Aakhir boss ne meri choot faad hi dali

I belong to Vizag and did computer education after my degree. In response to a paper advertisement I applied for a job with a small firm who undertake maintenance of air-conditioning system in Vizag. The interview was conducted by the Manager, a man aged around 45 year with fair complexion. I am with white complexion with medium body and good looking. During the interview I told that I have no work experience, and I found the manger looking towards my big breasts and body as if accidentally, but with a hunger in eyes. The interview was finished and after a week’s time I got a letter of appointment with a good salary, and I decided to join with them, so that it will relieve my family money problems. The routine was that after 2 hours of the opening of the office all service staff will leave to the field and me, manager and office boy will be alone. The office boy will leave for bank and other duties and we again will be alone. In the starting days we will sit near the computer as I did not have practical working experience and he used to explain the work and during this two three times he accidentally touched by breasts and thinking that it is by chance I did not respond. Otherwise he was very nice person who used to behave well and I understood he stays with his wife and daughter of my age. On one festival occasion I was called to his house and I had dinner with his family. I found his wife and daughter very nice.

All his behavior etc. was like a father’s behavior to his daughter. One day when nobody was in office I was working on computer he came near me and explained some work and sat near me and pressed my boobs for some time intentionally. I got angry and left the office. Two days I did not go. Next day when I went to office I found him dull and after everybody left, he apologized and I also felt sorry as he had taught me all works of computer accounts, general office etc and had extended so many helps. He was very kind to me always and I was in a dilemma of what to do. Again one day he squeezed by breasts and put his finger inside my curdier and massaged my pubic area on top of my underwear which I always wear, though I do not use brassieres, I was angry I did not protest and from some corner of my mind I also started to enjoy it. This continued whenever there was a chance. Slowly I was getting attracted to him, and I found my anger was slowly melting away. When he went on tour brought chudidar material from Kolkata for me and brought sweets for me and behaved like friend, but whenever had chance he will press my breast for some time and will crease my pubic mount and kiss me, which slowly I also started liking. He provided me a cell phone also and we used to talk in the evenings about personnel and official matters. Now by his help I learnt accounting in computer and I became a very good office asst. On my birthday he gave me a good gift and on that day as nobody was in office he kissed my pubic mount on top of my underwear as I did not open it for him.

After few weeks he was absent for a day. Next day I got a phone call that he was sick and called me to his house. Since we became very friendly I did not hesitate to go. I found he was alone as his family had gone home, and he gave me some official papers for action taking and he prepared coffee and we sat together. Then slowly he started squeezing my breasts as usually done , kissed me and put his hand inside my dress and reached pubic area. He tried to insert his forefinger inside my cunt. I was shy as I had long hair there, I have never cut it and I tried to resist. Once he found I had not shaven he took me to his bed room and opened by chudidar. This is first time that I had opened my under portion dress in front of somebody. He took out a razor and as an expert barber he shaved my pussy. Then applying some dabur honey in my vagina he started licking my cunt which was almost moisturized. I tried to stop him but I could not as I had also started enjoying the same and felt I am in 7th heaven. I told sir, please stop, but my hands were pressing his head more…and more…on my cunt. He did so many foreplays being an experienced male, and I was mesmerized and obeyed and enjoyed whatever he played on my body and I had started getting a feeling that I am a grown lady and simply floating nowhere.

After 10 minutes he became naked and put a condom on his large penis and just mounted on me. Initially I had some pain, and it was not entering and he told not to worry and thereafter started pumping slowly and he fucked me for 10 minutes once his dick had fully entered inside without any friction. This was my first experience and enjoyed his fucking, and before I only heard the experience of some of my friends who have been fucked by somebody, even before their marriage. He assured as he has used condom nothing will go wrong. I was damn happy and enjoyed every moment, which I can not explain. After this incident, two three weeks passed, and by his help I got employment in an MNC with double salary and all due to him only as he wanted me to be well off before he leaves he city. He got transferred back to Kolkata and some time calls me over phone and I am unable to forget him, his helps, his deeds, and the pleasure he has given me. I still like him and we are still good friends sway from each other. After he has left I had never any chance to have sex though I very much like to have.