the last 12 hours by an 18 year old boy. I was fucked so much that I was not even able to walk properly for 3 days as my pussy and ass hurt badly.